For anyone who takes their relaxation seriously...Tuck is The Ultimate Comfort Companion. It is the first product ever to truly consider the different ways that people relax, and adapt to their unique comfort preferences.

In blanket's ideal for snuggles and binge marathons. In pillow's perfect for daytime naps, storage, and on-the-go comfort. When you wear it in cloak's got your back on work-filled mornings, game-filled nights, and those times when your partner decides it is you who gets up for snacks.

Tuck is dozens of other comfort products in one simple, fluffy package, and it does way too much to be called a "blanket."

Dimensions: In Pillow Mode - 18.5in x 15in 

In Blanket Mode - 60in x 70in



The Patent-Pending three-pocketed design of Tuck makes it so there are so many different ways to use it. 

You can stick your feet in one of the safe-pockets to keep them warm and make sure nobody pulls the blanket away or gets to your feet. 

You can fold it up into Pillow-Mode and use it as a combination pillow/sleep mask for a daytime nap, a comfy car ride, or a fantastic flight. 

Or you can flip it upside down and put your hands through the pouches. There are openings on the side and added thumbholes for extra freedom when wearing the Tuck.

No matter how you use it...Tuck is the perfect uniform for binge sessions, lazy days, and movie marathons. It gives a new meaning to "Netflix and Chill" when you're sharing a footpouch with your favorite snuggle partner.

One of our favorite poses - The Old Ben...if you know why it's called that - Cool Points Awarded!
One of our favorite poses - The Old Ben...if you know why it's called that - Cool Points Awarded!

The Tuck is designed to adapt to your you can use it however makes you comfortable! Here our some more of our starter poses to show you how we’ve Tucked so far.







Non-Biological Reason: It is the most versatile comfort object ever invented, and it's extremely comfortable.

Biological Reason: Studies show that the majority of people are very particular about their feet when they sleep, and that addressing their preference leads to better sleep quality. This is because your body temperature plays a key role in both falling and staying asleep, and your feet are an important variable there.

If you're interested in the temperature/sleep relationship, check out the video and some of the articles below that led to the product's creation. 

NY Mag - Science of Sleep

Medical Daily: Get Better Sleep - Wearing Socks to Bed 

Tech Insider: How Feet Affect Body Temperature Ask A Scientist 

Life Hacker: Fall Asleep Faster


Wolf Gray, Kickstarter Exclusive (Unlocked at 50k stretch goal), and Teddy Brown
Wolf Gray, Kickstarter Exclusive (Unlocked at 50k stretch goal), and Teddy Brown

The Tuck is offered in Two colors to start...Wolf Gray and Teddy Brown. We also have a Kickstarter Exclusive edition sold only through the course of this campaign. It unlocks if we reach our 50k stretch goal...and will only be available to the Kickstarter community. After will be locked in the vault forever!!! 

For those new to Kickstarter: colors are not decided at checkout, but in a survey before the Tuck is shipped to you! 

You can do it in a can do it with a fox!

Ok but seriously, we have taken the Tuck everywhere with us, and it has proven time and time again how adaptable it is.

You can sleep soundly in typically uncomfortable places like cars and ever-shrinking plane seats. 

You can wear the Tuck like a cloak when you want to use your hands to play games or tell Netflix that you are still watching.

You can pick-a-pocket and share the Tuck for your next movie night or lazy day. You can even fit three sets of feet in one Tuck if you want to have a big cuddle us, we know.

The Tuck adapts to fit you. And we can't wait to see all the ways you use it that we haven't even thought of. 

Simple: It does everything traditional blankets do and more, without sacrificing aesthetics in the process. We've scoured the internet, and there is no comfort object more functional than the Tuck...not even close. On top of that - the Tuck is made of Coral Fleece. This means it is soft, lightweight, and machine-washable. So get it while it's hot before it's too cold!



Simply take the cost of your package at checkout, and add to it the amount of your desired tier. At the end of the campaign we will send a survey to clarify all purchase info.


Around 700 homeless people in the US die of hypothermia during the winter months every year. Our goal is to lower that number and by supporting this can help.

While developing Tuck, we actually had an experience with a woman who had died of hypothermia (in San Diego, nonetheless). At the time we were calling this idea “Tuck - The Only Blanket You’ll Ever Need” and upon seeing the small memorial that her husband created for her in their usual spot, the idea clicked to prove our claim, and improve the world in the process. 

We believe in karmic response and the idea of contributing to societal well-being. So, starting this company, we knew we wanted to provide amazing products to our customers while also giving them the opportunity to make a difference in our home country, the United States.

By adding 5 dollars to your pledge you’ll show that you Give a Tuck, and we’ll send you this Tuck carry bag to show how much we appreciate your compassion. We’ll also let you know where your Tuck ends up so that you see what kind of difference you made.

Blankets for the Homeless: Blankets for the Homeless (VA) was started by Mariah Smith when she was just 15 years old. Now, 6 years later, she has given out 110,000 blankets and lunches to the homeless community. 

Northern Children's Services: Northern Children's Services (PHL) provides residential and behavioral health services for children from 8-21 years old. 

The Bowery Mission: The Bowery Mission (NYC) has been providing food, medical services and employment assistance to homeless men women and children since 1879, and shelter some 60,000 people in New York City on a given night. 

Khloe Kares: Early on in this project, there was a lot of sewing going on and often the TV would be playing aimlessly in the background. One day, I overheard people talking about sewing beautiful bags and filling them with toiletries for the homeless, and looked on the TV to see 8-year-old Khloe Thompson. She said that walking to school, she would pass by dozens of people struggling to get by, and asked her mom what they could do to help. Since then, Khloe, her mom Alisha, and her Grandma have handed out dozens of Kare bags and organized Toy Drives for the sake of a better community. She's 8 folks. What was I doing at 8 years old??? Sneaking Mortal Kombat and eating Mac n' Cheese...that's what. This girl inspired us from the beginning to want to do more....and hopefully she'll be president some day. 

With this product, there are no complicated molds or pieces to worry about during the manufacturing process. We have sourced our fabrics, developed several prototypes with our manufacturing partners, and come to an agreement on the final design. and the Tucks will be manufactured and sent here within 30-45 days. With early interest, we will be putting in an order during the beginning of the campaign, so that, if all goes according to plan, there will be Tucks for our early backers to gift and enjoy this holiday season!


 This product is on here because we absolutely love it, and we think you all will too. With our first prototype we realized how many of our discomforts the Tuck addressed, and how many more we didn't even think about...and we are so thrilled with how far it has come. It seems every day we figure out a fun new way to use it and we are SO excited to see how this idea evolves with the Kickstarter community. We thank you so much for reading this far, and checking out our product. We really hope that you give a Tuck!

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