PUPEE BOARD : The Self-cleaning Dog Potty with App control

An Eco-friendly Toilet Solution for Dog with Mobile App Control

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The PUPEE BOARD resolves everyday inconveniences that everyone took for granted. With the PUPEE BOARD, you can spend more time with your adorable puppy.


Designed for the modern lifestyle, the PUPEE BOARD automatically cleans the potty pad. Say goodbye to wet and dirty pads right away.

You can even adjust the washing pattern and washing time using our mobile app, and keep track of your pooch's health.

When urine remains on the surface or the poop is not solid, you can simply spray some water. The PUPEE BOARD will start draining automatically. An IPX6 rated waterproof rating make for easy cleaning.  


The PUPEE BOARD comes equipped with several mechanisms, called the G-Matrix system, utilizing sophisticated sensors. The signals from the sensors are analyzed to distinguish between urine and feces and it adjusts the cleaning pattern accordingly.

Sensors don't just detect a dog's approach, they collect important information such as weight changes, number of uses, and time of use.

The water sprayed via the patent-pending pulse system along with the sloped structure of the PUPEE BOARD cleans the urine and prevents accumulation. The user can adjust the pulse pattern easily through the mobile app.

You can control it remotely through the smartphone app for greater convenience. Through the PUPEE mobile app, you can start manual cleaning, check battery status and much more.

The app allows you to track your dog’s weight, times of use and duration of use. Based on this information,  it even provides expert veterinary advice and market curation.



Dog owners know how dog poop can take on different shapes depending on what they ate the previous day.  And that's probably one of the reasons why it's been hard to clean up after your pooch. After numerous experiments, we found the most practical solution.

The top of the PUPEE BOARD is designed to allow you to easily handle the poop without using tissue paper. 

It is equipped with a highly efficient IPX6 grade waterproof function, so if the surface gets dirty, it can be easily cleaned with water. 

If the surface of the PUPEE BOARD has just a small amount of urine, you can wash it by rinsing it with water. In this case, 2 liquid sensors of the PUPEE BOARD will immediately activate the auto drain function.


The PUPEE Antibacterial Filter filters out impurities of the wash water that goes through the water pipe to protect the device and at the same time removes bacteria that accumulates on the surface of the PUPEE BOARD. 
Jeju tangerine filters promise to fill up your home with a sweet scent instead of bad odors.


The dog-friendly design allows your pooch to easily adapt and make good use of the board.

Unlike other existing products on the market, the PUPEE BOARD has a low height of 38 mm, which makes it easy for dogs to get on and off the board without any assistance.


The color LED indicator simply displays the status of the PUPEE BOARD using very little power.

GNCO's proprietary BMS protects battery cells from overvoltage/overcurrent and prolongs the lifespan of the device. 

You don’t want to have to recharge your battery every day, do you? The water pressure from the faucet is a good source of energy, so we can’t just flow by unused. The Micro Hydro Generator converts the water stream into electricity and helps the PUPEE BOARD work longer, up to 40 days. 



Inspired by Zen style, the PUPEE BOARD will perfectly blend with your home decor.




The PUPEE BOARD is made of PP, TPU, and silicone, which are used in children's products. It is 100% pet-safe and BPA-free, so you can use it without worry. These materials are scratch-resistant, durable, and help prevent slipping when your dog is using the PUPEE BOARD.

In addition, the inside of the device, which has obtained an IPX6 rating, is silicone-sealed to keep your dog safe.


You don't need to drill any holes or nail anything into your walls to install the PUPEE BOARD. Just slide the tube into the connector and you're done.







When designing the PUPEE BOARD, the main factor that we prioritized was the accessibility for dogs. Conventional conveyor belt products were too high and the poop area was narrow, whereas for the plastic ones the claws of growing puppies would get caught on scaring the pups. 

The PUPEE BOARD has lowered the height of the board as much as possible, even small dogs will have no trouble accessing it. We've implemented the feedback from early testers with a neat and simple design that goes well with any decor. 

It was truly a fun and wonderful journey. Our team members worked hard, even during difficult times such as COVID-19, and we are finally ready to introduce the PUPEE BOARD. 

There were 13 major design changes applied to the PUPEE BOARD from the prototype stage. We have meticulously refined our design to seek greater efficiency through the support of partner organizations and the advice of mentors. We were able to allow the PUPEE BOARD to provide a better user experience through the valuable feedback obtained from our beta testers every step of the way.

We have finished designing the circuit, including the Internet of Things (IoT) firmware, and are testing its compatibility with the iOS and Android versions of the mobile app. We have advanced the logic of the washing and draining systems for safe operation, and added a method to optimize the operation of the device through regenerative energy in addition to the power-saving mode.

We are continuing to collaborate with mold suppliers for mass production and negotiating with global logistics companies to safely deliver the PUPEE BOARD to customers around the world.

The team at GNCO is a group of developers who may not be good at using fancy marketing terms but are honest and sincerely love animals and nature. As we have spent a lot of time with our dogs, we acutely understand the issues we need to solve and know exactly how to solve them.

We, the team members of GNCO will put our best efforts into every production process until the final product is delivered to you. We promise to promptly update and transparently explain anything that occurs during mass production and delivery.


We anticipate that getting the PUPEE BOARD produced and into your home will be a smooth process. 

We have been developing our products through a government manufacturing support program. During the process, we have built up partnerships with many outstanding startups and associate companies, and have created strong relationships with professional mentors.

However, with the current ongoing global pandemic, we may still face unexpected challenges. Yet, we remain committed to taking on these challenges with determination and transparency. If any delay occurs in the process of safely delivering the PUPEE BOARD to you, we will inform you honestly and accurately.

Thank you for your support. Without you, the PUPEE BOARD would not be possible.


Dogs have always been a part of my life. Having a dog is like having a live-in best friend. However, caring for them can be a lot of work. Unlike cats, who require little maintenance, dogs tend to be quite messy and grow to be very dependent on their owners.

 My city, Gangnam, Seoul(yeah, it’s the city from the song Gangnam Style), is one of the most populated cities in the world and a majority of people live in high rise apartments and condos.Which m eans taking a dog outside to let him do his business can be a tough task. Especially when it’s rainy or snowy. So I started using disposable pee pads, like most people do.

However, pee pads have their downside. They can get soaked and dirty and their odor and bacteria disperse into the air until they get changed. Moreover, the amount waste generated by pee pads makes me feel guilty about the impact I have on the environment. 

Over the years I have been trying to find a way to solve these issues. I researched products on the market, as well as electric litter boxes for cats. I also researched the reasons why electric toilet products were difficult to apply to dogs, and found ways to overcome those challenges.

As a result, I have developed the PUPEE BOARD, an eco-friendly toilet solution for dogs. We will never stop working hard to give you a hygienic, odor-free, and immensely rewarding experience. Please sponsor us, and join us in helping to create sustainable change for dogs and the environment!