29% of Americans say the first thing they notice about someone is their teeth.

Because teeth are one of the most notable factors in first impressions, taking care of them the right way is that much more important. 

With whiter teeth, you'll be inclined to smile more, which helps create a great first impression and evoke confidence.

Innovative dental care technology that was only accessible at the dentist’s office is now available for you to use at home.

Created by three dentists, the Dr. Quorum Collection is a dental grade whitening care solution package.

The whitening accelerator light technology in combination with Dr. Quorum’s patented photocatalyst is proven to deliver the most powerful teeth whitening effects. 

Dr. Quorum's U.S. patented whitening technology effectively removes unwanted stains and yellow hues, transforming them into pearly whites.

Our formula is completely safe, promoting and protecting oral health by removing plaque that causes cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

We tested Dr. Quorum’s whitening efficacy by using it on coffee-stained teeth for a week.

Dr. Quorum showed teeth whitening effects of FIVE shades lighter (based on the Vita classical shade guide).

Dr. Quorum’s teeth whitening effects are nearly double of the competitor’s electric toothbrush.

Our toothbrush is made of fiber optic bristles.

Optical fiber technology uses the physical principle of total reflection to transmit light to its destination, even if there is a distance or an obstacle.

The toothbrush emits the light through the toothpaste and delivers strong LED accelerator light to the tooth surface.

Dr. Quorum is designed to ensure that the accelerator light reaches its destination to the essential areas of the tooth, using optical fiber technology.

Tooth staining pigment substances are found in not only on the tooth’s surface but the cracks as well, so it is very important that the light is transmitted to both places.

With typical LED light technologies, light rarely reaches the core of its destination because the intensity of light weakens with distance or a substance that serves as an obstacle.

In typical whitening products, hydrogen peroxide levels need to reach at least 10 percent in order to be effective for teeth whitening.

However, if the amount of hydrogen peroxide is 10 percent or more in a whitening product, it can result in long-term teeth and gum damage.

Dr. Quorum’s teeth whitening method delivers double the pigment decomposition effect while using zero or minimal (3 percent) hydrogen peroxide than products that utilizes 15 percent of hydrogen peroxide without the advanced technology (typical whitening toothpastes on the market).

Safe, efficient plaque removal and pigment decomposition for healthy white teeth:

Achieved through the patented photocatalyst photosensitization technology and the galactose quorum sensing inhibitor technology.

Brush twice a day with the whitening toothpaste

Benefit : Teeth so clean, it'll feel like you just got a dental cleaning done

Use the whitening gel for 2 minutes twice a day periodically

Benefits: Bright, white teeth, need I say more?

Achieving White Teeth

If you feel that you need concentrated whitening care, use whitening mode for 1 to 2 weeks. Once desired results have been achieved, you can maintain it by using the daily toothpaste and clean mode without hydrogen peroxide.

The photocatalytic whitening toothpaste absorbs light and makes pigmentation significantly brighter. It quickly and safely decompose the pigments that are stained on your teeth, transforming your teeth into a bright white.

Our pigment decomposition technology uses the principle that light meets with photocatalysts to produce hydroxyl radicals and decomposes pigments through these molecules.

We can safely achieve whitening effects through this technology because it decomposes pigmented molecules and plaque and produces oxygen without damaging or eliminating other important elements.

Dentists with relevant, professional expertise invented the whitening electric toothbrush that is truly effective through joint research.

The conventional electric toothbrush vibrates dozens of times a second and has a much greater effect on removing plaque and whitening teeth than manual brushing.

However, many people find it difficult to use due to the aggressive vibration.

Dr. Quorum uses the right amount of sonic wave vibrations and light to efficiently remove plaque and color pigments, making it easy to remove plaque and whitening at home.

To improve the plaque removal performance, regular electric toothbrushes with strong vibrations often cause damage to teeth and gums.

Dr. Quorum uses optical fiber brush and accelerator light technology to efficiently remove pigments and plaque without damaging teeth and gums even with more gentle vibrations.

Get the exact care and attention your teeth needs.

Unlike conventional electric toothbrushes that are difficult to use for braces due to strong vibrations, Dr. Quorum’s optic care electric toothbrush can be used for braces because of its gentle vibrations.

Strong plaque removal performance and teeth whitening effects have been difficult to achieve during braces, but now made attainable with Dr. Quorum.

The vibration frequency and LED light in ortho mode will serve as assistance with the corrective treatment by facilitating tooth movement.

Dr. Quorum has disinfecting and drying functions. The disinfecting feature uses safe UV-A light to activate the remaining photocatalyst after the use of toothpaste to safely disinfect it.

The interior of the cap is designed to reflect light and self-ventilate, preventing light exposure during the disinfection process.

 The disinfecting test results show the stark difference between performing the sterilization mode for 10 minutes and not doing so, after using the Dr. Quorum toothbrush with its toothpaste.


** The sterilization function of Dr. Quorum was tested using a culture plate. A culture plate is a plate that is frequently used in bacterial testing, because it provides a nutrient-rich base for microorganisms to grow.

Within one day, the bacteria on the left plate (before sterilization) grew and turned moldy, unlike the clean plate on the right, where none of the bacteria survived.

Made of IPX6 (waterproof functions): use it without worrying about malfunction, even exposure to water.

Dr. Quorum’s toothbrush case makes it extremely convenient to carry around because it prevents contamination and damage of the toothbrush head.

Wireless charging to deliver the ultimate convenience.

Made with a USB-A-type, you can plug it into any charging adapter or computer.

** If you select the double pack, you can get 2 add-on packages by paying extra.

** We are preparing so that you will be able to purchase from Amazon and Shopify at its original price point after the Kickstarter campaign. You will be able to purchase consumables such as the whitening toothpaste, whitening gel, and electric toothbrush separately.


 Quorum Bio developed a photocatalyst for teeth whitening in 2016 and obtained a U.S. patent, and was recognized for its solid technology to win the leading company grand prize in 2018.

Both Quorum Bio's photocatalytic technology and Quorum Sensing inhibitor technology are U.S. patented technologies that will keep your teeth white and healthy.