Clima: the wonder jacket infused with graphene

A jacket with extraordinary functionality and revolutionary thermal properties that adapts to your body no matter where you are.

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

For some reason, it doesn't look like it's water repellent (maybe they just took the photo before the water slid off in which case that is cool)

Matt @ BackerClub
Matt @ BackerClub
Mar 18, 2022

Hey Freddie, Alexander is correct. Thanks, Alexander for stepping in for us during our busy launch. 👍🏻  We plan to send another email sometime next week explaining a few of the misunderstandings that some members have expressed about the new BackerClub. 

Alexander S.
Alexander S.
Mar 17, 2022

Freddie, they changed how they do things. We don't get backerclub perks anymore. From the site, “Members are rewarded points for viewing projects and participating in the Club. They can then use these points to enter giveaways for awesome prizes.” So now you can use points to bid on rewards…but from what I gathered there won't be back rewards like there used to be.

Freddie Adrian S.
Freddie Adrian S.
Mar 17, 2022

Where can I find the backerclub perks? This new site is confusing me.

Campaign Info


Introducing Clima: our graphene infused jacket that will give you a feeling of constant protection and incredible softness wherever you are. 

Whether it's hot or cold, whether you're walking through the streets of a metropolis on your way to work, hiking in the mountains or stepping out of the subway in the rain, Clima jacket ensures you maintain your ideal body temperature at all times.

Clima offers you comfort and warmth by design, granting an incomparable sense of wellbeing. Its Italian style and high production quality remain unrivaled.

The Clima jacket gives you a comfortable yet elegant, refined look, suitable for any occasion. We have designed the jacket based on the concept of the padded softshell, the outer part of which is made of a water repellent graphene based technical fleece.

We selected graphene wadding for the padding, and an ultra light and elastic 20 denier nylon for the lining.


To produce the Clima jacket, we only use graphene from biomass, i.e. from corn waste. We have chosen to stray from traditional graphene production processes and take on an environmentally sustainable approach.


With Clima you won't have to worry about rain anymore! Our jacket's graphene infused technology makes it water repellent and will protect you during your fall jogs.

With Clima you can sweat as much as you like! Graphene is completely odorless and prevents contaminants from causing unpleasant smells, neutralizing any harmful substances. Clima will make you feel constantly fresh, even during long walks in the mountains or runs in the rain.

The Clima jacket sports important antibacterial properties. It has been designed with breathable materials and protects the body from external agents such as bacteria, dust, smoke, and pollution.

Thanks to graphene's fantastic ability to regulate body temperature and conduct heat, it dissipates it at high temperatures and distributes it evenly at low temperatures for a constant sense of comfort. Graphene adapts perfectly to our body by moving heat through its lattice structure and distributing it evenly.

Thanks to its graphene infused technology, our jacket holds antistatic properties, alongside boasting excellent quality and a superior fit. It has been developed so to have an electrical grounding which safeguards the wearer from unpleasant electrical discharges.

Graphene is the strongest material on the planet, but also the lightest! Incorporating graphene into our Clima jacket has allowed it to become extremely flexible as well as lightweight, so it can be folded and stowed away in any space during hikes or trips out of town.


Clima keeps you constantly cool when it starts getting too hot, wicking away heat and humidity from your body! Thanks to the presence of graphene, you will never feel sweaty as heat will always be released without letting cold air seep into the jacket.


The Clima jacket contains no electrical parts or batteries and can therefore be machine washed without damage. For an ideal result, we recommend turning the jacket inside out and washing it at 86 °F (cold or cool).

Clima is born by combining Italian quality with tradition. Each Clima jacket has been sewn by the hands of expert craftsmen who were able to turn our dream of creating a product made in Italy that stands out from the crowd into reality.


Clima will allow you to safely carry everything you need at all times.

The inside and outside pockets make Clima practical and functional wherever you are. You will no longer need to carry a bag to hold your personal items, as you can easily store everything in the multifunctional pockets of your jacket.

On the underside of the Clima jacket there is a handy nylon utility pocket that will allow you to sit anywhere without getting wet.


Graphene is an innovative material that will shape the future.

It is the structural element behind many allotropes such as graphite, diamonds and carbon. It is a two-dimensional material: imagine a sheet of carbon the thickness of an atom, but with such strength and flexibility that it is considered the strongest material on the planet!

No other material in the world offers the same functional characteristics, high electrical and thermal conductivity, and mechanical strength as graphene.

Graphene is a moisture wicking material and an excellent heat conductor, a good antistatic, and an excellent antibacterial.

Its thermal properties are revolutionary: thanks to graphene's fantastic ability to regulate body temperature and conduct heat, it dissipates it at high temperatures and distributes it evenly at low temperatures.

Graphene is able to adapt perfectly to our bodies by moving heat through its lattice structure and distributing it evenly.

The discovery of this innovative material was so impressive that it led Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, two physicists from the University of Manchester, to be awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Nowadays, the use of graphene is changing the rules of the global market and transforming the apparel industry, introducing a sensational cutting edge tool that takes advantage of the thermal properties of the material we wear on a daily.



The Clima jacket's fit allows maximum comfort and flexibility. It has been designed so to grant constant protection and incredible softness. 

Clima comes in both women's and men's sizes. Ensure you take the correct measurements and choose the size that suits you best!

Our story begins in 2019, in Verona, a city in northern Italy. After years of analysis and a continuous search for high performance materials, we turned our gaze to the advanced technology of graphene. Right from the start, we wanted to study every last detail of this wonderful element, to make our dreams come true and create a product with superior performance.

We weren't just looking for a technical product, we wanted to surprise you with an Italian style garment of exceptional comfort. A product that will not require you to come to Italy to discover it, but that we will deliver directly to your doorstep!

The possibility of incorporating graphene into fabrics allowed us to completely revisit the classic concept of clothing so we could design something magical, something that would surprise and make everyone who would wear it wonder.


Including you.


We are a team of visionaries who strongly believe in the power of innovation to generate products that leave their mark. We want to transform the world of fashion and enrich it with the latest technologies.

Our story is one of Italian quality and tradition.

We remain faithful to our roots and are proud to have manufactured our product in Italy.

Each Clima jacket has been sewn by the hands of expert craftsmen who, thanks to their outstanding knowhow, have managed to turn our dream into reality and fashion a product made in Italy.

Our Clima jacket represents the strength and determination that define us. It encourages us to work hard every day in order to achieve our goals.

It is a jacket that combines a passion for innovation with a relentless desire to create something that will leave you truly speechless.

Clima has revolutionized the way we see the future, providing a cutting edge solution that enhances the exceptional functionality of graphene and makes it accessible to anyone who wants to wear a garment that is both innovative and stylishly Italian.

During the course of the campaign we will be pleased to introduce you to all the members of our team, so that you can get to know those who have dedicated themselves to making this dream come true!