Encyclopedia of Amazing Insects + Legendary Creatures

Two retro biology books in the vintage style of the past

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about 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

I like the art, and it also makes me shudder because I hate bugs so…it's definitely a good encyclopedia (also good for letting kids interested in learning know more about them)

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We're Kickstarting TWO new books in our retro-inspired Encyclopedia-series of vintage biology books for kids (Why two? Read more below)

Thanks to the resounding success of the first books (get them as add-ons) and the support of an amazing backer community, we proudly present to you:

These books continue the series development of our biology books with a vintage look and feel. Both books are the same high-quality, 58 pages hardcover print on 160 GSM art paper, case quarter-bound, section-sewn, and square-backed. Each is filled with 40 amazing pieces of art, complemented by fun fact-filled texts for curious kids and adults alike.


We'll let the books speak for themselves!



In this our main reward Book 1 + Book 2 will be yours for a $39 pledge. Free U.S. shipping and discounted worldwide International shipping. 

*(read more about our shipping offer towards the bottom of the campaign page.)

Get all the four books in our Encyclopedia...series at an amazing price. Free US shipping and discounted worldwide International shipping. 

*(read more about our shipping offer towards the bottom of the campaign page.)

Add extra books of choice to either our Reward package or our Big Bundle. Great as gifts for book, art, and animal lovers.

What chills a good campaign is usually high shipping costs and a long production time. With 2 books we essentially cut production time in half. We've managed to keep free US shipping but for our international backers, the shipping costs can make a great campaign unattractive. By combining two books in one campaign we cut that cost in half.

In order to save even more on production time and shipping costs, we will launch a very special campaign right after the end of this one. It will mean we can produce and fulfill all three books at once, cutting international shipping to 1/3 of the cost, while maintaining free U.S. shipping.

This upcoming Kickstarter project is called: 

This is an amazing re-edition of French artist Louis Renard's classic book from 1754!

With over 400 incredible and colorful drawings of tropical fish, it was an important part of the scientific literature of the eighteenth century. With this exclusive re-edition, we bring this piece of history to children and parents to keep and cherish for generations. This treasure will be clothbound and gold foil stamped and it will include an English translation of the original French text. A true gem!



For backers of both campaigns, we will consolidate shipping costs at the end of the second campaign to ensure you only pay for shipping once.