The EZ Treat

The EZ Treat is the one hand operated dog treat dispenser that delivers a single serving of treats on demand and on the go!

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We are 100% sure your furry friends will love this one! 

about 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Looks useful

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 Being a dog owner I always found myself making trade offs when going out on walks. Do I need to bring water and treats today? Should I use a plastic bag or container? Do I travel light or bring something that I can shake? 


There would always be trade offs and I noticed it with other dog owners as well. So I set off and designed the  EZ Treat to solve the problem for all of us!

 The single button design means you only need one hand to quickly and easily dispense a treat and always have a hand free for your leash! 

 Our use of magnets as the locking mechanism in the lower housing and snap hooks for the upper housing means you can disassemble the EZ Treat by hand for easy cleaning!

Our patent pending stainless steel treat cutter reduces the instances of treat jams and makes the EZ Treat dispense reliably with a wide variety of treats!

Our treat reservoir window is designed in the likeness of our brands signature "S" that resembles a wagging tail. It's a quick way to tell how many treats are left and when you might be running low. 

The symmetrical snap hooks means the lower housing can be assembled either way and work just as well. Left handed? Right handed? We got you covered! 

The Light Walk Bag can be worn 2 ways, either as a cross body bag or as a belt bag. The elastics on both sides also make it easy to stow the clips when being worn as a belt bag so they're not flapping when you walk! 

The front slot of the light walk bag is designed to hold the EZ Treat and have it front and centre for whenever you need a treat!

The doggy bag storage inside the Light Walk Bag is fed through to the top with elastic holds. No more plastic flapping in the wind but always within reach!  

The doggy bag opening patches are a series of silicone dots on both sides of the interior panels. No more rubbing the plastic opening like you're trying to start a fire! With the top of the doggy bag held in place by the elastic holds, simply rub the panels together and get an opening in any plastic bag!

Around 7pm the dogs in our neighbourhood would always show up in the field for an hour of doggy play time. I first noticed the issue with current treat carriers when every owner would race to compete for the position of favourite human. The treats come out in every which way! 

Fanny packs filled with plastic bags, backpacks with Tupperware containers, cinch bags on nylon belts. But inevitably the plastic bags would tear and rip, the hard containers would spill like a bad infomercial, and a cinch bag would be left uncinched leading to a buffet for the sneakiest pup. 

That's when it sparked that, "I wish I could dispense a treat like batman does his gadgets". Something that's quick, something that's small and convenient, something that I could still shake to get my dogs attention and no sneaky pup could steal treats from. 

The EZ Treat combines the security and shaking noises of hard containers with the convenience of a plastic bag or drawstring pouch. On top of that, adds a single button operation that will dispense single servings of treats on demand and only requires one hand to operate. Problem Solved

 The EZ Treat was made to fit nicely in the palm of your hand! Checkout the dimensions below! 

 The Light Walk Bag was designed with even largest smartphones in mind, verify it with the dimensions here!

 1. Is it easy to clean? 

       - Yes, the EZ Treat can be disassembled easily! Rinse it out and let it dry!

2. How many treats fit inside? 

       - About 1/3 cup of appropriately sized treats, check out our instagram post here

3. What if I want to bring more treats?

       - We are currently in development of larger and smaller sizes of treat reservoirs!

4. Does the button make a sound or is there a clicker? 

       - After high demand in our pre-launch, we are working on a clicker attachment

5. How much does it weigh? 

       - EZ Treat (72g) Light Walk Bag (142g) 

6. Can this be attached to my leash or wheelchair? 

       - We are currently developing an attachment but it is not available at this time.