CarbonFit – The Clear and Smart Rectangular Wiper Revolution

For sharper, cleaner wiping. Achieve glass like never before with our front & rear CNT & graphene-boosted rectangular wipers.

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In the world of wiper wizardry, CarbonFit is the Gandalf of your windshield – wise, reliable, and exceptionally powerful. With a swipe more precise than a fencer's lunge, these wipers transform your view into a canvas of clarity. They’re more adaptable than a contortionist at a yoga retreat, fitting almost any vehicle. They're not just a purchase; they're an investment in your car’s charisma. So if you're tired of changing your wipers as often as your socks, CarbonFit's your new best friend. They don’t just wipe; they woo with every movement.

5 months ago

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Leon S.
Leon S.
Dec 13, 2023

Just gotten my first car this year, a used one, 4-years old. Seemed the wiper blades hadn't been changed. It would create a bunch of smearing across the windshield and at one point it just stopped right in the middle of the windscreen. I changed them for Bosch Aerotwins as I needed an immediate fix, which do the trick. But in the back of my mind I knew I had seen something on crowdfunding at some point. Then I read about CarbonFit and saw that it was Kimblade who I had seen back when I didn't have a car! So of course I ordered a pair now.

Benjamin M.
Benjamin M.
Dec 6, 2023

Intrested for sure

Benjamin M.
Benjamin M.
Dec 6, 2023

Sven j. You got yours?

sven j.
sven j.
Nov 27, 2023

Backed a previous version, easily the best wipers I've ever had a year later still

Simon B.
Simon B.
Nov 22, 2023

I'm conserned to get the reward…since a lot of ppl didn't get the blades.