Etervin is a wine preserver that effectively deoxygenates leftover wine - helping extend it’s shelf life for more than a week! 

With a single twist on the neck, the Etervin’s circular silicon mechanism rotates inside the bottle and covers the surface of the wine - leaving no room for excess oxygen. 

Within 5 seconds of using your wine, you can easily install or remove the Etervin wine preserver from the bottle. Simply open your wine bottle, drink as much as you want, and place the Etervin into the bottle. No need to inconveniently move your leftover wine to another bottle or constantly purchase refill argon gas for preservation. It’s that easy!

Etervin allows you to preserve your wine within the bottle by blocking air. The secret is in the circular silicone wing that fits almost all wine bottles. The silicone cork located inside of the bottom section of the Etervin effectively blocks the bottle's lip completely - helping provide perfect preservation. The Etervin’s flawless preservation system elongates wine’s lifespan for more than a week! 

With Etervin, you can save your favorite wine in a way that preserves the original taste and scent for more than a week. Etervin blocks air without using argon gas, and doesn’t require any extra products necessary! The Etervin’s affordable price and effectiveness makes it stand out as the leader in the wine preserver market.

It can take forever to pour a single cup of wine - and it's hard to adjust how much wine you want.

There are as many different wine bottle styles as there are types of wine. The most common size used holds 750 ml - making it one of the most popular bottle styles on the market.

To provide perfect preservation for every standard-sized bottle, Etervin comes in two different types in sizes: Regular and Large.

Preserving your standard-sized wine bottle is easy. Simply insert a regular-sized Etervin into the bottle, unfold the silicone wing by turning the top handle, and watch as it creates a perfect seal. Smaller wine bottle? No problem! As you unfold the wing, one of three silicone layers will automatically fold to create a perfect fit.

When the wine bottle is larger than the silicone wing, simply use the large-sized Etervin.

Etervin is a compact and lightweight product that doesn’t take up too much space - making it easy to store and perfect for travel. 

Cleaning the Etervin is also easy and convenient. When you are done using your Etervin, simply clean it as any other dish. You don’t need to worry about cleanliness or breakage, with Etervin’s durable manufacturing.

The Etervin is so compact, you can take it with you anywhere you want!

Have room left in the bottle? No problem. You can easily adjust the length of the Etervin by simply pressing buttons on the Length Adjustment Pole. 

Plus, you can always move around the silicone wing by pushing down and up to reach the wine surface.

What you drink is how you feel. It’s normal to go through hundreds of emotions in a week - or a single day - so why not normalize drinking a variety of wines that matches your feelings?

Sip some full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon on a jazzy day with smoked meats or aged cheese. Chardonnay can amplify your delightful mood with its sweet and tropical taste. A glass of rosy Pinot Noir is perfect for a serene lazy mood.

Don’t stress yourself worrying about wasting unused wine. Don’t binge drink wine in fear of throwing it away at the end. Drink as much wine as you want and store the remaining with Etervin!

Need Proof? Etervin’s ability to prevent wine oxidation is being tested by a team of researchers at Chungbuk National Korean University. So far the researchers have announced that the amount of dissolved oxygen is significantly lower than the cork and vacuum type preservers. 

The test is still in progress, which approximately will end around the mid of November. Once it’s completed, we will be updating for more detailed information. 

Dustin Wessa, the most active sommelier in Korea, has appeared on the broadcasts of major Korean broadcasters such as KBS, MBC, and tvN, was our FIRST reviewer of Etervin!

The silicone in Etervin is the exact same material used for syringes and medical purposes. As shown in SGS report, it is absolutely SAFE to the human body.

After months of exploration, the patent for Etervin was filed in May 2021. Etervin’s innovative design that matches the wine bottle perfectly was finalized in July 2021. 

Etervin is a lifestyle brand established by Mystique Life - a company founded by a group of engineers in South Korea. Mystique Life’s mission is to create tech products that not only make life easier, but also help protect the environment.

Before launching Etervin, Mystique Life Inc. successfully crowdfunded many product campaigns through Indiegogo, Wadiz, and Makuake, the biggest crowdfunding platforms in the US, South Korea, and Japan. Previous Mystique Life products include the “Razorbooster” - which raised over $300,000USD in funds.

Also we have a record of getting, <Germany iF DESIGN AWARD(2016)>, <US INPEX Gold Award(2015)>, <Seoul International Invention Exhibition Silver Award (2015)> for being recognized for its innovativeness with the award.

South Korea, a country that is recognized for Kpop, BTS, and Squid Game.  All the R&D and manufacturing have proceeded from this country! you can have faith in us! 

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