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Sick of your mobile phone running out of battery while on the move? 

We live in a modern world where we rely on multiple smart devices and as we start to work in different settings out of the office, the challenge of keeping our devices charged up whilst we are on the constant move becomes an ever increasing challenge. Ever worked in a cafe where the tables closest to power points are already taken? We hear ya. Forgotten to charge your phone overnight but you're already late to work? Happened to us more times than we can count. Got a hot date but your phone dies and you're lost without Google Maps? Great first impression!  We've thought about every situation where you haven't been able to charge your device just when you need it the most.

Chargeasap's solution? The ultimate powerbank that's portable, fast and built to last to ensure ALL your gadgets can truly keep up with your life. 



After raising over $1,668,532+ from 10,000+ backers and shipping out more than 11,000+ Flash power banks, we set out determined to see how we could make Flash even better. After reading the feedback we received from thousands of backers, we’ve added a whole list of extra powerful and upgraded features to reengineer the ultimate portable mobile charger to truly complement your work and lifestyle needs. Introducing Flash Pro Plus & Flash Pro. 

Apple users will be able to charge their Macbook Pro 16" at max speed as well as their iPhone 12 with the built in magnetic wireless charger that's compatible with Magsafe. There's now a separate wireless charger for your Apple watch and we've doubled the charging speed from 2.5W to 5W. Upgrade to Flash Pro Plus for only $10 during the Backerkit survey stage. 

Android users will be able to charge their laptops at max speed with the 100W output as well as their mobile device with the wireless charger which has been upgraded from 10W to 15W.

Flash Pro Plus has not just 2 but 3 x USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 ports as well as 1 x USB-A port, magnetic wireless charger and even a separate wireless charging pad for your Apple Watch allowing you to charge up to 6 devices at once. Flash Pro (designed for Android uers can charge up to 5 devices at once). 

Flash Pro Plus can deliver a powerful 100W Power Delivery 3.0 from a single USB-C port  while many of the competition struggle to even reach 60W. Additional USB-C ports are able to reach 60W and 20W respectively. We've also thrown in a powerful 50W USB-A that's been specially designed to be compatible with Oppo (50W), OnePlus (50W),Vivo (50W) and Huawei (22.5W) proprietary fast charge technology as well as supporting Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. To top this all off Flash Pro Plus features a fast 15W magnetic wireless charging pad compatible with Magsafe devices and a separate wireless pad to support 5W Apple Watch.

Meaning this 1 power bank can quick charge a large laptop (e.g. 15"/16" MacBook Pro or Dell XPS 13/15), a flagship phone (iPhone 12 Pro), a tablet (iPad), a flagship phone (Samsung S21+), another flagship phone (Huawei P30 Pro) and your Apple Watch all at the same time! But that's not all, Flash works with any modern USB device and can...

Also charge Cameras, GoPros, Speakers, Headphones, Nintendo Switches, Microphones and even Drones, you name it.

Flash Pro Plus: Fully functional and ready to go


Flash Pro: Fully functional and ready to go

We have already produced 100 final working samples that are currently being distributed to major media publications, influencers and our beta testers for hands-on testing. We can't wait to share some reviews with you very soon! 

Aside from completing the final mold for Flash Pro and Flash Pro Plus, we have also pre-purchased raw material so we won't be affected by any shortages other companies are facing to ensure we can head straight into production as soon as the live campaign concludes.

When Chargeasap comes up with the idea and design for each new product, a significant amount of time is spent researching which is the best factory to work with to execute it. This is our 10th crowdfunding project and we've partnered up with a larger and more experienced power bank factory. We've got plenty of experience under our belts on how to manufacture high-quality mobile phone accessories and fulfil 130,000+ orders. After being blindsided more than once by completely unexpected issues with manufacturing and shipping, especially with the uncertainties caused by COVID, each campaign we run has taught us how to be better prepared in order to mitigate risks.

We're looking forward to another kickass campaign that will bring you all smiles :)

Press Features

Notebook Check: "Having used the Flash Pro for some time now, I am mostly of the opinion that this latest power bank from its Australian start-up is worth having around."

Android Central: "The engineering and thermal management are impressive, and I'm happy to see boundaries being pushed..."

