With 360 super-bright LEDs embedded around our Disc, you'll be mesmerized by the incredible light effects it creates. Does it qualify for the world's Brightest Flying Disc? We certainly think so!

 The TOSY Flying Disc is designed to suit your preference with 6 different Timer modes: 

You can also adjust the 6 Brightness levels to match whatever environment you are in! Just make sure you can handle the "Extreme" level ;).

Well, why not a little bit of both? 😉

Impress everyone around you as you throw these dazzling Discs to each other for fun, or you can get moving and organize a game of nighttime Ultimate. 

Launching a Boomerang and watching it return to you feels so satisfying, and that's exactly what the TOSY Boomerang delivers. With the included Launcher, you will be able to master the skills in no time!

Smart LEDs automatically light up when you launch the Boomerang, creating the most impressive show of lights.  

Once you have mastered the basic skills with our Duo, why not level up your game and challenge your friends to a trick shot play-off?  Perhaps these tricks can be an inspiration for you if you ever want to become the next Dude Perfect! 

Choose any color you love: Purple - Blue - White - Green - Red - Yellow.

This is how we test our products for its waterproof capability. Prior to shipping, we will keep you up to date with the exact waterproof rating of our products.

Durability is our top priority, so we have done tests over and over again to make sure our products can withstand strong impact and that the LEDs won't break during play.

A utility patent is the highest form of intellectual property that protects an invention.

Being awarded a patent in any country is no small feat, which is why we are extremely proud that TOSY Boomerang was granted international patents in the US, France, Germany, the UK, Korea, Japan, and China. 

The TOSY Smart Golf Disc and Flying Disc were also applied for a utility patent in the US, and international applications will follow soon. 

The shipping rates listed below are rough estimates and should be used for reference only. After the campaign has been successfully funded, exact shipping fees will be calculated based on your country and charged via the pledge manager. 

* Duties and taxes are NOT included. 

* Europe Zone 1 includes The UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Malta, Croatia, Serbia. 

* Europe Zone 2 includes Norway, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Monaco, Sweden, Greece, Portugal, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland. 

*South Asia countries may have slightly higher rates.

Here is a quick look at our manufacturing site. We will keep updating this section to give you more insights into our production process.