Surge Massage Gun charged using the power bank

 King Holder (Founder of Procussion) has been an elite athlete all of his life, including 4 years of Division 1 football on a full ride scholarship to San Diego State University. Holder’s immense athletic ability also led him to being featured in the NBC Sports Special called "The Next Olympic Hopeful" where he competed at the United States Olympic Center in Colorado Springs for a spot in the USA Rugby National Team training camps. 

Through playing sports, Holder has sustained multiple injuries & surgeries that left him with chronic aches and pains. He'd been in search of tools that could help him, but the leading brands were all extremely expensive. In 2017, Holder moved to Los Angeles in search of a brighter future in the health and wellness industry. Now 4 years later, and with over 2,000 happy clients under his belt as a personal trainer, stretch therapist, and sports performance specialist — PROCUSSION was born.

PROCUSSION’s foray into the world of percussive therapy seeks to create a variety of inexpensive treatment applications geared towards athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone with pain or stiffness.