iChessOne: The First FOLDABLE Electronic Chessboard

The first wooden, foldable full-sized tournament chessboard with online chess server integration

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about 2 years ago

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Nick X.
Nick X.
Apr 25, 2024

also, this seems a scam

Nick X.
Nick X.
Apr 25, 2024


Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

My first thought was ‘this isn’t the first foldable chessboard,' but then I saw that it was electrical and I was like: oh that's cool

Samina C.
Samina C.
May 30, 2022

Expensive ! 

Steph L.
Steph L.
May 26, 2022

I agree with the other comments: it's expensive! Not very accessible for people that play occasionally.

adam a.
adam a.
May 25, 2022

Might get for my nephew, absolutely loves chess. 

Daniel C.
Daniel C.
May 23, 2022

Good idea folding, able to store pieces inside, but expensive.

David F.
David F.
May 22, 2022

Overall nice concept. A little on the expensive side tho. Good luck!

May 18, 2022

Expensive !

Campaign Info


Want to be able to play chess anytime, anywhere? We do!

Online chess is definitely convenient, but it changes perception, so it's even more likely to make mistakes, especially in traditional chess tournaments. Additionally, playing on a phone or a computer, doesn’t give you the beauty and luxury of this amazing game. That's why the iChessOne has appeared!

Classic wooden chessboard with electronic features

iChessOne is a full-size tournament electronic chessboard, elegantly crafted from natural wood, with attention to detail that any chess master would admire. It’s a traditional wooden foldable chessboard, but inside are electronic boards specially designed with microcontrollers and an advanced sensor matrix for piece recognition that detects the exact location and name of each of them. iChessOne includes the LED indicators, thanks to which you can focus on the game instead of following board visualization on the flat screen.

Our exclusive set includes the world-famous Staunton 5 chess pieces, converted to be electronic. All of this makes the iChessOne intuitive and responsive.  You can expect an enjoyable game of chess!

PORTABLE and FOLDABLE chessboard - a compact set made for travel

What really makes iChessOne extraordinary is being able to fold the chessboard thanks to the unique contactless data transmission between each half of the iChessOne chess board. It’s a solution you won't find anywhere else!

Imagine taking your electronic chessboard on vacation, to the park or to the restaurant - wherever you want. Now you can!

All in one

We provide a simplified way of organizing your pieces. The set includes 32 standard pieces and 2 additional queens for the pawn promotion. A specially designed insert allows you to store all the elements inside the board: 34 pieces, USB cable, mobile phone stand and a pen. For your convenience, it is perfectly nested, so you don't need an additional box or bag to store the pieces. All elements are stored inside the chessboard, which creates an elegant wooden case.

Why pledge?

  • With your support, bringing the iChessOne to reality will be faster.
  • As one of the first, you will have a unique electronic chessboard, which as the only is foldable!
  • By supporting us now, you get the iChessOne at a special price, much below the regular sale price.
  • You get a classic wooden chessboard with electronic features.
  • You receive an environmentally friendly chessboard with handcrafted wooden pieces (not plastic).
  • You get a long-lasting, PREMIUM product that you can pass on to the next generation.
  • Thanks to the embedded LED indication, you can combine online gameplay with the experience of playing on a real chessboard.

Quick and easy to start

You don’t need any external device like a computer or dedicated controller to connect, install or start to play. All you need is the iChessOne set, your mobile phone (with our app) and a power source (eg. power bank). Easy, quick, and portable. Under 3 seconds, and you are ready to play! 



Play with anyone, anytime

With iChessOne you can experience the real, physical game on your board when playing against someone online, even when they don't use an iChessOne chessboard and play on their smartphone or computer. However, when using their own iChessOne they will also experience the magical feeling when your moves reflect on their board in real time.

iChessOne is a bridge between players around the world. Play online, play on the board, play with a friend.


iChessOne app

iChessOne app will be free of charge and constantly updated by giving players more advanced features from the chess world, including teaching aids for beginning chess players and more. You can play online, against AI or a friend. Additionally, you can analyze your games and generate PGN.

The iChessOne mobile app is currently integrated with Lichess.org, so you can sign in to your user account and continue your game history. You can play ranked or casual games and connect with opponents close to your skill level by instant matchmaking. Every game is fair, fun, and challenging.



Further, we plan to integrate the app with more chess servers, such as chess.com, chess24.com, and more.


iChessOne features

  •  Portable - dedicated contactless data transmitters enable signal transmission between the two halves and assembly of the chessboard
  •  Light indicators - LEDs let you know when to start, where to move opponent’s pieces as well as inform you about an incorrect movement
  •  Pieces recognition - smart RFID sensors recognize all the pieces on the board
  •  Bluetooth LE - low power consumption wireless connection of your chessboard to our app
  •  Classic wooden chess board - for fans of naturalness, it is a traditional foldable wooden tournament chessboard with electronic features
  •  Tournament size - tournament size chessboard with Staunton 5 pieces, which is officially approved by the International Chess Federation
  •  Magnetic connector - allows you to connect power source (i.e., power bank) to the chessboard
  •  Dedicated application - enables integration with global chess platforms like lichess.org and the analysis of games played
  •  All in one - all components: 34 pieces (with two extra queens), USB cable, mobile phone stand and a pen are inside the chessboard, which makes it an elegant wooden case easy to transport
  • Develops creativity and unconventional thinking !

