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Apex-maker X1 Giveaway

Claim a prize for the Apex-maker X1 project.

Closes in 18 days

Giveaway Help


How this works

Check out this help article for more info.

  1. Register for a BackerClub account (you'll earn free reward points you can use for this giveaway when you register ๐Ÿ˜‰).
  2. Once you have verified your email & are logged in, come back to this giveaway page (and refresh if you still see this message).
  3. Commit reward points to a prize.

100 Points

$100 Off a Apex-maker X1 Reward

Get a $100 pledge reimbursement for the Apex-maker X1 project!

To qualify, you must have a pledge for the project when the campaign ends. You will receive a reimbursement via PayPal for the amount listed on your pledge collection email (up to $100 USD).

You can claim this prize immediately if it's still available.


The winners will need to forward their pledge collection email from Kickstarter to us to verify their payment. Further instructions will be provided to the winners.

Only one prize can be won/claimed per person per giveaway.

Any PayPal fees will be incurred by the winning member.

Shipping fee is not covered by BackerClub.

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