We take high-power copper motor as the core power component and adopt half crankshaft connecting rods to drive the high-pressure piston pump to increase the water pressure. 2.0 Mpa water pressure is equal to 8-10 times as tap water pressure and 180L/H water flow rate is powerful.With such powerful feature, the water can be pressed to a distance of 6 meters within 10 seconds.Quickly clean outdoor home surfaces, garden furniture, cars ,stairs and pool dirt.

Removable Batteries for Charging Easily. The battery pack can also be removed for easy charging and replacement.  Up to 90 minutes of run time.

Water can be lifted by bucket or plastic bottle.Come with a 6M long hose can also be used for self-priming in outdoor river, pool or pond .Although the product has the function of filtration, it also tries to avoid water impurities.

High-performance battery greatly extends the service life of the machine.

The high-pressure gun controls the flow of the liquid to the nozzle. Squeezing the trigger allows liquid to flow through the gun, while releasing the trigger shuts off the flow. Very easy for operators to use.

Just rotate the six-in-one nozzle to adjust water spray patterns. Even if you switch patterns while using it, it will not spray water out of control and you do not need to replace a spray tube.

Multiple spray nozzle let you convert among various degrees of water stream intensity, which will save a lot of water.In addition we also provide a foam pot which can be used for daily cleaning. Fast foaming ,fine and uniform foam, easy to wash the car.

With Built-in Soap Dispenser.No need to wash your car with extra soap now.  Just fill the bottle with this foam cannon with detergent and go.  A fill takes care of the car windows completely.

  *Please allow an error of 1 - 2cm due to manual measurement

 Note:The two brushes may be necessary for your pressure washer, sold separately. 

Package Contents: 1 x Flushing Gun, 1 x Hose,  1 x Foam Pot, 4 x  Hose Connectors, (adaptor fits all standard 3/4" and 1/2" taps ), 1 x Faucet Adjustable Connector (Connection: for 14-24mm Tap) ,  Water Bucket,1 x Carry Bag.

- Do not use the machine without connecting long rod or any other accessories. 

- After installing water pipe, check whether the water pipe is firmly installed. 

- Before using it for the first time, you need to drain the air from the pipes.

If you bought it and felt that it is not for you, don't worry. Just shoot us a message, and we will make it right by offering you a replacement or refund. 

Chris (the left first)is from Italy and the PM of the project.

Weigen Xie (the right first)was born in China and works in Nevada.He is the founder of the project.

Mark Buhagiar and Harris are the engineers who are responsible for the product development.

Icon is a team who are enthusiastic about professional techniques & tools. All of our core members like outdoor activities such as camping and riding. That’s why we decided to create an impressive cleaning product for cleaning everything anytime, anyplace. For 2 years, we have been perfecting the wash process while making operations easier and more efficient. So honored we made it. Just put the water pipe into the river, bucket, or any water source to start washing the muddy cars, the messy grill, the dishes left behind a hypaethral party. It couldn't get any simpler. Besides, We only partner with experienced and responsible manufacturers and maintaining quality is our top priority.

We are so grateful to you for believing in our vision, Our goal is to exceed your expectations because you are making our dream a reality.

Thank you for your support.