Day after day, you are plucking and shaving. Then, all of the hair comes back even sooner than you can enjoy a sharp mustache or a clean nose.

We get it. It happens to all of us at one time or another. The morning shave can become a stress point, but it doesn't have to be. A loose strand, one that seems to pop out at just the wrong moment: these things are frustrating, but you do not need to accept them. There is a way for you to break through your struggle with your mustache and nose hair once and for all

The Multi-Glider package

Designed for effectiveness, safety, and ease of use, Multiglider works comfortably on your mustache and your nose hair. Place it directly onto the upper part of your mustache – the part that we all know is hardest to reach – or inside your nose, and it takes care of the rest.    

This means that you can stop playing guessing games with your tweezers and stop finding stray hairs hours into your day. From here on out, you are going to feel clean, neat, and in order, confident in your appearance because you have trusted Multiglider to take care of everything.

Not sure if you need Multiglider? Think about it this way. Without even putting any conscious thought into it, you are picking up on your friends' mustache and nose hairs. You can tell when they have not tweezed or trimmed recently because it looks off. Even if you are not inspecting their upper lip or staring into their nostril, extra hairs are going to stand out to you – in the worst possible way.

There is no recovering from that, either.

It is because of that feeling of embarrassment, the one that we have all experienced at one time or another, that we are willing to go to such lengths to remove the extra hairs from our noses and our upper lips. You get yourself a razor, you run some water, you wash your face, you shave your face, you put the razor back, you realize you missed a spot, you go through the whole process again, and then you take out your tweezers. Only after you remove the nose hair, you see another spot that you missed – and another nose hair after that.

All of that is too much, the way that we see it, which is why we have created Multiglider We engineered it with you and your convenience in mind. This is a quality-of-life issue. You use it, and you drastically reduce the stress of your morning routine.

On top of that, why risk the infections that plucking can cause? According to Dr. Jason A. Moche, Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, and Throat) at Columbia University Medical Center, "If you pluck your nose hairs, you could invite infection—especially given that your nose is essentially a vacuum that sucks up dirt and dust every other second of every day. Imagine it settling into the tiny little crater you created by plucking the hair…gross."

Now, if you have been getting away with skipping out on tweezing and trimming because of the masks we have all been wearing, more power to you.

Soon, however, that is going to come to an end.

The masks are going away, in a matter of weeks or months, not years, and at that point, you want to feel sure that you have taken care of all the details.

You don't want to leave any loose ends!

Multiglider is a 2-in-1 combo product, engineered for your on-the-go life. Let's take a look at the seven most exciting features we have integrated into it.

 We have designed Multiglider so that you can use it with a double-edge blade available on Amazon and other drugstores at only 10 cents per unit. Compare that to the $1-$5 you would be likely to spend on mainstream cartridges. This is the simple, inexpensive way to take care of your mustache and your nose hair.

 Despite the affordability, it is also a high-quality double-edged blade, safe for removing ingrown hairs or shaving on irritated, burned skin. Long hairs or short, it works.

  For most combination products, you are going to run into a serious challenge switching from one function to the other. To use the razor after you use the nose hair remover, you would need to snap something into place or change out a part. Multiglider is different: all it takes is one click to switch from razor to nose hair remover, and the LED alert tells you when you have done so.

Your skin is important, and we understand that. Because we understand that, we have programmed vibration mode into Multiglider reducing the friction between the razor blade and your face. Shaving will be, thanks to MultiGlider, a comfortable and even relaxing experience. Just press the button once to activate the vibration.

The dual motor is not for power: using it, you get two modes of shaving functional through a single button. Keep your face and your nose clean, without swapping out any accessories or doing anything more than pressing once.

Your nose hairs are there for a purpose: to filter out toxins. This means it is good to leave them at a short length. Multiglider does that, via a dome-type nose hair remover, preventing you from getting into your nose hairs too deep.

The light turns green when the razor is on, blue when the nose hair remover is on, and red when the battery is below 10%. Because of the LED alerts, you will always know what RANT is doing.

Made out of ABS and Aluminum, Multiglider is not only stylish but waterproof and convenient too. It runs on a single AAA battery, which means you are never going to run into charging problems again. You can take it anywhere you go, to keep your face looking even more handsome than you may have thought possible.

We devoted all our time and effort developing RANT over the past year. Thanks to 3D-printing, we were able to create a number of prototype iterations, conduct extensive product testing, and refine every aspect of the design to ensure comfort, style, and functionality.

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