The original PANGEA BAMBOO TRAVEL TOWEL was a great success — but we wanted to make it better. We listened to your feedback and improved it to create The BEST Outdoor Towel on the Planet.


We added reinforced slits on the corners. Now you can use your towel as a sunshade or cloak to prevent sunburns! Created by the PANGEA Backers Club

5 Pouch Bag options. 4 towel color options. Creating 20 different combinations. Mix and Match however you want! 


Just cleaning up trash by hand isn’t enough to solve the problem.

We need an innovative environmental solution — and we found one that works.

The Sungai Watch barriers were developed by a team of European environmentalists and engineers based in Bali. These wildlife-safe devices continuously block and remove trash from rivers, preventing it from washing into the ocean, and allowing fish to pass through them. Each barrier blocks an average of 20t of trash per year!

  •  Sungai Watch is a river cleanup organization founded by Gary Bencheghib, a french activist. Their mission is to protect waterways and prevent trash from entering the ocean. Their goal is to place 10,000 river barriers in Indonesia!
  •  They include local children to maintain the daily trash removal of the barriers. This empowers the next generation to help fight the plastic epidemic and  spread sustainability within communities, saving the environment and lives over time. 

If this campaign reaches $100,000, you will help us build and place a trash barrier in the most polluted river in Bali. If together we raise $200,000 we can start placing barriers in the Citarum river, the most polluted river in the world!

All the trash collected will be sorted, classified and audited by Sungai Watch. PANGEA and Sungai Watch truly believe in the power of data to drive change. The data will be presented to corporations, consumers and the Indonesian government to facilitate political changes against the greatest polluters.

All trash is sent afterwards to recycling facilities to be repurposed or composted when possible.

Indonesia is the second largest ocean polluter in the world, and the largest contributor to  ocean waste per capita. 80-90% of that trash comes from the rivers. By tackling the rivers in Indonesia, we make the most effective contribution to prevent ocean waste around the world. 

We are an eco-brand and movement founded by Marcos, William, and Juan. Three travelers that met backpacking in Mexico in 2018. We teamed-up to explore the world together, and after seeing so much pollution on our planet, we decided to start organizing cleanups and use business as a force for good to fight the problem.

That’s why we created PANGEA, a brand for other nature lovers like us. Our mission is to develop unique ecological products for the outdoors, and use the funds to clean our planet and inspire the world!

We launched our first Kickstarter campaign in December 2019, and thanks to your support we were able to expand our cleanups worldwide during 2020!