It's a fun and relaxing product because of the relaxing puff, dreamy clouds, and breathing light. EVERY-BREATHE is designed to help you enjoy every moment to your fullest. 

 YOSH unique auto water mist technology. The ceramic plate brings dense and soft puff. That's why we call it a "Clouds Maker". 

Healthier, more fun, more possibilities, and more.

Eco-friendly. skin-friendly.

EVERY-BREATHE Clouds Maker provides two different modes. you are able to enjoy the milky clouds only, or you can have some fun with the breathing puff.  And you can set up 3 optional timed routines (1h 3h 5h).

EVERY-BREATHE is also very easy to clean. Bring you and your family much more joy and less trouble. 

Our Clouds Maker comes with US plugs and EU plugs only.

Our mission is to help people live a healthy life and enjoy it. 

Every breath is a re-birth.

With every breath there's a thought, feeling, focus & decision on how to live. In essence, you are an expression of your spiritual life. Practice With Every-breathe, glow differently, and have inner peace.

Life is constantly challenging. That's exactly like those clouds and puff that EVERY-BREATHE made. Every breath will be different. You never know what you're going to get.

A fun toy, a healing process, a lifestyle

Every-breathe YOSH care