Beacon Headlamp: Give your Bicycle a face

Beacon is a beautiful rechargeable headlamp designed for classic road bikes. However, the lamp is built for the modern day with 400 lumens and USB-C Charging. It mounts directly in the center of your handlebars to bring your bicycle to life.

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about 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

I kinda like this (though I don't have a bike so there'd be no point in me getting this)

Steph L.
Steph L.
Apr 30, 2022

A bicycle lamp at 125 euros seems a little pricy in my opinion. I love the design, though. It would have been great if the creator had shown the lamp on different styles of bicycles instead of showing it on just one model.

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The Beacon headlamp is a battery powered headlamp rooted in traditional style but with modern electronics. Designed to be mounted in the centre of the handlebars on any bike.  

The image above is of the beam pattern on a country lane without street lamps.

At full brightness, the headlamp has 400 Lumens and an ultra wide beam angle. You can see everything, not just a little pool of light a few yards ahead of your front wheel. 

 Simply slide into place, no plastic clips or silicon straps to get in the way.

 Unlike traditional headlamps, there are 5 lighting modes, from a full 400 Lumen beam to a low flash. Press the button to cycle through each mode.

There are 2 different types of mounts, the bar mount is included with the headlamp and it fits standard sized handle bars from 22.2mm - 31.8mm. The Stem mount is available as an add-on item. 

The A-Head Mount fits directly onto the stem for an even tidier handlebar setup. This is an add-on item which will need to be added when you back this project. 

Headlamp shown with A-Head Stem Mount

*While the headlamp has been tested beyond these stated times, please note that the estimated battery life may be shorter depending on environmental conditions.

...Just like your bicycle, the headlamp is designed so that key components like the battery, can be replaced as they wear over time.

Perfectly packaged to make a wonderful gift for that person in your life that loves their bicycle more than you! Foil embossed packaging is a limited Kickstarter edition!


Batch 1 is already manufactured, assembled and packaged. These will be shipped out as soon as the campaign ends. Batch 1 was the small pre-production batch to test the manufacturing processes before coming to Kickstarter. 

If there is enough demand and Batch 1 sells out,  a second batch will be released. Batch 2 will be shipped in October, in time for winter in the northern hemisphere, when the nights get darker!

The face your bicycle deserves

For more information or to promote the Beacon Headlamp please see our Media Pack