Phandroid: "I have thrown all of my other portable chargers in a drawer. This is now the only one that I carry with me whenever I leave the house.."


So how does Flash Pro Plus blow the competition out of the water? Check this out, Flash Pro Plus has...

Larger battery capacity and power output, OLED display showing realtime battery percentage left along with Magsafe compatibility. 

Almost all USB-C battery packs in the market are underpowered with tiny battery capacity or low USB-C power (up to 60W). Flash Pro Plus packs up to 100W USB-C Power Delivery in a single port (up to 190W combined power in all ports) and has the maximum 25000mAh battery capacity allowed on airplanes, yet it is still portable and pocket-sized. 

Better Features, Better Specifications and Better Value For Money


Don't you just hate it when your powerbank indicator is just a few small LED lights that keep changing each time you check it? After reading the feedback we received from thousands of Flash backers, we discovered that the main request from backers was a screen that would allow them to accurately determine how much battery was left remaining in their powerbank. We went straight back to the drawing board to see how we could incorporate this suggestion to improve the Flash experience. We’re super excited to share Flash Pro Plus has an 1.3" OLED display giving you real time information about not only just the battery percentage remaining, but the power output from each port measured in Watts and Amps when charging a device as well as the running temperature. 

We've increased the battery capacity of Flash Pro Plus by 25% from 20000mAh to 25000mAh whilst only increasing the size by 5%. The additional battery capacity gives you that extra juice you've been asking for but in a compact size that's still super convenient to carry around with you everywhere.


With the release of iPhone 12, this is a must have feature for those who prefer wireless charging versus wired charging. A recent poll with our previous Flash backers showed 47% wanted to see the addition of this feature. Flash Pro Plus is capable of 15W magnetic wireless charging for Magsafe compatible devices and 20W charging when connected to a device via a cable. Just place your iPhone 12 on top of the wireless charging pad and it will magnetically attach to help your device remain in place. The magnetic wireless charger is also able to support up to 10W wireless charging for all other devices e.g. Airpods Pro

Flash Pro Plus has 3 x USB-C ports to support high powered charging to a range of devices at the same time. A single USB-C port is able to support 100W Power Delivery 3.0 while the additional USB-C ports are able to reach 60W and 20W respectively. Each USB-C port also supports the maximum charging speed of 20W for the iPhone 12 range. This allows you to charge a large laptop (e.g. 15"/16" MacBook Pro or Dell XPS 13/15), a second laptop (Macbook 13") and a flagship phone (iPhone 12 Pro) all at the same time at maximum speed. Configure your set-up with endless possibilities. 

Flash Pro has a specially designed USB-A port with Android users in mind with an increased power output ofrom 22.5W by 50% to 50W to support the latest proprietary fast charging technology including Oneplus (50W), OPPO SVOOC (50W), as well as Huawei Super Charge (22.5W). 


Users of these brands know the frustrations they must go through as normally you only experience these proprietary fast charge speeds when you purchase the original brand's charger or power bank.

Wireless charging has been upgraded from 10W to 15W for our Flash Pro to support wireless charging for all wireless devices including phones and Apple Airpods. Wireless charging works through electromagnetic induction with a sender coil in the powerbank and a receiver coil built into the back of the phone. The wireless charging pad will be able to support 10W charging for iPhone 12 devices (Flash Pro Plus version supports 15W fast charge and can be upgraded for only $10). 


Each wireless charging pad also has foreign object detection (FOD) to ensure safety. This feature allows Flash Pro to detect if a foreign object, such as metal, is nearby or on its surface and stop charging. Without FOD, the charger will continue to heat up causing the object placed on or near the wireless charger to become very hot, which could lead to serious injuries.

Please note: It is not recommended to use the wireless charger when the power bank is at less than 2% and this is a standard with all wireless chargers. It is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watches as Samsung has chosen to use a charging coil that's different to Qi compatible devices.  For Samsung S21 Ultra, Flash Pro can support up to 10W as the Samsung 15W wireless charging protocol has not been fully decrypted yet. The wireless charger on Flash Pro is also not compatible with Apple Watches as it doesn't have a dual coil wireless charger. (Flash Pro Plus supports Apple Watch wireless charging and can be upgraded for only $10). 