Chess is to the brain what strength exercise is to muscles

Since chess requires strategic and critical thinking, the game helps to develop the prefrontal cortex which influences decision-making in all aspects of life. Chess can improve memory and play a role in cognitive health. Chess activates the right hemisphere of the brain and is responsible for creativity, which triggers out-of-the-box thinking among players and increases their IQ.

How it works?

Checking pieces' position. When the game is open, the iChessOne board compares the position of the pieces on the board with the current position in the running or new game. The wrong position is signalized via red LED indicator. Green lights from the player’s side signal board readiness and which color has been chosen.


Opponent's move indication. When your opponent makes a move, the board signals with a red indicator which piece to move. When you pick up a piece, the board signals with a white indicator showing the square to which to put the playing piece.



Confirmation of your move. For confirmation of your move, the board shows a short white blinking indicator after picking up and putting the piece down.


Signalization of an illegal move. In case of an illegal move or wrong setting of an opponent's playing piece iChessOne will help you fix it quickly and will signal the player on how to change the position of the piece. 


Additionally, iChessOne shows the correct castling completion or a pawn promotion.


 For more details, visit our YouTube channel.


 iChessOne gameplay 


iChessOne is a chessboard like you’ve never seen before!


Specifications and Dimensions

Unfolded, all squares of the chessboard have a dimension of 50x50mm, and the board itself is 470x470x26 mm after unfolding, as shown in the visualization below.  

Folded the boards size is 470x235x52mm.

The Staunton 5 wooden pieces are sized by height as follows:

  • King: 92mm (3,6"), dia: 33mm (1,3"), weight: 34g (1,2 oz)
  • Queen: 79mm (3,1 inches), dia: 33mm (1,3"), weight: 32g (1,13 oz)
  • Rook: 49mm (1,9 inches), dia: 30mm (1,18"), weight: 18g (0,63 oz)
  • Bishop: 66mm (2,6 inches), dia: 30mm (1,18"), weight: 19g (0,67 oz)
  • Knight: 65mm (2,6 inches), dia: 30mm (1,18"), weight: 22g (0,78 oz)
  • Pawn: 44mm (1,7 inch), dia: 25mm (0,98"), weight: 13g (0,46 oz)

All of the playing pieces are made of wood. There are some variations in the exact size, finish, and grain of wood of each chess piece.



1. Single Square Indication (SSI)

The main version of the iChessOne includes the LED indicator located at the edge. However, it is also possible to extend the chessboard with modern-looking features - Single Square Indication (SSI) - presented in the below visualization. The opponents move is signaled by a light on the squares from the original placement, and to where the movement was made. Please note that you still must change this piece position manually on your own :) On the launch of this campaign, we tested a single square, and we are waiting for the delivery of the PCB to fill all 64 fields. Thanks to the development of a single square and completed tests, the number of possible issues has been significantly reduced in the ordered prototype. In May, we want to inform you about the progress related to this solution - watch for updates and write your comments or suggestions!

2. An additional set of Staunton 5 pieces

An additional set of our exclusive, world-famous Staunton 5 chess pieces, converted to be electronic. Includes:

  • 32 Staunton 5 Wood Pieces
  • 2 Extra Queens



What is the shipping price?

Shipping will be charged on our Pledge Manager closer to the date of shipping. It is difficult to set an exact price because of high volatility of current shipping rates.

Our current shipping rates range between 20-70€ depending upon the country shipped to. We strive to provide an efficient and cost-effective shipping process at the best price and fastest delivery.


Are there taxes, duties, and VAT?

Fees imposed by your country are not included in our prices because of the internal regulations of each individual country. We will do everything to minimize additional cost.


Who are we?

We are very good friends who like to spend time together. Additionally, we are ambitious and creative people, who complement each other. We both are experienced electronic and mechanical engineers, programmers, graphic and product designers with a huge passion for creating and building innovative electronic equipment that are used in i.e.: lighting, and automotive industries, or healthcare. Together, we have over 50 years of experience. We started creating iChessOne on December 2019. 

Our goal was to create a tournament-size wooden electronic chessboard that you can carry, just like classic chess, anywhere you want on vacation, to the park, or to the restaurant. To do this, the chessboard had to be foldable. However, our biggest hurdle was how to do that. After all, no one has ever created an electronic chessboard that could be folded. Until now!

Weeks of searching, brainstorming and creating prototypes finally led to the creation of the iChessOne set, that we are proud of and which we will gladly share with everyone who loves chess as much as we do.

We collaborate closely with wooden classic chess suppliers and convert classic chess sets into electronic ones to provide our customers with a product of the highest quality.

The iChessOne set can be packed into your backpack, bag or suitcase. You can travel with it wherever you want and because it’s foldable, it’s easy to store at home or wherever you go.

iChessOne is suitable for both beginners and advanced players.

We hope that the iChessOne will be the most satisfying, revolutionary chessboard that you’ve ever seen before.