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The only sound device for your life. Transforms from headphones to open sound neckspeakers.

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If you are in the market for a new set of headphones, we think this new 3-in-one device would be a great option to consider! 

almost 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

I don't get how it works but it seems like it'd be great

adam a.
adam a.
May 16, 2022

Love the concept

nathan c.
nathan c.
May 15, 2022


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Introducing the premium hybrid headphones for today's unstoppable lifestyle: Neckphone TRi.

                Engineered by top experts from the audio industry, Neckphone TRi are the first ultra-versatile headphones with four speakers and ANC⁺²,  designed to change from headphones to neck speakers with patented directional sound or wireless speakers.

Pre-order now, pay when the campaign is over

A real game-changer project developed in Denmark by professional R&D audiophiles coming from Bang & Olufsen, Harman Kardon, and JBL, is now ready. Your ears and your day-to-day communication are in the best hands possible. 

100% functional final prototype, ready for mass production


The unique Open Directional Non-Invasive Sound (ODNIS technology™) allows you to listen to music or call with the neck speaker setup so you don't have to worry about disturbing the people around you. 

This is achieved mainly thanks to its uniquely engineered 4 speakers.


The Neckphone TRi comes with one pair of earpads (select the ones you want at the end of the campaign)

The Active Noise Cancelling Plus 2 (ANC⁺²) is our Patent pending technology that automatically detects our different earpad sizes to perfectly tune the noise-canceling algorithm for superb noise isolation from your surroundings. You will always have the best noise isolation no matter the earpad size you are using. 

Listen to open or closed superior sound quality. Alone or with people. Enjoy music and calls anytime and anywhere.

Circulr’s App was developed with a main goal: to empower your sound experience by adapting sound waves to your unique hearing through a sound wave test that will create a unique profile for you, our priority. Intelligent Ultra Personalized sound.


App features (iOS & Android compatible):

· Sound Ultra Personalization      · Security mode

· Audio profiles selector                · Battery saver mode

· Customizable side controls       · Community benefits & Firmware OTA updates


 Alone or shared, the Neckphone TRi will be your most desired sound device ever, because we want to make your life easier, better, and more fun.  


Your ears are always secure with us

The Neckphone TRi, switches automatically from headphone to neck speaker when turning 90ª the right earcup to make it for you more simple, fast, and safe. You can also decide on the Circulr's app if you want an extra layer of security and activate it manually.  

 The “Forbes magazine” of the audio industry, AudioXpress  (The Leading Global Audio Magazine) talks about our partnership with Mimi.

Shipping info will be collected at the end of the campaign. See FAQs for more details.


Mimi is the leading science-based hearing enhancement technology from Germany. Providing the best-personalized sound experience to a new depth for the Circulr's hybrid headphones by adapting the audio signal to your unique hearing and understanding of how you hear.

Mimi don't change the sound, it lets you fully experience it. 


How is Mimi different from an equalizer?

Mimi applies dynamic, non-linear processing to unmask the maximum audio detail to the hearer while maintaining the character of the sound. Linear, EQ-based approaches do not address masking, are more distortive to the original audio, and can push up the intensity in the already vulnerable frequencies for the listener. 

The result is the best natural fit for your ears.

The Neckphone TRi comes with on-ear pads by default

We’re passionate about music and enabling people to experience it fully.

In January of this year 2021, we were accepted into the Sound Hub Denmark Accelerator, which has a lower acceptance rate (3%) than Stanford (4.7%) or Harvard (5.2%). We focused to work on developing and prototyping with top sound experts in the world.


We’re now ready to move ahead with manufacturing and plan to start production in Q3 this year. This includes tooling, sourcing and regulatory certifications. Our product will be ready to ship by November 2022.

Our last Pitch at Sound Hub.

We know that most backers won't have the opportunity to experience the Circulr's Neckphone TRi before pledging, but we are confident that you are going to love your Circulrs'. We will reward your faith in us by offering a 30-day money back guarantee. It’s simple. If you don’t like the comfort or love the sound of your Circulr headphones, send them back within 30-days for a full refund.


Why Kickstarter


Music is meant to be enjoyed alone or shared anytime and anywhere with respect to others around us and safely. We’re beginning our journey to production with Kickstarter to share our passion with the community, and also to let the community share their vision with us. We believe that the backer community will play a vital role in the future development at Circulr.

Through Kickstarter, we aren’t just pre-selling our product with great discounts and raising funds to enable us to begin mass production, we’re also building relationships and learning from passionate, innovative, and visionary backers. We welcome your feedback on how we can make the experience of ultra-versatile sound on the go even better. 




reengineering of the driver back cavity and the extra-long ergonomic headband to fit all kinds of necks were some of the most challenging developments our engineers had

  •  Electroacoustics  4 month testing by Peter Chapman (Ex-Harman Kardon,Principal Engineer, Specialist Electroacoustics and Ex-Bang & Olufsen Technology Specialist - Electroacoustics):

The original document is a 60 page document with many confidential information