For our Apple Watch fans, Flash Pro Plus now has a separate charging pad to charge your Apple watch. We've also doubled the charging speed from 2.5W to 5W so your watch will always be ready to go when you are. As an Apple user myself, I know first-hand the frustration of having to always carry the wireless pad around since its so hard to find wireless pads and powerbanks that work with the Apple watch and if they do, they are usually very expensive.  The charging pad has a magnet to ensure your watch magnetically stays in place. 

Please note the Apple Watch charging pad is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watches as Samsung has chosen to use a charging coil that's different to Apple Watches.

Our power banks have been built with a temperature thermistor which helps to control and monitor the temperature of the power bank when it is in use to ensure it operates within a safe operating temperature.  This reduces the chance of abnormal heating while it is charging, improves the battery life of the power bank, protects your devices and internal circuitry and also ensures user safety. 

If the temperature exceeds the temperature set by our program, in order to protect the circuit and devices, Flash Pro Plus will go into power reduction and automatic shutdown processing.
For example,  if the temperature reaches 55℃, C1 will reduce to 60W output and shut down automatically if it reaches60℃.

Flash Pro Plus is now able to detect and charge low voltage devices such as headphones and vapes from each port, allowing you to charge an even greater range of devices. 

Charge Flash Pro Plus and all your devices at the same time!

To save your even more time, Flash Pro Plus supports pass through charging so you can charge your devices and Flash Pro Plus at the same time through a single power outlet. Running low on battery? You can charge up to 5 devices while charging up Flash Pro at the same time meaning your 5 devices can be charged over and over. 

Recharge Flash to 80% in 45 minutes, or empty to 100% (full charge) in only 1 hr 10 min.

A huge battery capacity means nothing if it takes forever to charge. You don't want your backup battery to spend more time recharging itself than charging your devices. With its 100W USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 input and Panasonic™ graphene composite batteries, it will take only 1 hr 10min for a full charge of 25000 mAh. This means you'll have a powerbank that's already ready to go before you are.

Please note: With different brands of 100W adapters, different 5A USB-C cables, and different test environments (such as hot and cold locations), the test results may be a little bit different.

Rule the skies with a maximum battery capacity approved by all major and minor airlines internationally. Maximum airline safe battery capacity for TSA/EASA is 27000mAh / 100Wh 

7 x the battery life if your iPhone 12 or 1.3x the battery life of 13" MacBook Pro with Flash Pro Plus's huge 25000 mAh capacity. 

Slim enough to fit in pockets and easily grab with one hand.

Despite all the extra juice, Flash Pro Plus and Flash Pro comes in a pocket-sized 595g (1.3lb) and 577g (1.27lb) respectively. Conveniently carry the only battery that matters, that can power all your devices, wherever you go, without fear of ever losing power ensuring your life stays uninterrupted while you're always on the go.


Why our customers love our Flash Powerbank!



The magic to Flash Pro Plus's incredible specs is through incorporating the same batteries that were used in Flash. Instead of 4, there are 5 x 21700 Panasonic™ Lithium Polymer Graphene Composite Battery Cells for the larger battery capacity. Other brands use Lithium Ion batteries which has lower energy density, is 20 - 30% cheaper to make and has a larger form factor.

These batteries have been specially designed a pioneer in the electric vehicle space in partnership with Pansonic who is the manufacturer. Only launched in March 2019 and still not widely available publicly, this unique battery is presently the highest energy density battery in the world, 20% more than its predecessor. 

We've chosen Graphene as it's the world's most conductive material with ultra-high thermal conductivity and Graphite films are widely used in thermal applications for mobile phones and other high-power devices. These Panasonic li-po graphene composite batteries comprise of more than 15% graphene and graphite which is the ideal amount to have in a battery. Any less and the electricity conductivity will be reduced and any more the battery will be unable to function. This is a proprietary industry trade secret of the battery designer and manufacturer.

Aside from upgrading the tech in Flash Pro Plus, we've also improved the design by making changes based on feedback we've received so we can enhance the user's experience.

