About this project

When we created our first VSSL products, we knew there would be the potential for future versions. We're excited to launch the first expansion to our product line on Kickstarter. We had tons of fun (and success!) with our last Kickstarter and we put substantial effort into making a product that people are proud to own.

While our core products are geared more towards preparation for the great outdoors, we also enjoy quality products for less serious occasions (have you seen our zombie killing tool?). 

Obviously a lot of you feel the same way; a request that came up several times during our last campaign was, "Can you make one that holds booze?".

Our other VSSL products have reviewed incredibly well and have been showcased online and in many influential magazines.

We're developing VSSL Flask using the same manufacturing standards as our other high-quality products. The biggest difference is that quality flasks are typically made from stainless steel as opposed to aluminum. To contain liquids intended for human consumption, aluminum needs to be coated. These coatings are often comprised of some level of BPA (bisphenol A). Studies have shown that eventually some aluminum cylinders deteriorate and leach this potentially harmful chemical. We felt stainless was a better choice for two key reasons:

Stainless steel requires a different manufacturing process, and isn't nearly as easy to work with as aluminum but is the superior choice.

In North America, flasks gained prominence during prohibition when the sale and transportation of alcohol was illegal. Back then a flask was the primary method for people to conceal and transport their booze. 

Flasks came in all sizes and shapes and were not only a reflection of personal style, but also a statement against prohibition; a person's subtle way of opposing what now seems like an archaic suppression of personal rights.

While VSSL Flask pays tribute to the end of prohibition, its compact form was created with portability (not concealment) in mind. It was designed to be easy to take on your adventures, like our other VSSL products.

Each VSSL Flask contains 2 collapsible stainless steel drinking (shot) glasses and a bottle opener. All of these items require custom production molds and are designed and manufactured to be practical, yet take up as little room as possible in order to keep essential space available for your liquid of choice.

The hidden compartment can also be used as a third shot cup, or it can hold other items.

High tolerance LED light engineered for durability

Our biggest learning curve on our last project was the lights. We are now quite confident in the quality and durability of the lights and manufacturer we'll use going forward, and have received very positive feedback on this thoroughly revised light.

We're doing a Kickstarter to secure enough orders to go through a complete manufacturing cycle. The prototypes we've developed have provided proof of concept, and we're satisfied with the vendors that we've selected. But it's not until we've gone through a production run (qualification order) that we will know where product alterations, re-designs or vendor changes will need to take place.

Your support will allow us to go through this necessary production curve and bring this product to market.

Since most of the backers on our last project were from the US, the prices below are listed in US dollars. Because our Kickstarter campaign is run out of Canada, our rewards (on the sidebar) are listed in the Canadian dollar equivalent. Your pledge will be in CND funds, but converts approximately as:

$55 USD = ~$70 CND or ~€51 EURO

Assuming we meet our funding goal, the anticipated timeline is as follows:

It's our goal to start getting product out in time for Father's Day (US and Canada). I said this in our last Kickstarter and it's equally true for this one; not many things can go wrong or we'll risk delaying this aggressive schedule. 

We were fortunate to ship our previous Kickstarter pledges on time and fully plan to give it our best effort to do the same on this one.  However, it wasn't without going through some painful learning experiences, particularly in regards to international shipping and an initial batch of less than satisfactory lights. We're confident we have both issues figured out.

Once VSSL Flask is ready, we'll ship out on a first come first serve basis, so back us early and help us hit our funding goal by spreading the word...

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