After THREE HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL Kickstarter campaigns, we are back and pushing the limits of footwear and materials technology! 

We combined four generations of shoe-making knowledge with modern materials technology

The result is the FIRST leather shoe and sneaker that doesn't crease and folds flat to 2 inches.  It is light & comfortable for all-day use, and can easily be packed in small carry-ons, briefcases, backpacks, and weekender bags.

Say goodbye to choosing between taking an extra pair of shoes on your next trip or paying exorbitant checked baggage fees!

Ace Marks' creaseless full-grain leather travel shoes are built for the dapper modern traveler that likes to travel light and enjoys a quality pair of shoes that can last a lifetime of adventure.

 The first leather shoes and sneakers that don't crease!!

One of the added benefits of combining the latest materials tech into our heel & toe counters with naturally elastic buffalo leather is that we created the first leather shoes that won't crease!

If you like to wear comfortable leather shoes or sneakers that look good, can be worn every day, and won't crease then these are for you! 

You don't have to be a world traveler to appreciate a creaseless shoe.

Now you can bring multiple shoe options on a trip without having to pay to check a larger suitcase. They fit in your carry-on or even your backpack.  

If you're on a business trip and want a comfortable pair of sneakers just in case you have some time to roam the city, now you have that option without sacrificing any space!

Need an extra pair of shoes in your backpack to change into after the gym or after work?

For quick weekend getaways, you no longer have to choose between that extra outfit or an additional pair of shoes.

Built to provide ultimate comfort for long days on streets around the globe. 

The lightweight design not only keeps your baggage light while they are packed, but you will also be able to walk all day and not feel weighed down by a heavy and bulky shoe.


Forget everything you think you know about walking in dress shoes. Our dress shoes are designed to be flexible in a way that was never possible before because of creasing concerns. Your foot will bend and move in any direction it wants with little to no resistance from the shoes.

Flexible Dress Shoes

Our sneakers are no different than our dress shoes when it comes to flexibility. They are designed to be flexible in a way that was never possible before due to concerns over crease damage the shoe may incur. Your foot will bend and move in any direction it wants with little to no resistance from the shoes.

Flexible Sneakers

Our dress shoes include a memory foam cushioned insole that will mold to your foot over time. 

Shoes: Heel to Toe Memory Foam

Our sneakers have a shock absorbing insole to ensure all-day comfort and walking bliss.

Sneakers: Shock Absorbing Insoles

Built on our proprietary Ace last to reduce common pressure around the ball and heel of your foot. They are comfortable out of the box and for daily wear.   

Whether you like to dress to the nines or prefer a more laid-back look, there is an Ace Marks travel shoe for you. 

All styles were created with maximum versatility in mind.

Maximum Versatility
Oliver in Cuoio
Wayne in Cuoio
Chris in Cuoio
Wayne in Black

We created a full-grain buffalo leather shoe and sneaker that can be folded flat and doesn't crease by combining nature with new materials technology

The secret is in our innovative use of polymers in our toe & heel counters.

What are toe & heel counters?

Toe and heel counters are the internal components that help leather uppers maintain their shape and keep the shoe from collapsing. They are typically very stiff and made of a cardboard or plastic material. 

That's why you can't collapse and pack other shoes into your carry-on. 

Our travel shoes are made using eco-friendly toe and heel counters made of innovative recycled polymers that give them highly resilient and long-lasting shape retention characteristics. It’s what makes the "pop" possible. 

 Best of all, the production of our counters results in no waste because production scraps are regenerated and fully recycled into the production cycle.  

To fully utilize the resiliency of the counter, we had to solve the creasing problem. So, we paired the counters with sustainably raised full grain water buffalo leather. 

Buffalo leather is soft and flexible yet stronger and more durable than cow leather. It’s incredible elasticity allows it to be bent and folded without permanent creasing.

It’s why our travel shoes look good even after being flattened in your luggage.

Ace Marks is known for making high-quality luxury shoes that look good and are well made. Our travel shoes are no different.

Each pair is made by our 4th generation family of artisans in Italy.

Our travel shoes are made using full grain buffalo leather uppers and rubber outsoles.

The shoes are stitched to the uppers using a Blake construction so they can be resoled

Blake Stitch Construction

The sneakers use Margom rubber outsoles, the best in the world, which are stitched to the uppers for maximum durability.

Sneakers Stitched Outsole

Each pair is hand-dyed and


hand-burnished by our artisans

Hand Burnished

Production will take 8-10 weeks, and shipping approximately 3 weeks.

By March 2022, or sooner, we expect to be shipping to you from our facilities.

We are very experienced in delivering shoes and handling any issue that may arise along the way! We will do everything in our power to make sure we meet the timeline.

If you order it, you will receive it! Every backer will receive their reward.

US, Canadian, and non-EU international addresses will ship from our facility in Miami, FL.

EU backers will be shipped from within the EU so that there will be no import duties, only VAT. 

Based on the size of the campaign, we will be able to negotiate better rates for all backers. 

Domestic & International shipping & VAT (if applicable) will be charged at the time of the survey once the campaign is over.

If applicable, duties and local taxes will be charged by the appropriate authority at the destination country. Please determine these charges locally. 

Ace Marks is the product of a lifetime of research and experience in the luxury footwear business.

Our founder, Paul, grew up traveling with his parents to Italy & Spain's shoe factories. To assure that our supporters receive top-notch service, we put together a team with extensive experience in footwear logistics and distribution.

This is our fourth Kickstarter campaign and we are more prepared than ever to continue surpassing our backer's expectations. We have faced and overcome many challenges, and always deliver for our backers.

We are excited to share our new products and vision with the world!

Dress Shoes:

  • Sizes 5 to 15 US, including half sizes, in "D" or "E" width.
  • "D" is the standard (medium) width.
  • "E" is a wider width.


  • Sizes 5 to 15 US, only in "D" width.
  • If you need a wider width, you can size up. More details will be provided with the sizing instructions.

Our shoes fit true to US Brannock sizing which is the same sizing scale used by most major American brands.

Still, it will be VERY important that you follow our fitting & sizing instructions that we will send at the end of the campaign to get the best fit.

If the size you order happens to not be the best fit, we will exchange it for you (exchange shipping charges will apply).

YOU are key to the success of our campaign, and ultimately our company. Without you, we don't have a reason to exist!

We need your support to get our travel shoes off the ground and to assure modern gentlemen everywhere have access to a better way to travel light!

As you become part of our inner circle, help us by sharing our campaign with YOUR inner circle. Thank you!