Flash 2.0 versus Flash Pro Plus

We wanted to make the most powerful USB-C battery pack so we put in not only 3 x USB-C port but we also added 1 x USB-A port and 2 wireless pads giving Flash Pro Plus a total power output of 190W so that it will be compatible with all your modern USB devices. 

Early product design sketches. Experimented with different shapes to determine the best fit for the extra battery.

Final prototype of Flash Pro

Dimensions of Flash Pro Plus

Dimensions of Flash Pro

One of the most useful features of the graphene composite features is a battery that lasts longer than traditional batteries. Each Flash Pro powerbank is rated to last 2,000 life cycles vs only 500 cycles of the closest competitors. This means Each Flash Pro has a 5 years+ battery life, which means you can use Each Flash Pro every single day for 5 years and it would still seem like its brand new. WOW!

Through laboratory testing equipment, we've tested the battery to last 1,836 cycles and still have a capacity above 87% (a life cycle is considered above 80%), so in reality the life cycle is far greater than 2,000 but we are being conservative in our statement of 2,000.

We've also improved the discharge rate from 350 days to 395 days. Discharge rate refers to the amount of battery that is lost each day when the powerbank is is not in use. This means Flash Pro Plus's battery will last more than year even if it's not used. Neat right?

While designing a high capacity battery, we still wanted a highly compact and portable solution. We've chosen Aircraft grade anodised aluminium as the shell enclosure material due to being strong yet thin and malleable enough to follow the lines of the battery cells, wrapping and protecting it with minimal space wastage. Aluminium is also a very good at heat dissipation to keep the battery cool at all times. The minimalist aluminium design is efficient, functional and matches the MacBook perfectly. Overall the entire aluminium body now has a smoother finish with edges and rounded corners for a more premium feel. 

What's convenient is you can charge Flash Pro Plus with your existing Macbook 15" or 16" Pro wall charger at 100% max speed. Flash Pro Plus is also compatible with all other standard USB-C chargers already used by your devices including Macbook 12 or 13", USB-C, Dell XPS 13/15 and more.

For those who don't carry any of these devices, we also offer a range of wall chargers capable of outputting the 100W needed to charge Flash Pro Plus at full speed.


Not only fast and powerful, the Graphene battery technology also makes Flash Pro Plus the world’s safest power bank by allowing it to fast charge at low temperatures compared to standard batteries. Flash Pro Plus will never go above 60°C (140°F) unlike competitor power banks which can reach 70°C (167°F) ensuring it is safer and also longer lasting.  You'll feel very comfortable knowing that this baby won't heat up or bulge over time like you see in many of your older USB devices. 

Graphene composite batteries have much smaller internal resistance and better conductivity than traditional li-po batteries. Graphene composite is also added to both the positive and negative poles of the battery cell to further increase the conductivity. Due to the unique thermal dissipation properties of Graphene, no further cooling mechanisms such as heat sinks are required allowing us to keep Flash Pro Plus as thin and light as possible.

Our thermal imaging camera showing Flash Pro Plus is still cooler than a smaller competitor


A company's battery chemical structure is a trade secret which isn't shared publicly or to most of a company's staff. One major reason is other companies will copy their technology which is why many leading brands only put li-po only on their battery. This stands for "lithium polymer" which means it’s a lithium-ion (li-ion) battery with additives of other special materials one of which in this case is Graphene which is able to significantly alter the batteries properties enough to differentiate it. This is the battery chemical composition report for the Panasonic 21700 batteries found inside Flash Pro Plus:

At the request of the battery companies we have withheld full details of 3 of the ingredients. Though with some research you can easily discover 1 of the compounds found in all electric vehicle batteries is Cobalt. Unsurprisingly there are over a dozen ingredients that make up this complicated graphene battery which is the result of a decades of battery technology research and testing- hence why battery companies like to keep this mixture a company trade secret.


In order to achieve international certification for safe use, all our powerbanks are put through a number of rigorous industrial tests to ensure Flash Pro Plus can withstand daily use- even in the most extreme of circumstances.


Each powerbank is placed into a temperature chamber and exposed to extreme temperatures of -10°C to 65°C. In the event Flash Pro Plus is exposed to these temperatures, once its been moved to the safe operating temperature it will work perfectly fine.

