Upgrade your Auto Tracking with smart real-time adjustments of your videos made by your Pod X.

 With Cinematic AI, Pivo will automatically zoom in and out so you're always in frame, while also adjusting your lighting for the perfect transitions no matter where you shoot.

 Inject Deep Color Fusion into your content. Never settle for less-than-vibrant colors for your videos with Pod X.

 Set up your Pod X to track ANY target you want.

With expertly engineered motion stabilization and faster tracking speed capabilities, Pod X smooths out shaky footage for guaranteed high quality videos.

 All-new Composition AI automatically analyzes the environment to capture the right lighting, colors, angles and focus for your photos. Get the perfect shot every time.

Pod X just knows how to get you in frame and your lighting just right. With Composition AI, you'll be able to take your own shots independently and without worry. Awesome shots guaranteed.

With facial & emotional recognition, Pod X will learn the environment and determine when to snap candid images. Go ahead, enjoy yourself. 

Authentic moments look great on you.

Move & groove during your video calls by bringing Auto Tracking to them with the ultimate device to make you and your caller feel more connected at a distance than ever before.

Multiply yourself on the move with Clone Trail or jump into another dimension with Magic Edge. Your content never looked cooler!

See your world through Pod X's eyes with an all-new extended vertical and horizontal range for the ultimate capturing results.

The tiny but mighty Pivo Microphone allows handsfree amazing sound recording up to 60 meters from the Pod. Clip and go! It works with/without the Pod.

 Check out all the ways our users are already getting creative with the previous Pivo generation.

We aim to recognize the diverse need to create and communicate, and make sure this is not limited by the capabilities of the technology at hand. We work hard to make things easy for everyone to capture, share & connect their real world experiences to the digital world.