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Not only does this thing look BEAUTIFUL, 😍  but it is also an amazing cooking tool! 

about 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

I like how it looks

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The MOST PERFECT pan. Ever. 

We're Element. We’re a group of passionate chefs and designers who came together with a common goal - to create Michelin star, quality cookware for home chefs at an affordable price. 

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Our Element Chef Team

So working together with dozens of chefs, we harnessed their knowledge and decades of cooking expertise to rethink these common pan problems to create the BEST everyday pan at an affordable price.

We spent over a year formulating designs, trying out new materials and testing dozens of prototypes.

Revolutionize you kitchen

  • Designed by professional chefs
  • Utilizing high-grade copper
  • Unique Tri-layer™ construction
  • Superior heat conductivity
  • No ‘hot spots’
  • Easy to clean
  • Chemical-free
  • Versatile & durable

Michelin Star Quality

We’ll let you in on a chef’s secret.


You know the story...  some pans heat up fast, but often burn food. Some pans are great for cooking some meals, but not others. And some pans may be easy to clean, but scratch and wear out over time.


And then there are THOSE pans with a chemical coating on them that comes off in your food!

With Element, we’ve listened to chefs, identified the good from the bad and completely rethought these common pan problems to create the world’s most PERFECT pan

Revolutionary Culinary Perfection

They say twelve heads are better than one. So with this in mind, we collaborated with dozens of professional chefs and restaurateurs, harnessing their insider knowledge and decades of cooking experience to totally rethink the common cook pan.


We spent a year collating their feedback, formulating designs, trying out materials and testing prototypes. 


We fried, steamed, seared, sautéed, simmered, braised, boiled and blanched on all types of pan in all types of kitchens until we succeeded in creating the world’s Best Pan. Period.  


Taking the best features of each type of cook pan - but adding copper into the equation - our chefs were satisfied we had met their brief when we showed them Element in action.


One pan, so many options = Versatility

Plus, Element’s unique, three layer construction makes it extremely versatile, allowing home chefs to cook using any technique in the one pan.

So whether you want to fricasse or poach, saute or stir-fry, braise, boil or even simmer, Element lets you cook what you want, exactly the way you want it!



Most pans are made from a single material like aluminium, stainless steel or cast iron.

But we decided to make Element from copper because our chefs told us it was by far the SINGLE best metal to cook food with. 


This is why copper cookware is such a prized tool in any chef’s kitchen.


This is because copper is highly conductive to heat, ensuring Element always cooks at a uniform temperature, resulting in delicious, evenly-cooked food.


And because copper is a ‘super-reactive’ metal, it heats up fast making it ideal for fast boiling or delicate sauces. 


Copper also responds instantly to sudden changes in heat, making Element the perfect pan for rapid temperature adjustments when quick frying or slow simmering, giving you total control over the food you cook.

The perfect combination for quality & reliability

    Aluminium = Goodbye ‘hot spots’.

Based on our chefs’ advice, we combined our copper layer with an inner aluminium core to further enhance the superior heat conductivity of both these reactive metals.


Hello, evenly cooked food.

Unlike single-layer pans, Element’s second aluminium layer maximises optimal heat distribution from base to rim while minimising ‘hot spots’ which burn food. 

Plus it's purposely designed with a deeper cook height than most pans, giving you even more cooking options from simmering soups to boiling pasta.

Culinary Perfection vs Other sub-par pans

Stainless steel vs Teflon

We were ready to sign off on this, but our chefs had more to say… 

like, for instance, the reason why chefs don’t use teflon pans.


Over time, the toxic teflon coating scratches and deteriorates, detaching itself from the pan and into your food which is not exactly ‘chef-quality’


So we added the extra advantage of stainless steel to Element to keep our chefs happy and keep you safe.



Easy to clean / Safe to use

Unlike non-stick pans, Element’s stainless steel, heat-controlled and scratch resistant cooking surface is both safe to cook on and super easy to clean.


Plus Element’s stainless steel base offers reinforced strength as well as a constant upward heat flow through the conductive layers to the cooking surface.


Unique 3 layer construction = Best of all pans

Element employs a unique Tri-layer construction, maximising the superior chemical properties of its three component metals to create the BEST of all possible pans.


You see, our chefs’ secret recipe is in the perfect combination of all these premium cooking metals in exactly the right proportion. 


Tested by the best in the business

Finally... it's time to get cooking.

Element combines the best features of copper, aluminium and stainless steel cookware into a single pan. 


With its beautiful, traditional hammered, copper finish and elegant stainless steel interior, Element will look stunning both in your kitchen and on your table.


Created by chefs and inspired by generations of passionate European cooking and design, Element is versatile, stylish and built to last a lifetime of memorable meals.


Stylish and Innovative

We spent over a year formulating designs, trying out new materials and testing dozens of prototypes.

    We fried, steamed, sauteed, simmered & braised until the gas ran out...
    But finally we succeeded in creating the world’s MOST PERFECT pan.

Introducing... Element: Designed by chefs so you can enjoy Michelin star quality cooking at home

Perfect for every cooking occasion

Jan/Feb - Testing different designs with different chefs

March - Finish main prototype

April/May - Launch Kickstarter campaign 

June - Send out surveys, get final numbers 

July/August - Begin manufacturing

September/October - Finialise manufacturing

 November/December - Begin Shipping!


We launched Element Pan because we wanted to bring Michelin star quality cooking ware to your home for an affordable price. At Element we recognise that all pans are not created equal and that's why our team of chefs and designers have developed the BEST pan imaginable.

Improve your cooking and impress your friends and family with Michelin star quality meals from your very own home!