This isn't our first rodeo! After 2 successful Kickstarter campaigns, over $1,000,000 sold and over 20,000 backers, we're back with our best product yet!

Duo Cover is a next-generation microwave device giving you the following super powers:

  1. Moist leftovers, every time.
  2. Chef-approved meals in half the time.
  3. Sparkling clean microwave — no more gross splatter.
  4. Finger protection (think: pot holder) for when dishes get hot in the microwave.

Hear from people using it today (filmed in our office building where we've put different versions of the Duo Cover as we've iterated from product feedback & gave units out for beta-testing). The first shot has the building's office manager, who was one of the first beta-testers and has a rock-star personality!

Want to know the science behind how it works? Check out our explainer animation:

Yes, Duo Cover can do some amazing things, but deep down inside it’s a just a simple splatter-proof cover designed to keep your microwave clean.

“Yay! Leftovers for supper,” said no one ever. But with Duo Cover, those leftovers turn out so moist and tender that they’ll feel wanted all over again.

Just like you, your microwave deserves to discover its full potential. Duo Cover transforms it into a steamer, capable of producing meals even Gordon Ramsey couldn’t criticize.

Duo Cover magnetically attaches to your microwave’s ceiling. Simply bring it on down on your dish when you need to, and hide it when you’re done.

Duo Cover is flexible, like a yogi master, or some peoples’ morals. That means you can use it to safely transport your meal from microwave to table, avoiding burnt fingers.

Don’t you just love it when your dish is scalding hot and burns your fingers, but your food is still cold? Us neither. Duo Cover solves both of those problems.

Each pledge includes a free recipe ebook with 20 recipes specially developed by a chef for Duo Cover. 

Most people use paper towels to cover their food and avoid splatter. Duo Cover allows you to keep those paper towels for other jobs, saving you money while saving the earth by cutting down on waste.

When you’re cooking food in your microwave, steam rises and pushes against your Duo Cover’s rotating MoistureLock™️ Knob, allowing moisture from the top to steam your food.

The top of your Duo Cover has two measurement markers, allowing you to add just the right amount of water when steaming main meals and sides*.

*This step is optional, but who doesn’t want their food to taste as good as the first time?

Make your Duo Cover disappear by attaching it to your microwave’s ceiling. It’s there when you need it, gone when you don’t.

Turn your microwave into a steamer and make delicious meals from scratch in no time. The hermetic seal allows for better heat distribution and keeps your food warm for longer.

Just throw your Duo Cover in the dishwasher. Literally. It’s practically unbreakable.

 You'll be able to choose your color in the survey emailed to you after the Kickstarter!

We're a team of fun people living in California aka the Golden State aka Our Favorite Place In The World. Our guiding philosophy is simple: Create goods that impact the environment in a positive way and have seamless design and integration into your home. 

My message to backers:

Above is a table that represents what our estimated shipping costs are for this campaign. These shipping costs are based on our projections of sales amount as well as an average of ranges for shipping costs we've attained, thus these shipping costs are subject to change depending on our final results. Our goal is to make this process as transparent and accurate as possible, without any false promises or unexpected changes. After your purchase, we will be sending you an email with instructions on how we'll collect your shipping address and payment.

Our Fulfillment & Delivery portion of past Kickstarters has been shorter than 4 months, but we wanted to extend it for this campaign as we are very aware of how supply chain issues have been making very hard for creators and business owners to deliver on time.

That's it. Thank you for reading :)