We are Nebia. 

We make the best water-efficient showers in the world. This is our 4th Kickstarter campaign. To pre-order Quattro and bring this campaign to life, back this project.

 Quattro 101


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All The Shower, Half The Water

With Quattro, you get four fantastic shower experiences, but with a lot less water. All four modes flow less than 1.5 gpm, compared to a 2.5 gpm standard shower.

Even better? The average family of four will save over $300 per year on water and heating costs. Quattro pays for itself in just four months!

Four Fantastic Spray Modes 

Innovating Beyond Showers

We are excited to announce two new products that will dramatically improve your bathing ritual.

Quick-Dry Earth Mat

Made of diatomaceous earth, the Quick-Dry Earth Mat dries within minutes, leaving no trace of moisture and preventing germs and mold from growing.

A stylish addition to your bathroom, it feels fantastic under your feet while keeping your bathroom clean and odor-free. It also saves water, energy, and chemicals because it will never need to be put in the wash and will last for years to come.

What is diatomaceous earth? A naturally occurring silica-based material. In simpler terms, it’s a special blend of pulverized stones and algae commonly found in waterbeds and deserts.

Product details: 


Nebia Adjustable Shower Arm (NASA)

10X your shower experience with the Nebia Adjustable Shower Arm. Make every shower perfectly customized to you, giving you pressure, coverage, and warmth in just the right spot.



NASA is also a major Nebia innovation -- it’s the first shower arm to pivot up and down and hold its position without using cumbersome knobs. It pairs perfectly with both the Quattro Rainshower and Handshower, ensuring that your shower head is always where you want it to be.


Solving A Serious Problem Through Technology

When we started Nebia, we set out to create the world’s best shower experience while preserving our environment and its natural resources.

Water is one of the most abundant substances on the planet, but 99% of it is trapped in salty oceans, polar ice caps, and on top of mountain peaks. Just 1% of the water on Earth is usable for the entire global population.

Today, 1.1 billion people worldwide lack access to clean water and a total of 2.7 billion find water scarce for at least one month of the year (Source: World Wildlife Fund). In our home state of California, we are once again experiencing extreme drought conditions, with devastating consequences.

Nebia by Moen Quattro is our biggest leap forward in conserving this precious resource. We accomplish this leap through our proprietary atomization technology. Hundreds of iterations, and innovation across three unique nozzle types, has led to a product that provides power, coverage and warmth, is extremely water efficient, and has achieved profound manufacturing advancements to become cost effective. 

That is how we are able to bring a showerhead with this technology at a price point that was impossible in the past.

This is the shower we’ve always wanted to make. Thanks to you, our Kickstarter backers, we have been able to spend over 6 years in the lab engineering, developing, and refining our technology. The result is a shower that brings that clean, refreshing, and enjoyable showering experience found in the most luxurious bathrooms across the world, all while saving up to 50% of the water normally used.

Turning Past Trash Into Products For The Future

Nebia’s mission is to make products that people love to use and that are better for the planet. This goes beyond water savings. From the materials used in our products to our packaging, we seek out innovations that reduce our environmental footprint and make a net positive impact on the world.

We have taken a giant step with Quattro. It is the first shower ever to have Recycled Ocean Plastic components.

This material is produced from fishing nets that often end up as trash in the ocean. It takes material science advancements, methodical engineering, and rigorous reliability testing to incorporate recycled materials into a product. But that’s exactly what we’re doing --  We are taking pollution from the environment and upcycling it into products that can last decades. And this is just the beginning for us.

Like our shower systems made of infinitely recyclable aluminum, and our shower curtain made from upcycled bottles, we are marching towards a future where we make all of our products out of truly sustainable materials.

And although the march to fully sustainable product development will be a long process, this is a critical first step. Together with Moen, we plan to double down in this upcycling process using more recycled materials in our products and to one day make our showers out of 100% sustainable materials.

Water, our driving force

Nebia is driven by an obsessive passion for creating better experiences, as well as a core belief that we can be more responsible consumers of Earth’s most precious resource. We have been here before, with 3 cutting edge products that have disrupted the shower scene since 2015.

Quattro comes at a time when environmental sustainability is particularly top-of-mind, especially in our home state of California where drought conditions are continuing to worsen. Since its founding, Nebia’s mission has centered around innovating nozzle technologies to bring water-saving technologies to market as fast as possible. 

