The Flannel Lined Performance Chinos

Flannel lined performance chinos packed with features you'll love. Chinos that keep you warm outside, and breath indoors.

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Jacob (Founder of Woodies) has done many partnerships with BackerClub. All of which have been successful and delivered. 👍🏻  So we can confidently recommend this campaign to anyone in the market for some awesome Chinos! 

about 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Ohhhh it's the pants…this entire time I was looking at the shoes in confusion

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Looking for something to keep you warm when the temperature drops? Our buttery soft Flannel Lined Performance Chinos are the perfect match! 

Our Flannel Lined Performance Chinos are the perfect balance of comfort, fit and function. 

Back our project, and get yours today! 

The Flannel Lined Performance Chinos are custom made for you. We use advanced sizing algorithms to calculate your measurements, and with all of our clothes, We Guarantee a Perfect Fit.

 We reimagined the comfort and warmth of our chinos – adding a super soft flannel lining. Stay warm when the temperatures drop, but stay comfortable indoors... At the office or your home. 

We stayed true to the classic aesthetic of the chino, but added modern functionality. We have a brushed metal front closure clasp, and a hidden RFID blocking pocket within the front pocket. Keep your valuables safe! 

Life can be messy... We're here for you! Our state of the art fabric is water and stain resistant. 

We spared no expense sourcing the some of the best performance outer shell fabric; An ideal blend of 51% premium cotton, 45% polyester, 4% elastane, this fabric is sturdy and made to last.

Our inner flannel lining is buttery soft. It's like your legs are wrapped in a fluffy cloud. 

Enjoy a full range of movement with our smart stretch fabric. Our Five (+) Pocket Pants move with you and keeps up with your demanding day. Bike around town, run errands or work from home in comfort!

 After years of R&D and countless iterations, we've sourced premium performance fabric. An ideal blend of 51% premium cotton, 45% polyester, 4% elastane, this fabric is sturdy enough to last, and great for year round wear.


The Flannel Lined Chinos are available in 4 versatile colors: True Navy, Black, burgundy, and slate grey!

Customize your chinos further by choosing from 4 different flannel lining options. 

 No standard size chart here. Tall, short... Long legs, short legs... Big or small... We've got you covered!

Enter in as little as your height, weight and waist size. We use advanced sizing algorithms to calculate all your measurements, in seconds! We use over 15 measurements to make your flannel lined chinos custom to you.

In addition to your custom body sizing, backers are able to select 3 different fits. You can choose the degree of how loose or tight you'd like these flannel lined chinos.

Regular Fit - If you like your chinos to be more comfortable and loose, then regular fit is for you!

Slim Fit - This is our most popular fit. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right.

Extra Slim - This is a more modern fit. For guys that like more form fitting clothes.

All sizing and personalizing of your chinos will happen directly on soon after the campaign ends. 

We're rated 4.9/5 (Excellent) on Google and have an average product review of 4.7 stars. Check out what our previous backers are saying here. Or chat with us here if you have any questions.

We're known for unique technical fabrics, an amazing custom fit and sustainable production.

Sizing, color and shipping info will be entered post campaign, directly on

You’ll choose the sizing, style and color of your chinos soon after the campaign ends directly on

 We're happy to offer "Add Ons" to The Flannel Lined Performance Chinos... Our Chinos pair perfectly with our popular and well loved Flannel and performance shirts, and our collection of denim jackets. 


You’ll choose the sizing, style and color of your add ons, after the campaign ends directly on

The Denim Jacket, Reinvented is full of features you’ll come to love. Watch our Denim Jacket teaser video to learn more:

In addition, we're pleased to offer The Stain Resistant Performance Shirt Add on. A line of affordable, custom made shirts, packed with features (that you'll love).

And lastly our line of 15+ Flannel Shirts. 

We've been developing our line of fabric and these chinos for over 3 years. We obsess over details and quality.

Fashion is the second most wasteful industry in the world, with over $5 billion dollars of clothing being wasted annually. Fast fashion  and mass manufacturing have created an epidemic of unsold merchandise and waste.

At Woodies, we believe in Micro Manufacturing, not mass manufacturing. We make everything on demand and piece by piece for each, individual customer.

What does this mean? A lot less waste and a much smaller carbon footprint.

 Our chinos are not cheap to make. We invest in the best material, hardware, and production team.

In fact, our chinos cost 2.5-5 times more to make, vs. your typical off-the-rack "flannel lined chinos." So how do we offer our backers such great value?

We sell directly to you. No retail markups.

 We strive to give our backers a great value and through our direct-to-consumer model we maintain the highest quality and construction.

There's nothing we love more than a positive review or comment... And that's what we strive for with all of our products.

We want our backers to LOVE their wears.

We love Kickstarter. Having a direct line with our loyal backers has been invaluable... We're in direct contact with our backers daily, we love to hear from you.

New product launches, product enhancements and major decisions are often influenced by YOU (our backers!).

We're a bootstrapped company. Launching a new category like these new performance lined chinos is a huge investment, our backers let us know what demand will be like, but more importantly you help secure the funding we need to buy the fabric and materials, retool the factory and kickstart production!

We'd love to have you on board!

- Jacob (Founder, Woodies Clothing)

Have any questions? We're more than happy to help! Chat with us, or send us an email here!