The wheel for your all-terrain multi-purpose outdoor lifestyle.

The American engineered and manufactured Honey Badger Wheel. It does all the heavy lifting. Perfectly balanced and designed with you in mind. The axle carries the weight, not your back and arms. 


 No sidewalk? No problem! Just roll with it.

The wheel for parents, outdoorsmen, and anyone with an imagination and a love for exploring.


Parents, we've been duped for years! Below is a Google search for "all-terrain strollers." Do those strollers look all-terrain to you?

Source: Google Search for "all-terrain stroller" on March 5, 2016
Source: Google Search for "all-terrain stroller" on March 5, 2016

Finally, an honest ALL-TERRAIN STROLLER that seats 1-3 kids comfortably and safely. It can actually go on all-terrain and it looks good doing it.

The kickstand is the handlebar. It's a simple lift and go. ...go anywhere, that is.

We've tried to take our kids on outdoor adventures for years in a regular stroller. We always came up short. Not any more! The Honey Badger Wheel allows us to take them anywhere we want. There are no more limits at the beach, in the woods, or on a mountain trail. Be the hero and take your kids to the places you've wanted to!

The frame holds 1-2 Yepp Maxi child seats. Other child seats pair with the frame, but we prefer the Yepp Maxi because of its simple carrier adaptor that bolts easily to the platform, which will be available on our website after the Kickstarter.

We love taking our kids to historical sites, but they don't always have perfect sidewalks. Who wants to see concrete at parks and historical sites anyway? We just made any site a kid-friendly site. You're welcome. 

The KIDDO HOOP ACCESSORY allows for 1-3 kids to ride perfectly balanced over a single axle. Even on snow!

The Honey Badger Wheel grows with your family. That's a nine year-old in the back. If a kid gets tired of walking for a while, they can hop in and rest their legs. 

1-3 Kids ...Not 4
1-3 Kids ...Not 4

It's hard to tell who has more fun, the kids or the parents. That's a win-win for everyone.

When your kids are small you can have them ride in a child seat. As they get older they can jump into the KIDDO HOOP. We can still enjoy a visit to everywhere without the kids getting tired from a long day visiting sites such as the National Mall in D.C. Our days aren't cut short any more.


If you're real ambitious you can use two Yepp Maxi child seats in either position facing forward or backward. It works either way.

Use the handlebars as the kickstand or the front safety bar.
Use the handlebars as the kickstand or the front safety bar.

The handlebars are the kickstand in the forward-facing position and the front safety bar is the kickstand in the rear-facing position. Carry kids safely in both positions with one or two seats. You are in control of the handlebars just like a bicycle, but unlike a bicycle you are traveling at 1/5 the speed

Yes, it's safe. Center the kids over the axle and the wheel carries the load. You merely act as the balance using wide grip handlebars. The front safety bar will be available on our website following the project. 

Kids can ride forward-facing and rear-facing.
Kids can ride forward-facing and rear-facing.


The first ever lightweight, compact, and adjustable ALL-TERRAIN BIG GAME CART. It rides in on your back and rolls out fully loaded. Quarter or debone big game and roll out with panniers or saddle bags or without, it doesn't matter. Carry deer out up to 200 lbs. with the DEER ACCESSORY.

The LITE II (24" Wheel) weighs only 13.5 lbs
The LITE II (24" Wheel) weighs only 13.5 lbs

If you are trying to reduce weight and don't want to use saddle bags or panniers, big game can be quartered or deboned and tied directly to the frame for a quick roll out from the backcountry. But don't kid yourself, you'll still be tired when you get to your vehicle. I used to make three trips in and out on my hunts. It was two days of packing out meat. Now I can quickly quarter the animal and take everything out in a single trip.

And since it is not designated as a vehicle, it is allowed within most BLM property. All of us who hunt in the backcountry have seen this sign below. My favorite hunting site in Utah does not allow vehicles, but does allow the Honey Badger Wheel. My hunts are now one-trip-out hunts. And no need to mess with pack horses and mules to pull. This is 2016 for crying out loud!

