We set out to create the worlds cleanest sheets and in the process discovered a Technical Fiber that accomplishes this and so much more. 


After the incredible support Kickstarter gave us in our first campaign, Evolution of Denim, we are back with the Evolution of Bedding. You’ll be very pleased with the limitless potential of this fabric...


We  not only wanted to create sheets that give you the same comfort found in the 7 star hotels, but also something  technical that pushes the current status quo.  

We started EDASI to push the boundaries and see what else is out there. When we came across the potential of Graphene, we jumped on it.

Graphene is an extremely effective heat conductor material. It works to personalize climate control. If you get hot, the heat dissipates to help to cool you down. If you feel cold, the heat is retained and you’re kept in the perfect climate to support a deep restful night's sleep!

While sleeping on the graphene sheets your body will keep you warmer by increasing your skin temperature, it will also create less humidity next to your body than a normal membrane.

It’s true. Every night You shed about 15 million dead skin cells a day, and the dust mites love this...

So they come on your skin to feast on the food (your dead skin cells) and after they eat, they excrement.. this causes all sorts of issues -  

If you’re one of the 20 million Americans suffering from dust allergies (you have it if you feel it’s heavy to breathe at night), then this will especially affect you. For everyone else… it’s just gross. 

Dust mites might love what your furry friends shed, but The New Fold repels dust mites like nobody’s business.

Here are the uncomfortable facts. 

Your unwashed pillowcase is dirtier than your toilet seat. Bacteria can’t grow on 

Most brands use toxic silver or another anti-microbial finish that lasts for a few washes. 

You're left with a product that is ineffective and contaminates the wastewater streams every time you wash them (the silver that washes out has to go somewhere…)  

Not so with BioGraphene. 

Unlike all other bedding sheets, BioGraphene is bacteriostatic, which means bacteria can not grow or reproduce, eliminating odor caused by night sweats - something you won’t experience with these sheets. 

The perfect solution if you suffer from eczema, skin rashes, and allergies. 

That’s a permanent plus-point with The New Fold. Our advanced BIO Graphene barrier gives total odor control that never washes out. And we do it without the use of Toxic Silver that contaminates wastewater streams (unlike our competitors). 

We might think we smell like roses. But in actual fact, other people can often pick up smells on ourselves that we’re not aware of. And that’s a recipe for embarrassment. No Odor causing bacteria can ever grow on your EDASI sheets.

They are super durable and the technical properties are permanent.

[Infrared Chart Coming soon]

We finish all EDASI fabrics with a permanent non-toxic misting process - 

Our BioGraphene X Supima wicks away sweat and dries fast, so you have a breathable restful night's sleep.

It’s amazing the number of brands on Amazon market Bamboo As a “Sustainable” option  -

Besides the amount of chemicals needed to turn viscose rayon into bamboo, according to an article published on Vice News and citing a report by environmental activists and watchdogs Dovetail Partners ,

"The increase in demand for Bamboo has led to massive levels of deforestation."

              Essentially creating refugees out of Pandas. It makes sense, if you are going to go to the forests and chop down Bamboo, what do you think happens to the natural habitat?

              We’re not saints, we actually chose BioGraphene because it’s all-around a 10x more advanced technical fiber - but the more we looked into Bamboo, the easier it made our decision.

Why NOT Silver?  - In the United States, you don’t have to worry too much. Most apparel brands add Silver for their microbial effect.

It all starts with landing upon the wonder material of Graphene. From there, we worked tirelessly with 3 of the world's top Graphene suppliers until we settled on BioGraphene. It’s

Graphene is the world’s only Nobel prize-winning material. It’s 200X stronger than steel, is antibacterial, thermo-regulated, anti-dust mite, odor proof & so much more. But we wanted to also achieve a rich luxurious sleeping experience. 

 To add the rich Hotel Luxury feeling we perfected a BioGraphene x SUPIMA blend that makes it the softest, most resilient, and high-performance sheets on the market.

We tested numerous kinds of cotton, including 2 separate Egyptian Grades. We selected Supima because of its extremely long-staple fiber, its natural resilience, the fact that it gets softer and softer overtime, and because we can guarantee its authenticity, unlike the counterfeits of Egyptian Cotton flooding the market (as reported in the Wall Street Journal)

400 Thread Count  - Our 400 using a single ply technique is better than the market grades of 800 and 1000. The dirty secret behind the majority of the thread count claims is that the market grades of 800 and 1000 are actually 200 and 250, just using a multi-ply technique and shoving a bunch of cheap short fibers together. This constricts airflow and leads to scratchy sheets that fall apart after a short period of time.

BioGraphene is the only kind to be brought to life from readily available biomass, making it cleaner, stronger, and better than anything on the market. Recycled from corn cob waste, meaning zero chemical pollution - and resulting in the cleanest sheets on earth.

Fabric Finishing - We finish The New Fold with a Patented misting process that’s non-toxic, non-leaching, and non-ionic - yet adds greater cooling power, hyper evaporation for added moisture absorption, and a powerful added anti-odor and antibacterial solution that is the perfect finish on top of the already limitless BioGraphene properties.

The New Fold fabric is finished with a non-toxic misting process that is the perfect solution for preventing and killing odor-causing. One study found that unwashed pillows have 39x more bacteria than pet food bowls and several thousand more bacteria than your toilet seat.