To date, the Nebia community has saved more than 300 million gallons of water with 50,000 units sold around the world–a number that will continue to grow with the increased accessibility of Nebia’s technology thanks to the introduction of the more affordable Quattro.


Easy Self Install

Quattro delivers an incredible shower experience which you and your family will enjoy for years to come — and you won’t believe how easy it is to install. 



Here's what comes in the box:

Globally Compatible

A version of Quattro (Rainshower or Handshower) works in almost any shower setup in the world. The Quattro rainshower works on above head wall outlets, and ceiling outlets. The handshower works on above head wall outlets and waist-high wall outlets. This makes Quattro the first Nebia shower that is globally compatible. The table and graphics below can help you identify which Quattro is best for you. If you are still unsure, email [email protected], with a picture of your shower, and our team can help you decide.

European Compatibility

Quattro is natively compatible in Europe. It also ships out of our new EU warehouse saving our European customers on duties and shipping!

European backers have supported Nebia since our first campaign. There are thousands of Nebias installed across Europe. Historically, the design of Nebia has meant separate SKUs for Europe, sometimes with more difficult installations, and our volumes dictated shipping these products from our warehouse in the US. With Quattro, Nebia is universally compatible. Whether you have an overhead shower, or hand shower set up, Quattro can work for you! 

  *Slider Bar not included. See FAQs for more info.

Australian Compatibility

Nebia is finally natively compatible in Australia! Just take Quattro out of the box, and install it.

Australian backers have been enthusiastic supporters of Nebia since our first campaign. Historically, the shower system design of Nebia has meant separate SKUs, and installs, for Australia. With Quattro, Nebia is universally compatible. Whether you have an overhead shower, or hand shower set up, Quattro can work for you! Just unscrew your current shower, and install Quattro.



We are working with our manufacturing patterns to ensure rapid delivery of all pledges despite global supply chain congestion. Nebia by Moen Quattro pledges in the United States will begin shipping in September and most finishes will ship by the end of October (Brushed Gold and Oil-Rubbed Bronze will start shipping in October and finish by the end of November). We estimate that the first 2,000 units will ship to U.S. backers before the end of September. Rest of world pledges will begin shipping in October and finish by the end of November.

The Earth Mat and NASA will ship between mid September and end of November. We will try to ship your entire pledge all at once but some products may ship sooner than others depending on the finishes of your units and add-ons selected.

Please note that your delivery date will depend on your backer number, in addition to some other factors. For example, some finishes might be ready before others, certain regions might ship before others, and we will not ship your pledge until you have completed your Backerkit survey. That said, we will do everything in our power to deliver your pledge as soon as possible!

For this campaign, we will offer an expedited shipping option to select countries as an add-on that can be selected after your pledge. The unprecedented congestion at ports all over the world has more than doubled the time it takes to ocean freight. Due to this longer than usual transit time, we have enabled an option to expedite shipping, which air freights your reward directly from our manufacturer. This option respects every backer’s place in line, however it allows you to choose how your reward gets shipped when it is ready. If you’re pledging for multiple Nebia by Moen Quattro units you will have to increase the quantity of the expedited shipping add-on to match the quantity of Quattro units pledged.

Duties and Taxes

U.S. Backers - We will need to collect sales tax from backers located in select states. Sales tax will be charged/collected via BackerKit after the campaign ends.

European Union Backers - We will need to collect VAT from all backers located in the European Union. VAT will be charged/collected via BackerKit after the campaign ends. Pledges will ship to EU backers via our Netherlands warehouse, so EU backers will not need to pay any import duties or additional fees at the time of delivery.

For Rest of World - Recipients of orders shipped outside of the United States or European Union will be responsible for any and all costs associated with import taxes, customs duties, or fees levied by the destination country. Any such charges will be collected directly at the time of the delivery by the carrier. Nebia has no control over such charges and cannot estimate the exact amount. Please contact your local customs office for more information. If you decline to pay these duties and taxes due to the carrier upon delivery of your order, the package may be considered abandoned, destroyed, or returned to the United States (at an extremely high cost charged to Nebia). Under these circumstances, we, unfortunately, cannot consider requests for replacement shipments or refunds.


Will Nebia by Moen Quattro wash shampoo and conditioner out of my hair effectively?

💧🚿 Quattro quickly and efficiently rinses shampoo out of all hair types. Thanks to its four adjustable sprays you’ll have no trouble finding the setting that works best for you. Pro tip: We recommend our Hard Spray or Angel Hair for thick and curly hair.