Device Operating Temperature: -10ºC (14°F) to 60ºC (140°F)


Each powerbank is charged and discharged from 0 - 100% 4 times to pass quality control. Each powerbank will be charged to 100% when shipped so you'll receive a product that's ready out of the box.


The powerbank is dropped from each of the 6 sides at a height of 1.2m (3.9ft) onto a 10cm (3.9")  wooden plate. This test is important to ensure Flash Pro Plus can handle all the accidental drops that you will experience in your daily life.


Each unit is put through a shaking test machine which shakes as a frequency range of 5Hz to 500Hz and tested on each of the X, Y and Z axis for 1 hour.


Each powerbank is subjected to a high humidity environment of 60% - 90% and tested to ensure it still works under these conditions.


During this test the powerbank has a contact discharge voltage of 2000V and gap discharging voltage of 2000V.


We're setting a new standard with a 2 year international warranty, doubling the current standard of 1 year. This is only possible for Flash Pro Plus due to the use of graphene batteries which have a battery life greater than 5 years, compared to other batteries which are only protected by a 1 year warranty.

Upgrade to Flash Pro Plus for only $10 during the Backerkit survey stage.

Flash Pro (Android users) will be available in only Black while Flash Pro Plus (Apple users) will be available in Space Grey. 


As an early supporter, you also unlock access to a range of Chargeasap's innovative products at a huge discount such as the Infinity cables and our fast car chargers. You can add these products to your order after the campaign finishes. You'll be emailed a survey from BackerKit, where you can choose your colour choices, change your shipping address and purchase add-ons.

Please note to support the high 100W charge speeds, your USB-C cable must have an E-Mark chip to prevent the cable from overheating and regulating the Volts and Amps correctly. All our Infinity cables are able to support up to 100W to charge Flash Pro Plus at it's max speed and come with an E-mark chip which means by pairing the Flash Pro Plus and Infinity cable together, you will have 1 cable and powerbank that can charge all modern USB devices. No more having to carry around multiple chargers or cables around, neat isn't it?


All rewards will be delivered via air freight directly from our distribution centre in Shenzhen, China. Backers are also expected to receive rewards between 4-21 days from shipping depending on the size of the delivery and your country (including USA). Shipping powerbanks by air is very costly and subject to many restrictions due to it containing a large internal battery. Despite this, we've still chosen this method so no matter what country you're supporting from you don't have the long transportation times of sea freight.

With the recent introduction of import VAT on all goods into the EU, our backers located in the EU will need to be charged an extra $9 to cover VAT. This will be charged during the Backerkit survey stage at the end of the live campaign. Although the cost is more than $9, we will be absorbing the majority of the tax in order to keep the shipping fee as low as possible.   

Shipping will be available to most of the major countries: US, Australia, UK, HK, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan plus many more. Due to the restrictions placed on air deliveries containing lithium batteries, we are currently unable to ship to Hawaii, Alaska, India, South America, South Africa, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and other remote or island countries. This list is constantly changing so feel free to reach out to us to confirm if shipping is available to your country.



Flash Pro Plus (Designed for Apple Users)

Flash Pro Plus (Designed for Apple Users) Power Distribution

Flash Pro (Designed for Android Users)

Flash Pro (Designed for Android Users) Power Distribution

Chargeasap is a consumer electronics startup originating from Sydney with a global team who believe users should be the creators and innovators of products. We realize that your mobile phone is the one object you interact with every day more than any other object or person, so why not simplify this interaction? 

Our mission is to create highly innovative phone accessories that keep your devices fully charged at all times to truly keep up with your life on the go. 

Our team consists of serial entrepreneurs, creatives and engineers who've worked together since 2015 to overcome painstaking obstacles to bring to life the vision of each life-changing product.

We're a startup that is backed only by ourselves. We have no external investors. Instead we launch products through the magic of crowdfunding. The funds raised here will not only go towards manufacturing, they will also help us to design future products.

We've already had 9 previous successful campaigns, raising over $6 million and delivering to more than 130 countries.  Our previous campaigns have been featured in hundreds of major publications and online media worldwide. 

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