Photo Courtesy: @highcountrypredator
Photo Courtesy: @highcountrypredator

A bull moose deboned fits right into pack animal saddle bags. If you have extra gear, you can tie it on top just like you do with a pack animal. But you don't have to feed your Honey Badger.

Fire the stubborn ass and hire the can-do badger to haul your gear.
Fire the stubborn ass and hire the can-do badger to haul your gear.


The first ever fully adjustable and pannier / saddle bag-friendly ALL-TERRAIN PACK WHEEL. It is designed to adjust to any user height, even for kids. The Honey Badger is also designed to accept bicycle panniers. 

The frame is in part intentionally designed proportionally similar to a bicycle rear rack. This design accepts bicycle panniers of all kinds. Panniers can clip on with ease and remove just as quickly. This is great for hiking with kids who can't carry heavy loads or for adults who cannot or do not want to hike with heavy loads on their backs. This makes the frame of The Honey Badger Wheel the all-compatible alternative to the backpack.

LITE II (24" Wheel) with Bicycle Panniers
LITE II (24" Wheel) with Bicycle Panniers

The HEAVY GEAR / DUAL COOLERS SWIVEL allows perfectly balanced XXXL heavy loads to roll with ease. Use the frame to carry your gear or add the accessory to carry large bulky loads.

It's a Diet IBC Black Cherry Soda :)
It's a Diet IBC Black Cherry Soda :)

Your coolers work with the accessory. The coolers strap directly to the swivel mount and can be adjusted to the center pivot. Any items you wish to carry can be mounted to the accessory. We'll offer the straps we like best on our website following the Kickstarter campaign. How will you use the HEAVY GEAR / DUAL COOLERS SWIVEL?


One cooler is often enough, but with two coolers the day is twice the fun. I used to carry or drag a cooler on the beach and would often end up parking amongst the crowd because I was too tired from carrying the single cooler a few hundred yards. Now I can pick the best part of the beach and take whatever I want with me. And when the kids get tired, they can just hop on top and ride the sand.

150 lbs in the sand problem.
150 lbs in the sand problem.


The heaviest loads in the craziest terrain may require a little more help. That's where the electric assist comes into play. At 500 Watts, the motor means business and can help get the load anywhere you want it to go. It is designed to conquer the steepest challenges. 

The 500W 11 Ah kit is controlled with a thumb throttle so you have total control when you want to gain ground. The 500W kit was born from our most recent Kickstarter that is now available at It includes the 500W 8FUN Motor, 11 Ah Samsung Li-Ion Battery, Controller, Cabling, Thumb Throttle, and LCD Computer. The Li-Ion Battery also includes a USB charging port for all your mobile devices! 

This kit married to the Honey Badger Wheel provides miles and miles of backcountry hauling. More than you'll ever need. 








*To any reward, add $150 for the Deer Accessory, $200 for the Kiddo Hoop Accessory, and $250 for the Swiveling Heavy Gear / Dual Coolers Accessory.

**Yepp Maxi child seats will be available on our website following the project for $199 and are only to be used with disc brake options NAKED II, LITE II, PRO II, FATTIE II.



Add $200 to any reward for the KIDDO HOOP. It comfortably fits up to three kids and perfectly balances your little ones directly over the single axle. We will offer a KIDDO FRAME CUSHION on our website following the Kickstarter for $39. It makes the longer-bumpier rides more comfortable.

Three kids can climb in and sit from largest to smallest and back to front in the resting position or a second adult can lift kids onto the platform in the upright position. When I take kids out solo they climb in. If my wife is with me, then we lift them in. Either method works great!

We made the KIDDO HOOP safe for kids. Notice the dual side rails. We made this to prevent kids hands from bumping into trees, bushes, or even walls while you're out on adventures.



