BackerClub's Service Guarantee

We're confident that you'll get a great response from our community.
So much so, that we offer a $349 guarantee.

Successful Campaigns

If you reach the end of your promotion period with BackerClub and you haven't received at least $349 in new pledges from our members, you're entitled to a refund to make up the difference. For example, if you were to only receive $307 in new pledges by members, shoot us an email about the situation and we'll process a $42 refund ($349 - $307 = $42).

Failed Campaigns

If your campaign fails to reach it's funding goal, you'll be entitled to a refund for the guarantee of $349. This also applies to campaigns that are canceled by the creator or suspended by the crowdfunding platform.

1 Week Check-In

If your promotion isn't reaching our minimum pledge guarantee within 1 week of advertising with us, send us a message and we'll reserve an additional spot for your project in our shared newsletter for free.

Quick Notes

Our guarantee is limited to a maximum of $349. If you purchase one of our promotional packages that cost more than $349, the guarantee and potential refund is still limited to a maximum of $349.
We require collaborator access with fulfillment permissions (Kickstarter) or team member access without admin permissions (Indiegogo) to track our member's pledges for you. We also utilize a Google Analytics connection to extend this functionality in certain cases. Both connections are required to promote within BackerClub and must be kept until 15 days (minimum) after the campaign ends (this allows us to verify member pledge payments are successful for you). As the creator, you'll make these connections after your application has been approved.

To claim any aspect of our Guarantee for your particular promotion, you must send us an email. We do not process aspects of this Guarantee without the authorization of the creator first.

And finally, a quick word on advertising risk: nearly all forms of advertising require some degree of financial risk - that is, advertisers make an investment in hopes of receiving that money back via customer funding. It is important to note that BackerClub is a flat-fee, impressions-based promotion service. Our pricing is a reflection of the average number of impressions a project will receive based on the package selected. Please understand that we can only present your campaign to our community, but we cannot force them to back it. The quality of the advertising material you provide us, the quality of your campaign, and numerous other factors impact the total conversion rate of your promotion with us. When you partner with BackerClub, you're acknowledging this risk and recognize that BackerClub offers this limited guarantee to share in the advertising risk with our clients.

This guarantee is only applicable to BackerClub promotions after July 24th, 2019. Guarantee is only applicable to BackerClub's normal promotional packages. Custom arrangements may not apply. In the event you paid less than $349 to promote within the Club, all potential refund calculations will be based on the amount you paid, not $349.