This is a new type of handy squeegee that is designed with an ergonomically curved handle and five types of blade design. It is very handy and straightforward to use wherever you want, from the flat kitchen countertop to the rounded bath sink.

 Curved handle design

 Five types of squeegee blade design

Thoughtful designs: five blades and curved handle design makes kitchen and bathroom sink squeegee easy to clean up any water stains left after washing dishes, washing hands or face. Its size is easy to store without taking up extra space or any hook.

The idea for Handy Curved Squeegee began when we realized that even though people clean their kitchen countertop and bathroom sinks regularly, minor wet messes would still appear at the end of every event. And people use paper towels a lot to wipe them wastefully.

Some people use a shower squeegee to clean wet spills, bubble marks, toothpaste stains, soap stains, watermarks, and fog on mirrors. But the regular squeegee is a little big, wide, and has one blade to cover all problems in a wide variety of environments of kitchen and bathroom sinks.

So we wanted to create a straightforward but multi-purposed tool that could utilize in a wide variety of home environments. The handy curved squeegee with four types of blade design is the solution for them.

Here are the details of how the squeegee covers the problem and improve your clean routine.

On the flat bathroom sink

On the rounded edge of the bathroom sink

On the shower shelf 

On the rounded corner of the kitchen sink

On the kitchen countertop

Dish squeegee for pre-wash

Optional function: Car window squeegee 

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 Project schedule 


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