In the time of everyone being the owner of multiple digital tools, people never stop seeking the solution to more concentration and comfort, neither does MOFT. We hope we can design something that helps you quickly get into an orderly "environment" where you can stay focused, dedicated and, at the same time, comfortable.

MOFT Smart Desk Mat, upgraded from a mat, is the answer we found. Rooted in the MOFT’s original philosophy: unsee, unfelt, unnoticed, it’s powerful, practical, and doesn’t take too much space.

The Smart Desk Mat shoots up a row of devices in seconds, creating a multi-screen ecosystem to view and organize like never before. Under the top layer of the mat, it's a cinch to adjust the angle to 25° or 45°-60° through sliding. Managing your digital demands from each device becomes comfortable on the same, right surface. 

Anything magnetic can snap on the mat

With the magnetic accessories in place, simply “throw” all your work essentials together on it - the coolest and fastest way to keep them uncluttered and at your fingertips. No scattered devices, cables, pens, or papers. No trace of disorder. Nice and Neat. 

In the mat, two NFC hotspots are embedded. Each can be customized to personal preference with a wide range of apps, including concentration apps like Pomodoro and to-do lists, to keep you on track without your attention being stolen by shopping or social apps, speedily optimizing productivity and task performance.

The mat is designed with a detachable cushion to act as a lap desk. It takes you away from the spot you used to work long hours at, allowing you to relocate to a couch/bed to refresh your mind and body. Its 0.15in slim profile means a park bench nearby is also a great choice to settle down and work.

The mat has ample surface space for your workstation setup - a laptop, notebook, and cup of coffee - yet with easy-to-carry slimness. Rise up, and carry all the work essentials as they’re organized on the single piece of mat, from the living room to the kitchen, staying active throughout the day with no effort.

Paired with the magnetic accessories, the mat is customizable to fit the preference of your work style. The digital set allows for a tablet/phone propped up at the side of your laptop, making multitasking easier than on a singular device. Drag and drop files, or have a quick glance at reference materials without a hitch.

With another set of magnetic accessories holding your ideas together, it collates notes, scripts, photographs to help channel your creativity by giving visuals to your ideas. Whenever you get stuck in the middle of nurturing a project idea, simply snap on all inspirational materials to feed your mind.

For the desk space we spend a large proportion of time getting our work done on, it becomes a challenge to keep tidy for our productivity and comfort. The difficulty in organizing isn’t solely about stationery anymore, it lies in the combination of digital and non-digital workspace.

There are many great solutions for keeping the work-related tools such as notes and pens in order, but there’s none for our most frequently used digital tools like laptops, tablets, and phones.

Therefore, we came up with a new solution different from the existing ones. To continue our invisible design philosophy, we set out to develop an organizer in the form of a mat, and that’s where the adjustable desk mat comes from. It’s an angle-adjustable inclined surface for an easily arranged, ergonomic-friendly workspace. To maximize its variety in use, we also introduced the magnetic accessories from our Snap System for organizing both digital and non-digital tools.

The possibility with the mat doesn’t end there. Its adjustability with diverse modular accessories means there could be countless ways to keep your workspace tidy at home or in the office, eventually boosting your productivity and comfort, whatever your work style is.

We’re MOFT. We create productivity accessories to empower those who create and simplify their lives while sparking surprise and delight through smart design and innovative features.

Over the past three years, Kickstarter has been the cradle of our creative ideas, and the community here witnessed our 4 products from scratch to over 100,000 global backers’ daily companions.

This time, we're back with design work in a whole new category - a desk mat. We hope that the adjustable mat we very much enjoy using for focused and comfortable workflow can also help you easily make your personal workspace neat and orderly. Your support and feedback are greatly appreciated!

Distributor/Retail Business

MOFT welcomes global distributors/retail to join us. And we will continue to share the awesome products and great marketing service as always. Please contact [email protected] if you are interested.