According to statistics, the average time we spend on our phones is about 3 hours a day, not including work and studying. 

Too much screen time can result in digital eye strain, which can include burning, itchiness, headaches, fatigue, blurred or double vision, loss of focus, listlessness, and neck pain. Day after day, we keep adding to the burden on our eyes but never let our eyes fully rest.  

Ditch those eye drops and cheap eye-relief technology. This year, treat yourself to EyeDear - the effective eye care solution. EyeDear can relieve your eyes to the greatest extent, allowing you to easily eliminate fatigue and dark circles. The unique anti-blocking design allows you to work and rest simultaneously. 

EyeDear can relieve your eyes by eliminating fatigue and dark circles. The unique design won’t obscure your sight which allows you to work and rest simultaneously.、  

The EyeDear is only 45g, Put it on when you're at work, at home, or even outside, and enjoy comfortable eye care. It will not completely cover your eyes during use. 

You can enjoy an eye massage at any time during work or entertainment. Relax anywhere. Such as: 

  •  Exercising 
  • Reading
  • Working
  •  Relaxing 

 The EyeDear resolves eye issues through 3 methods.

EMS is a full-scale contraction exercise of the eye; promoting blood circulation, repairing eye wrinkles, and preventing eye muscle aging 

The red light of EyeDear can penetrate the skin, activate cells, increase the natural production of supplemented collagen, and make the skin appear younger and healthier.

  • Removes blemishes and brightens skin around the eyes
  • Enhances skin collagen activity
  • Simple and easy, 10-minute sessions
  • Working long hours or staying up late can make your eyes dry, sore, and red. Our hot compression is the ideal solution for those late nights.
  • Unlike a hot towel, the EyeDear can easily maintain a constant temperature and heating function. Turn on the hot compress function of the EyeDear with just the press of a button. Relieve eye discomfort with ease.
  • EyeDear only needs 40-60 seconds to heat up to a comfortable temperature of 104-105°F (40°C-42°C).
  • *The heating function can only be turned on or off when the EMS (power supply) is turned on, and it will turn off when the EMS (power supply) is turned off.

The EyeDear has five levels of EMS intensity to choose from. You can choose different levels according to the massage intensity you need.

After 60 days of constant use, the eye elasticity and compactness of the skin will be noticeable.  The appearance of aging around the eyes is significantly reduced.

EyeDear has passed strict safety certification, you can use EyeDear with peace of mind.

Select the eye massage mode you need using the buttons on the left and right sides of the EyeDear. The buttons on either side do not interfere with each other, and the heating function does not interfere with the red light rejuvenation and EMS functions.

The inner side of the EyeDear is made of aluminum alloy, which can quickly generate the most suitable temperature for you, plus a design that fits the contours of your eyes.

The EyeDear is ergonomically designed,  the elastic on both sides adjust to various sizes and face shapes.

During use, the EyeDear does not make any noise, allowing you to enjoy the eye massage quietly. It can also be used continuously for 72 hours. This means that on a full charge, the EyeDear can be used 216 times for an average of 20 minutes a day!

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