Can I really install Nebia by Moen Quattro myself?

💧🚿Yes, you can! The DIY installation process is our easiest yet, only taking about 3 minutes. Watch our installation videos and find out more here.

Can I easily uninstall Nebia by Moen Quattro?

💧🚿Nebia by Moen Quattro was designed for an easy DIY install and uninstall, making it perfect for renters! To uninstall both showers, just unscrew counterclockwise. A wrench can be helpful to some.

How should I clean Nebia by Moen Quattro?

💧🚿We recommend cleaning your Nebia by Moen Quattro with a mild soap, rinsing thoroughly with warm water and drying with a clean, soft cloth. For hard water, you can use white vinegar. Never use cleaners containing abrasives (including abrasive sponges or steel wool), ammonia, bleach or sodium hypochlorite, organic solvents (e.g. alcohols) or other harsh chemicals (e.g. lime scale removers) to clean, as they may damage the finish.

What are the pressure (psi) and GPM (gallons per minute) requirements?

💧🚿If you live in an area with low water pressure, don’t worry. Nebia by Moen Quattro excels in homes with water pressure as low as 20-psi (1.4-bar).  The flowrate range is 1.2-GPM to 1.5-GPM and will depend on the mode and pressure.

How much energy does Nebia by Moen Quattro save compared to a standard shower?

💧🚿Quattro saves around 30% of the heating energy used by a standard shower.

How much water have Nebia users saved?

💧🚿Nebia users have currently saved over 300 million gallons of water. With your help we will meet our goal to save 1 billion gallons by 2021!

Will my shower be compatible with Nebia by Moen Quattro?

💧🚿Quattro screws on just like a normal shower head, and the handheld version can be used with a waist-high shower and many slider bars.

How hot is it compared to other Nebia Showers?

💧🚿Quattro is as much as 30% hotter than Nebia by Moen, making it our hottest shower yet.

Does Quattro ship with a slider bar?

💧🚿Quattro does not ship with a slider bar, however it works with many slider bar models.  To guarantee it works with yours we recommend measuring the top portion (or widest end) of the holder. A slide bar holder measuring anywhere between 0.85 - 0.90 in [21.50 - 23 mm] in diameter will work with a NbM Quattro Handshower. 

Is Nebia by Moen Quattro pet-friendly?

💧🚿The Handshower version is! Its 72” flexible hose and four spray modes make it ideal for whenever bathtime rolls around for your furry friend.

Team story 

We are Nebia, a team of passionate engineers, designers, and creative folks who care deeply about the future and are committed to making everyday products better in every way.

Since starting Nebia, our mission has been to bring the world’s best and most sustainable shower to as many people as possible. Six years ago, we introduced the Nebia Spa Shower 1.0 on Kickstarter and you helped launch our vision into reality.

After receiving feedback from thousands of shower lovers and two additional years of R&D, we launched the next-generation, the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0.

We then partnered with Moen, a leader in the shower industry for over 70 years, to help us scale our technology like never before. By coupling our atomization expertise with Moen’s world-class design and manufacturing capabilities, we created Nebia by Moen, and launched it in January 2020.

Now we’re back with the next evolution -- Nebia by Moen Quattro -- our first high-pressure and water savings showerhead with four unique modes. With your support, we will bring Nebia’s patented water-saving technology to more homes than ever and surpass 6 billion gallons of water saved in the coming years.

It takes a village to bring a new product to life

One of the most fulfilling aspects of the journey is working alongside extraordinary people who share the passion for making better products that the world needs.  A special thank you to Moen for their close-knit partnership and for their support throughout the process. Special thanks to Ryan Snitil for his devotion to building this product, as well as Mark Bors, Ryan Toohey, Lori Marks, Jayson Simeon, Adam Valco, Grace Furnas, Brian Oldag, Maurice Gray and all the Moen people who have helped bring this vision to life.

Backers, we wouldn’t be here without you. We want to extend our deepest thanks to those of you who have supported Nebia since the beginning. Your early support, patience, generous feedback, and belief in our mission has enabled us to refine our atomization technology and develop a product that takes our technology into more homes than ever before with its more accessible price. Thanks to you we’ve been able to make great products that are better for the world, saving over three hundred million gallons of water.

And to those of you who are joining us for the first time, welcome! With your help, we will surpass 6 billion gallons of water saved in the coming years.💧