We’re not 100% sustainable (yet), but we’re heading there. 

Our Goal is to work towards a Zero Waste manufacturing process and to create products that last and that do not end up in a landfill. As a species we consume 400% more than we did just 20 years ago. Big brands market us more and more products that contribute to the 17 millions tons of textiles in landfills each year. Textiles in landfills release methane, a brutal greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming 

Water is scarce, and the global population is growing, and this water is needed to support the increase in agricultural demands needed to feed this rising population. So you have many different real issues at hand that a simple “recycled plastic bottle” can’t necessarily solve. Most brands know this, sell to your limbic brain endless products, and to add insult to injury market themselves as people that care. 

Unfortunately, it’s (mostly) b.s. 

So we are not 100% sustainable, but we do turn to every corner of the world to search for technical fibers and fabrics that, when engineered & developed, translate into products that last for years and years. As a brand, we are also working towards a “Second Hand Market” where we will buy back all of your EDASI products greater than 3 yrs old. 

Another subtle part of EDASI ethos is the fact that all of our products are ODOR and Bacteria Proof and with Permanent NO Color Fade technology - one very important benefit to developing a fabric who’s properties never fade is that there’s no chance of contaminating the wastewater streams, an issue not prevalent in USA, but is in the developing world - and we are all global citizens sharing this planet and we feel it’s important to not leave anyone out. 

So with all EDASI products, you can support us in good faith knowing you have products that last and don’t end up in a landfill. Textiles in landfills release methane, a brutal greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming -  

No water or other resources are wasted in the BioGraphene and Supima manufacturing process.


Our mills cost more and take longer to make our fabrics. We leave fast to the big dogs

We work with mills that are bluesignⓇ approved for sustainable textiles & Oeko-TexⓇ certified for skin health and safety. In the early days it’s not easy to secure the best mills, but thanks to your support the faster we grow the more options we’ll have.

Every EDASI fabric goes through a finished stage Permanent FUZE Biotech process that don’t wash out, therefore not contaminating wastewater streams.

We control & limit all production. EDASI stands firmly against the 92 million tonnes of textile waste a year. Change starts now

Our Dirty Laundry -

We have had serious mishaps with out prototypes. 

Modal (Lightweight  Stretchy Breathable) 

Join the thousands of others that have experienced the EDASI difference

  1. Is it going to slip off my bed?

Nope! That’s one of the many pain points we solved! Our designs come with Anti Slip Elastic Corner Straps made from brushed elastic with silicone gripper on the underside  I.e you’ll never have to worry about it slipping again! Guaranteed.

  1.  Is it hotter than cotton or bamboo sheets?

It’s cooler than bamboo and cotton sheets. The New Fold is super breathable. The combination of Bio Graphene and SUPIMA makes it the ideal choice for hot sleepers! Our fabric Graphenes superior thermoregulating technology to personalize climate control. If you get hot, Graphene’s dissipation and conductivity properties help to cool you down.If you get cold, these same technologies work to warm you up.

  1.  Is it hotter than cotton or bamboo sheets?

It’s cooler than bamboo and cotton sheets. The New Fold is super breathable. The combination of Bio Graphene and SUPIMA makes it the ideal choice for hot sleepers! Our fabric Graphenes superior thermoregulating technology to personalize climate control. If you get hot, Graphene’s dissipation and conductivity properties help to cool you down. If you get cold, these same technologies work to warm you up.

  1.  Will the Odor Proof or Antibacterial properties stop working?

Never. That’s not the game EDASI plays.. We work tirelessly to develop permanent effects at the fiber level and then we finish the fabric with a non toxic anti bacterial coating for additional support as an insurance of sort. Simply in 5 or 10 years if you ever have doubt, we’ll be around to send you a replacement (KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE)! We are that confident in our permanent and wash proof properties! Most brands main properties are coated at the finish stage of the fabric, whereas with EDASI we endlessly work to redevelop our fibers so that the effects never wash or fade away. Guaranteed.

  1.  Will the color fade?

No. if it does, Free Replacements for LIFE.


 Why are you priced higher than other brands?

Because our raw materials cost 4.7x to make.  Cheap and fast is not what we are about. We were kind of tired of the sea of commodities filling our landfills. We want to make GREAT PRODUCTS  that last.  

The edasi products are not for everyone - you have to have some patience investing in a higher end product to experience higher end benefits.

The Edasi 4 QS Standard Method - Our Quality Control Standards (Setting the bar in the industry) 

At EDASI we see opportunity in the ordinary. And we saw a gap in the market. For those bored by their mundane personal essentials that long to be pushed outside the box.

Designed by a global collective. Made for the smart individual

This is a beautiful time. We can source the best talent from around the world, and serve the best customers around the world.  We know we are not for everyone, but we know the market needs to experience the edasi difference - our products are just better and made for those that just want a little bit more. Our Technical fibers with smart design features are edgy, outside of the box, and a massive upgrade to the  standard of conformity out there.

Technology fabrics born from engineering greatness.

EDASI products are driven by a desire to mesh superior comfort, clean living, and ergonomic performance textiles.

Attention to detail matters. When you mix globally sourced technologies with razor-sharp craft, you get timeless lifestyle pieces that push limits.

Designed to do the impossible. Made to inspire the individual.