Automatic Height Adjustment with the drop of your phone

Adjustabot - The smartest standing desk that adjusts itself to your desired position simply by placing your smartphone on the charging powerhub. Make your working environment more organized and comfortable, and also get the health benefits from standing & exercise between sitting. The Adjustabot is the beginning of your work - life balance.

Our Journey

Since I’ve been working at home a lot more recently, I wanted to add a better desk to make my working environment more pleasant, productive, and comfortable. After researching all about sit and stand desks, and discovering that all the motorized ones were really expensive, I eventually settled for the manual one from Ikea. You know, the one that you had to manually crank to adjust the height. It was the only desk that fit my budget.

But it wasn’t long before I got tired of using the crank. Manually adjusting the height every time I switched working positions was just too tiring. So I actually found myself sitting all the time.

Design Sketch
CAD Modeling

It was a lightbulb moment for me when I realized I can add a motor to do the work. I used a drill to experiment with different torque and speed to find the ideal motor. Then I created a case with my 3D printer. And was able to turn that troublesome desk into a proper motorized sit and stand desk. 

CAD of Control Module
CAD of Module with Desk
3D Printing the Lever

I showed my invention to my friends, who surprisingly weren’t that impressed. They thought it needed additional functions to truly make it great.

Early Stage Prototype

And with their help, we added a power hub with USB-A and USB-C charging ports with both PD and QC compatibility. It also has a 15 Watt high speed wireless charger. We created a mobile app for more precise control and the ability to save height profiles.

The APP also has health alarms, reminding you to stand up every 15 minutes or to take a water break. And my favorite feature of all is the automatic height adjustment. All you have to do is put your phone on the desk, and it will automatically adjust to your height.

Coding Mobile App
Manufacturer located in China

After adding all these functions, my friends were finally satisfied. We’ve already consulted with sourcing agents and manufacturers. And now all we need is your support. Please back us today and bring Adjustabot to life. Thank you!

Remember to take a water break!

The Importance of Standing

Sit and stand desks have been getting more popular for the past few years. And there’s a good reason. Sitting too much, especially while working at a desk job tends to lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which promotes poor health and results in many chronic diseases like obesity, heart attacks, etc...  It’s reported that standing promotes many health benefits that can help mitigate the harms of sitting too much. Some benefits include helping to control blood sugar and blood fat levels, which can lower cholesterol, reduce back pain from poor sitting posture, helping to improve mood and energy levels, and boosting productivity. Research shows that maintaining a sit to stand ratio of 2:1 is optimal for comfort and energy levels, while maintaining good productivity. (

Super Convenient Controls

Automatic Height Adjustment

Mobile App Control

One Touch Lever Control

Power Delivery Charging Hub

Your working desk requires a lot of energy - from your smartphone, to your laptop. Normally it requires an extension to provide all the outlets for your gadgets. The power hub in Adjustabot provides different charging outlets for all your needs.

High Speed Wireless Charging

100W Power Delivery

Cable Management

The unsung heroes of any great desk setup are the cable management peripherals. Adjustabot includes two stylish desk grommets and a sleek cable management tray for you to organize all your cables and wires.

Health Reminders

Stand up and move reminder

Take a water break




Control module (6 years warranty)

You can get the control module repaired/ exchanged 6 years after the module is delivered. It covers any defects in materials or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.

Desk (10 years warranty)

The Desk (without the control module) are covered by a 10-year warranty, including defects in parts or workmanship under normal use. Any tear and wear will not be covered.





Our Team

Nadia, Parth, Jan

Like many of you, Parth was forced to work from home due to the global pandemic. With extra time on his hands, he combined his knowledge of engineering and creative spirit towards smart home design and came up with the idea of the Adjustabot. Many people within his inner circle weren’t impressed with the initial prototype. So they added new and improved functions. It quickly became a team of passionate people including:

Parth Panthal: Inventor and Project Lead

Jan Nowalski: Engineering

Nadia Kravets: Marketing, PR, Editing

Special thanks to all our other friends who made this project possible by giving great feedback and especially to Antawan Brown for helping with the software development and introducing us to Kickstarter as a way to fund our project.