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A collection of adorable wooden animals you can animate and play with.

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

They do look cute

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Time to get excited...

... because they are finally here...  

The full line-up, with all 10 animals. 5 larges ones with 5 small ones.

The FableWood Pick-me-up's 

The five large animals: bear, dog, chicken, penguin and wolf

The Little Pick-me-ups: bear-cub, chicken, puppy, wolf-pup and little penguin


Go ahead - pick me up

The Pick-me-ups are meant to be...well... picked up, of course!

 Meet the Pick-me-up's

The dogs, Buddy & Molly, so full of spirit

The Chicken, Henny, and the Chick, Viola, cuddling up

The Wolves, Wulf & Luna, howling at the moon

The penguins, Daisy & Freddy, protective and caring in every way

The bears, Teddy & Yrsa, always in a jolly mood

Unlocked: Stretch goal - EXCLUSIVE - A small Sparrow

As something new we are introducing a stretch goal: since the campaign has reached DKK300.000 or more in funding we will include the small Sparrow, Emma, in the packages containing "stretch goal" (see reward chart below). 

The Sparrow is a Kickstarter special and will not be available in retail stores! 

Spread the word about the campaign to get this baby flying.

The little sparrow is a collectors item, only available through Kickstarter and only available through the full package.

The wings are able to flip out

The wings are attached with rubber bands, and can be flipped out - flap flap, little birdie!

 Freedom to animate 

With two separate parts, you get to create your very own expressions

The penguin welcomes his little one

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The Little ones - Magnetic

All the small Pick Me Ups have a distinct feature. MAGNETS!

Underneath the small Pick-me-up's you will find a magnet.

These magnets allow the small Pick-me-ups to be combined with the existing magnetic wooden animals from FableWood. Keep on unfolding the creative universe.

The new small ones can be combined with the existing collection

 Reward chart

 We want to be sure we can deliver as promised and therefore we have a limited first batch. You can pay a premium to get them first or wait a little longer and save more.

 Get ready to care

"Please give me a hug" said the penguin, who needed some care

The bear wants to be hugged....


Rasmus, Lars & Kristian

Guide - Sådan forudbestiller du (Dansk)

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 Guiden fra vores tidligere kampagne (princippet er det samme denne gang)

Du kan forudbestille igennem 4 nemme trin (Scroll for English guide):

  •  Trin 1: Se de forskellige produkter og produkt-pakker igennem her i højre side på siden.
  •  Trin 2: Klik på den store knap hvor der står "BACK THIS PROJECT" til højre for videoen øverst på denne side.
  •  Trin 3: Vælg en pakke, indtast det beløb, som du ønsker at støtte med, og gennemgå de næste trin ift. betaling. Dette tager kun et øjeblik. Så let er det. Tusind tak for din støtte.
  •  Trin 4: Kort efter kampagnen udløber d. 7. juni, sender vi dig et spørgeskema, hvor du skal indtaste forsendelsesadresse.

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Our 5th Kickstarter-campaign

This is our 5th Kickstarter campaign and we have previously succeeded in delivering quality products on the promised time. We are experienced in planning and managing a production schedule with a very high level of quality and accuracy.

The four previous successful campaigns from FableWood


✅ September'21: Ideation + sketching

✅ October'21: Prototyping

✅ November'21: Re-designing

✅ December'21: Re-Prototyping

✅ January'22: Confirm sample round #1

✅ February'22: 🚀 Kickstarter Campaign  🚀

☑️ February'22: Confirm sample round #2

☑️ March'22: Production start

☑️ March'22: Finalize CE-certification

☑️ April'22: Design packaging

☑️ May'22: Production finalizing

☑️ June / July'22:  Shipping to Denmark / Prepare distribution

☑️ August'22: 🏁📦 Ship Animals to batch #1-backers  📦🏁

☑️ October'22: 🏁📦 Ship Animals to batch #2-backers  📦🏁


We are still planting trees

As always, we are planting trees for every animal we sell in collaboration with Eden Reforestation Projects. 

1 x large pick-me-up = 5 trees planted

1 x small pick-me-up = 1 tree planted

This is a project that we are very proud to be a part of because we are contributing to reforestation and at the same time help alleviate poverty and empower local communities.

Responsible Manufacturing

Our manufacturer is a responsible Danish-Vietnamese toy manufacturer. Their facilities and working environment live up to Danish standards and they are continuously taking initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint.


We take safety very seriously and we use independent consumer labs to make sure that everything is safe and certified before we ship it out to you.

The final product will be CE-marked and compliant with the European Standard for Toys covered by EN-71 and REACH.


Shipping & Quality Assurance.

We are thrilled to offer a great discount on shipping to all of our backers. Some of you may even have free shipping! To see the shipping rate for your location simply click the reward you like and select your country.

A disclaimer: Some packages may be sent in multiple deliveries. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience but that is how we will be able to offer so favorable rates on the shipping. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Please note: If the shipping address is outside EU, customs and VAT may apply!

We want to make sure that every single animal we ship out is in perfect condition. That means we will make a thorough inspection and quality assurance ourselves before shipping out from Denmark.


For larger orders or other enquiries, please email us at: [email protected]