The first bag adapted to mobile phones and their users.An innovative hard case sling designed to protect your phone while making it accessible in an instant.

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

I backed another project similar to this, but it was cancelled. The concept is similar in that they're both sling bags for phones, and it is definitely useful for people who want to keep their phones close and safe

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Introducing the phone sling bag and wallet, a great looking bag with quick and easy access that’s built for the city but performs just as well in outdoor environments, it’s light, comfortable and functional.

Ask yourself if you really need everything, every day, to the point of justifying lugging around a bag. Chances are you don’t! It might be time to change things up.

The Phone Sling Bag and Wallet is a minimalist and discreet cross-body shoulder bag. Functional and light, it is the perfect solution for your everyday carry needs.

 The hard aluminum shell acts  as a shield to protect your phone screen from breaking and scratching.

You are always on the go, you are a gear minimalist or you are looking to carry the essentials: it's going to be your daily companion for years to come !


On the inside you will find two pockets, easily accessible, to store your stuff.

One pocket for your smartphone ! Accessible in a second, just push the button !


Ögon design's innovation : the 90° opening system lets you use your phone directly in the sling without taking it out !


A second pocket for your stuff :


and a new type of wallet for your cards, cash and more ....

removable, you can just click it out to gain some extra space :

Made to assist you in every situations, the Sling is designed to be wear both in front of you or in your back 


Put the Sling on, adjust it to your need: it's so quick !



Reflective band included on the strap so you can be seen in the dark.


Slim, small and very Smart ! You can take a lot in this one :


Easy access

The smart button opening allows you to have an instant and convenient access to the inside when you are on the go, practical right? And most importantly nowadays… Your phone is instantly visible. You received a message? Just open your sling, check and use your phone without having to take it out.



Good organization

The sling is composed of 2 compartments, one to put your phone in, and another to put extra stuff such as a passport, keys, a mask, pen…  It also includes a built in wallet that is removable. The interior is well organized so you can take just the essentials with the most practical and instant access.


For something you are going to wear for a while, it has to be comfortable. The case was made to be as light as possible and ergonomic to fit and adapt to your body perfectly. The back is made with soft padding. Seriously you will not even feel you are wearing anything, you might even forget to take it off.

Freedom of Movement

The Sling is light and well adjusted in a cross body way giving you total freedom of movement. It will keep you agile while on the move either just walking around or doing sports. For more comfort you can also wear it on your back.



Keep your belongings close to your body and safe. The heavy duty metal click button gives extra security making pick pocketing pretty darn tricky.

Eco Friendly

As an environmentally conscious company, we produce as much as possible locally (France) and ban the use of harmful chemicals. We also favor recycled materials. The aluminum cover of the Sling is made with recycled aluminum. The core of the sling, a mixture of ABS and polycarbonate is also produced with a majority of recycled materials.



Ogon Design started back in the  2000s when Thomas launched the project to create the first aluminum  wallet. He came up with this idea while living in Sweden after noticing  that many trendy swedes were using metal cigarette cases to carry their  ID cards, credit notes and banknotes. He then came back home to France  to develop the concept using metallic suitcases as a source of  inspiration.

Since we have grown a little, we are a team of 10.

Over the years we have launched  over 15 different models of wallets with the same idea to reinvent  leather goods using innovative materials and designs.

We  have been working on the Ögon Sling for several years. It has been an  exciting but complex journey to try to mix the use of our signature  material aluminium, making it as compact as possible, functional, light  and of course nice looking.

Now that we have achieved it we are just so excited to share the Phone Sling bag and wallet with you.