Introducing Welli Bins™: the world’s first plant-based, washable and durable storage bins. They’re the eco-friendly solution to all things wet, messy and disorganized.

At Welli Bins Co., we’re building a sustainable storage and organization brand designed for active lives and environmentally minded people. We think you’ll love the vibrant colors and soft, pliable texture of Welli Bins. Lightweight and durable, these bins aren’t meant to sit on a shelf. Use them to take your gear everywhere—from the beach and soccer field to the garage and garden.

Design meets function with Welli Bins. Battle-tested by moms and kids, these bins stand up to sports fields, mudrooms, dirty dogs, beach days, rock collections and the unspeakable junk that accumulates in your car. Welli Bins won’t crack, shed or lose shape—they’ll be your Bins for Life®.

Welli Bins Co. is the first company dedicated to making storage sustainable, offering a full line of washable, durable and plant-based consumer products that are built to last.

We make our bins with sugarcane-derived EVA in lieu of fossil fuels. We strengthen our unique material with strands of cellulose folded in to create a tear-resistant structure. Our base material is carbon-negative thanks to the consumption of CO2 by the sugarcane plants. Additionally, we use leftover biomass from manufacturing to heat generators and supply electricity to the manufacturing facility to further reduce the carbon footprint of the process. What little waste material that is left over from this process can be recycled in the normal recycling streams.


Where do you currently throw dirty shoes, used masks and the sticky snack wrappers your kids have when they get in the car? Welli Bins were invented to handle messes like these! Welli Bins won’t crack, shed or collapse—they flex and bend! A lightweight travel companion, Welli Bins are also easy to rinse out or hose off.


You don’t need to be a parent to use Welli Bins. They are ideal for gardeners, surfers, crafters, road trippers and anyone who has anything to store or carry. With its insulative capabilities, your bin can even store ice and keep drinks colder for longer without the weight and fuss of a cooler. Less than half the weight of rubber and more tear-resistant, Welli Bins offers endless possibilities. There’s pretty much nothing your Welli Bins can’t hold.

Welli Bins founder Kathleen McIntyre is a busy mom of three kids—and many pets. A former investment professional, she had the idea for Welli Bins in early 2019, when she found herself at the Container Store to buy yet another round of bins to organize her chaotic household. She was frustrated by the available choices: flimsy, planet-killing plastics, brittle straw and wobbly fabrics. Finding no substantial alternative, let alone a sustainable one, Kathleen decided to launch Welli Bins Co. to contribute a practical and planet-friendly solution to the storage and organization market.

After a bit of research, lots of inspiration from sustainable shoe material and some rather mediocre drawings, Kathleen enlisted the help of her brother-in-law Andrew McIntyre, a Stanford Product Design School graduate who has been engineering products for over a decade with companies like Amazon, Doppler Labs, OXO and Rolls Royce Motor Cars. With Andrew on board, they began the work of prototyping bins using recycled woven plastics but found that these materials were simply not tough enough. Worse, using recycled plastic often creates a larger carbon footprint than using new plastics.

Instead of using fossil-fuel-based plastic (recycled or not), the Welli Bins team pivoted to using bio-based foam made primarily from sugarcane after Kathleen became inspired by a pair of sneakers with soles made from beans. After numerous ideas, tests and prototypes, the Welli Bins patent-pending formula and design emerged with a unique plant-based material and a perfected molding process.                          

There are more Welli Bins colors, shapes and sizes to come! Help us bring the world of plant-friendly Welli Bins to the market by supporting our launch!

Aqua, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Pink

12” L  x 12” W x 11” H

Weight: 2.15 lbs

Designed in the US

Made in Taiwan

Due to current supply chain challenges, international shipping prices are higher than we'd like. We'll keep monitoring the situation and lower prices whenever possible.