Glambank: Your ultimate lighting ecosystem

Perfect lighting, every time | Designed for all skill levels | Manual & automatic settings | Long-lasting battery & portable charger

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

So it's a flash…box(?) used to enhance lighting for photos…huh

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Available at your fingertips, Glambank and Glambank Pro are easy-to-use, compact softboxes controlled via smartphone app, which doubles up as a portable charger too. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, adjust all of your lighting settings with Glambank to take your photography to the next level—anytime, anywhere.



With Glambank, automatically or manually adjust all of your settings via the app, including brightness levels or color temperature*. You’ll also have the ability to pair multiple Glambanks, as well as select between continuous LED video light or synced camera flash light.

  •  Brightness (1300 lumens)
  •  Color temperature (2700K – 5500K)
  •  Granular controls via app (100 brightness steps & continuous slider for color temp)
  •  Synced flash
  •  Continuous light
  •  Wireless control
  •  Pair and use multiple Glambanks

*Only with the Glambank Pro

Precisely adjust the lighting for any situation and setting with three different camera modes: video, auto and full manual.

Easily point and shoot while Glambank adjusts the light for you, or control the camera settings on your own via manual mode via the Glam app. The multiple skill modes give you access to next-level brilliance for any photo at any skill level.

Glambank is more than just a light panel. Compared to other lighting solutions on the market, Glambank offers a larger surface area to achieve better light, accurate color reproduction, enhanced brightness intensity, and a much longer run time at max brightness levels.

This is possible because:

  •  CRI >95: This results in vivid and polished images
  •  Edge-lit diffusion panel: LEDs are placed also on the edge of the Glambank light panel, resulting in a more diffused and evenly spread light
  •  No hotspots: No irritating pinpricks of light that affect light quality

Glambank’s built-in 8,000 mAh battery pack can light up your photos and videos for up to 6 hours! Plus, the built-in battery pack with bidirectional fast charging features 2 ports (1 USB-C and USB-A) with enough capacity to fully charge two iPhones at the same time.

Bring your wireless Glambank with you everywhere to always capture the perfect shot.

Join the Glambank community directly through your smartphone app. Never face your photography challenges alone—the Glambank app allows you to upskill yourself via tutorials and social features to share and draw inspiration from other fellow creators in the community.

  •  Social functions: like, share or comment on images that you or your friends upload, and be inspired by a community of Glambank users
  •  Challenges: Put your skills to the test with community challenges you can participate in
  •  Tutorials: Easy-to-follow tutorials guide you to recreating creative flash photography every step of the way

*Glambank is available on the Android app. Our team is currently working on the iOS application for iPhone users.



From Suan Jin:

The portable nature of your smartphone is so convenient and accessible, but what’s the point when the lighting is less than satisfactory? This inspired me to create Glambank—a portable lighting solution with automatic light metering and a built-in phone charger. It also happens to solve every digital native’s biggest nightmare of running out of juice in the middle of the day.

To the Kickstarter community, thanks so much for your support! We want to take your photos from flat to flattering with Glambank. Let’s make it happen together.


We can’t thank you enough for checking out our project and helping us make Glambank a reality.

We know not everyone will be able to support us with a pledge, so even if you can’t give a dollar or pre-order a Glambank, you can help us spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and anywhere else you can think of!