No wires. No noises. Active Noise Canceling (ANC) earbuds make a lot of sense in our everyday life by canceling out distracting sounds, making listening experience quiet, peaceful and enjoyable. Introducing QuietGo: the budget-friendly earbuds with ANC on/off switch, sleek rotatable design, simple touch controls that can be your great in-ear audio companion in everyday life.

We love wireless earbuds. Whether we are listening to music, watching videos, or holding a phone call, earbuds have become an indispensable part of our modern life. Personal preferences and prices may drive your choice when choosing a pair of earbuds, however, at QuietGo design team, we believe earbuds are not only the audio listening buddy, but also the item deeply connected to personal style.

Starting from this concept, we designed QuietGo to be stylish with concise appearance. The charging case has a unique rotating magnetic arc-shaped upper cover design, making it fairly smooth to slide in and out. The earbuds are highly portable for the time you spend in public.

Loaded with digital active noise canceling, QuietGo earbuds pick up ambient noise with microphones and produce sound waves to literally cancel them out, letting you focus solely on enjoying your music. When you are at a loud spot, the earbuds can minimize noises and you don’t have to play the audio so loud to drown out noises.

Unleash the sound purely. You don’t have to turn up the volume to counteract the ambient noises whether at airports, railway stations, shopping malls, pedestrian streets or anywhere. Turn on the ANC function and your world is all silence.

To bring you the ultimate audio experience, QuietGo earbuds are built with the advanced Active Noise Canceling algorithms that remove environment noises up to 38dB. You may freely switch between the ANC on/off modes and get customized listening experience.

However, say, in some circumstances that you still want to listen to your music, but being able to react to some random talks, or keep alert to the train announcement, or being able to hear the traffic around you, before you dig out your charging case to store an earbud for a few seconds, you may simply tap to activate the “Transparency Mode”, which lets you hear as if you don't have earbuds in. Even though you are actually wearing them, you don’t have to take them off.

Velvety smooth metal aluminum alloy appearance with ABS material endows QuietGo the concrete meaning of the ultimate combination of beauty and technology.

The design and construction were paid much attention to achieve fine appearance and great durability.

Running, boxing, or simply walking after a long, tiring day? QuietGo's snug fit and never-drop design gives you one less thing to worry about.

Unique Screw-in lock, stable and comfortable

Equipped with the true wireless technology, the QuetGo earbuds boast a fast pairing, grab and go. There can be opportunities that you want to listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks while at work and stay aware of the surroundings simultaneously. So getting one earbud in one ear sounds practical. The earbuds can be used separately, that means you can listen through one earbud while the other is being charged, then switch them when the one you are using runs out of charge.

The Bluetooth chip, which transmits sound to the earbuds separately, ensures a stable connection and outstanding listening. After you’ve paired them once, they connect automatically when you put them in your ears. No matter either earbud drops off the line due to a dead battery, the other will connects to the device, offering an amazing non-disrupting listening experience.

The majority of competing earbuds do have exposed charging contact points which will oxidize after a period of use, resulting in larger contact resistance and slower charging. The QuietGo use steel alloy hidden charging contact points, having relatively wider contact area, presenting more stylish appearance. Additionally, this innovative improvement better protects the charging capability and extends the life of the earbuds.

Utilizing the Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the QuietGo wireless earbuds offer fast pairing, and a strong connection at up to 33ft (10m) distance. Simply tap the middle button and the headphones will connect to your device with ease. Bluetooth 5.2 is faster, more stable and reliable, consuming lower power and helps transmission at lower latency.

Paired with our advanced algorithm, the earbuds make warm and detail-rich sounding, and feature one of the most comfortable and secure fits of this type. You may enjoy crystal clear conversations and the powerful, high balanced sound makes listening real joy regardless of any genre. The set offers a very reliable connection that is distortion-free over an extensive distance.

The battery supports up to 6 hours of playback from a single charge, (5 hours with ANC mode on) and another 4 recharges provided by the charging case to ensure your everyday use. Use them to enjoy music, games or movies all day long! Equipped with the universal Type-C charging port for easy convenience to charge wherever at hand. The LEDs on the charging case lets you know clearly of the remaining battery.

QuietGo have responsive touch controls. You can get easy access to volume, songs, phone calls, voice assistant, ANC mode, Transparency mode, and summon “Siri” support or Google Assistant by holding for 1 second. Gone with the cumbersome pulling out and in your smartphone from the pocket for other tasks.


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