Add $150 to any reward for the DEER CARRIER. Deer and other big game tie directly onto the carrier and ride perfectly balanced over the single axle. No need to debone or quarter with the DEER CARRIER

The DEER CARRIER is lightweight and compact. It fits in your backpack or straps onto the outside. It mounts quickly to the frame and keeps the animal directly centered over the single axle.


To load The Honey Badger Wheel with deer or other big game, place the frame upside down on top of the animal with the handlebars directly over the head. Place one strap around the lower half of the animal and the frame and one strap around the neck and the top bar of the handlebars. Then lift the handlebars while holding the brake. Use the frame as a lever to lift the animal upright and flip The Honey Badger Wheel into the upright position. It's simple physics!

There is no other game cart that is this lightweight and this compact that can go anywhere you go and still carry an entire deer. Where will you be able to hunt with the Honey Badger Wheel?


Add $250 to any reward for the HEAVY GEAR / DUAL COOLERS SWIVEL. The carrier allows heavy and bulky cargo to balance and swivel with ease. You control the amount of swivel. Heavier loads can be tightened for greater control with the swivel. This allows for XXXL loads to balance perfectly without extra force of the user on the handlebars.

The coolers always stay upright and off the ground. We've only touched the surface with how we can use the swivel mounts. What will you use them for?

The patented swivel design allows for almost any item to be carried. The accessory provides an adjustor which tightens or loosens the swivel based on the weight of the items carried. It is simple to adjust, takes only a minute to install or remove, and can be operated by anyone. This means that even bulky items such as paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, or whatever you imagine can be carried with the accessory and a single operator and it will always remain parallel to the ground in the resting or upright position.


The load placed on the Honey Badger Wheel rests directly over the fulcrum which eliminates load arm distance. The long distance of the effort arm minimizes user force required to control or lift the load. Add the use of our high quality efficient bicycle wheels, which are best to counter off-road resistance, and The Honey Badger Wheel becomes The All-Terrain Mechanical Advantage.


The Honey Badger Wheel is designed and manufactured in the USA using the latest 3D CAD / CAM engineering software. Aerospace aluminum is CNC machined and hand TIG welded using dedicated fixtures then paired with high quality bicycle components to complete the Honey Badger Wheel.

Height adjustment for users 5'2" to 6'2"
Height adjustment for users 5'2" to 6'2"

We've contracted the engineering and manufacturing of this project through Little Enterprises, LLC, a New Product Engineering and Development Firm located in Purcellville, Virginia. 

Find more images and video on social media below throughout the project. 

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This is a LEED Bicycle Solutions, LLC project. As a bicycle company we are excited to offer a new product here on Kickstarter that is within our realm of expertise. This is our fourth Kickstarter, so it 'aint our first rodeo. We know how to prevent delays, work with our manufacturers, and source products through our distributors. Visit our previous projects below.

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We are a veteran owned business and love to provide products that help keep people active and outdoors. Please visit THE ELECTRIC BIKE INSIDER, our electric bike blog, to learn more about us and the team that has been delivering the highest quality bicycle products for three years after our first project right here on Kickstarter. We will be starting a Honey Badger Blog shortly after the Kickstarter that will offer great content, articles, and other uses for the Honey Badger Wheel. Stay tuned!

We recognize that images of hunting may offend some viewers. We respect your opinions and viewpoints. We have tried to keep our hunting images during this project to a minimum and in black and white. We hope that this effort will be recognized and that no offense will be taken.


We have other ideas in mind for the future of the Honey Badger Wheel. We are currently working other accessories such as an umbrella mount which will be available on our website following the project. Kickstarter backers will receive BIG DISCOUNTS on all our future accessories that are compatible with The Honey Badger Wheel.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing how you use the Honey Badger Wheel. We will be increasing pricing on all Honey Badger Wheel products at the end of the Kickstarter project. If you have an idea for an accessory or any feedback on the project, please feel free to reach out to us. We would like to hear what you have to say. Thanks!


The Honey Badger Wheel comes with a two-year warranty.


 Thank you for your interest in our project! Content for The Honey Badger Wheel media kit is available for download here.

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