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VITURE One: Next Gen XR Glasses that enable you to play AAA games or watch movies anywhere, anytime on a 5G/Wifi connection.

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Are these the XR glasses to beat?! With their multi-component design (to distribute weight and computing power), styling, and 120" equivalent virtual screen with sound, we think they might be. We'll also note that our initial skepticism of the viability of the project was met with swift, comprehensive responses by the creators. Unforeseen problems or delays can always occur with Kickstarter projects, but we think this one has a real shot of delivering on its promise.

about 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 13, 2022

I'm excited to get mine! I especially love that we don't have to wear our glasses on top of the VITURE One because we can adjust the lenses to our prescription~

adam a.
adam a.
May 23, 2022

WOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Thank you guys so much!

Gijs P.
Gijs P.
May 23, 2022

The creators of the project give great help in the comments on kickstarter. This will be a great product to use for not annoying my spouse at night.

Daniel C.
Daniel C.
May 23, 2022

These will be great for playing games anywhere with no tv or system with you. Looking forward to checking them out.

David F.
David F.
May 22, 2022

The amount of verified reviews truly add to the point of quality and believability in this project excellent work and good luck

David F.
David F.
May 22, 2022

So far seems to be an excellent product with a lot of feedback by the creators

nathan c.
nathan c.
May 15, 2022

As a cousin of some excellent kids, this would be amazing..

adam a.
adam a.
May 12, 2022

As a parent of a small kid, this would be amazing.

Campaign Info


 Introducing VITURE One XR Glasses 

VITURE One: Next Gen XR Glasses that enable you to play AAA games or watch movies anywhere, anytime on a 5G/Wifi connection. 

We want to reward Backers who share our campaign with friends. To keep things simple: if you make a successful referral, you and your friend will both receive an Extra 1.1m USB-C to Magnetic Connector Cable (MSRP $49).

Simply share your friend’s email address with us (please send it to [email protected] once he/she backs us) and you're good to go. 

Most attempts at XR glasses are designed with only the technology in mind. But since day one, Dave, VITURE's founder, knew that it was important for our glasses to be fashionable too. He met Benjamin, the founder of LAYER, one of the most prestigious design firms in the world (whose portfolio of work includes B&O, Nike and Google). They immediate hit it off and both agreed our XR glasses have to be a stylish product, something people are willing to wear on a daily basis. For more than 6 months, VITURE collaborated with LAYER day and night creating endless prototypes and mockups, just to find the best shape and materials for VITURE One. Our goal is for VITURE One to be the most comfortable and fashionable XR glasses in the industry. Together with LAYER, we are revolutionizing XR. See in depth interview by FastCompany.




Excitement From Santa Cruz Beach 

One-Stop Experience

VITURE One is the first Google Android TV-licensed wearable device, preloaded with all your favorite streaming services, gaming platforms, and supported by the Google Play Store. You don't even need to have a compatible phone to power the XR glasses - just put them on and get started.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is the future. VITURE One comes with the best cloud gaming services preinstalled - no additional gaming hardware required to enjoy almost any AAA masterpiece!

Read this article to learn more about cloud gaming and its impact on entertainment.

No need to purchase gaming console, no need to download games, play AAA games with VITURE One with a tap of your finger, at 1080P, 60fps, even with GTX 3080 graphic card in the cloud!  

Remote Play

Have you ever taken your PS5 on vacation? Leave it at home next time. If you’re a console gamer with a PlayStation or Xbox simply download PSPlay or the Xbox app, connect your controller, and enjoy the freedom of playing your favorite games remotely from the park, tucked into bed, or across the world on a virtual 120" TV. With VITURE One and a stable 5G/WiFi connection, the games you already own are at your fingertips anywhere you go (so you can pack a few pounds lighter next time you take a trip).

Harness the power of your PC on the go. PC gamers have three choices with VITURE One: install Steam Link to access your entire Steam library directly, or download the appropriate app for your graphics card (Moonlight for Nvidia or AMD Link for AMD) for even greater access to your rig. Then it’s as simple as having a strong 5G/WiFi connection and letting that graphics card do what it was designed to do.

Relieve Gamer's Neck Pain

Wearing VITURE One is the perfect way to prevent back and pains while gaming and the quickest fix for gamer's neck (if you already have one, you know what we mean). No more poor posture and hunching forward, now you can enjoy non-stop play while standing up, lying down, or in any comfortable position!

Mobile Cinema

Watch your favorite movies and shows from all your favorite streaming services on a 120" virtual TV: tear your own ticket and enjoy stunning, silver-screen image quality and cinematic sound in your own portable theatre.

Watch Anywhere

Binge where you want - laying in bed, relaxing in your backyard, or even on an airplane or road trip (passenger seat please!). No more sore arms, falling-on-nose phones or neck pains.

Full Privacy

Enjoy full privacy while watching videos on VITURE One XR Glasses. A special coating on the front of the glasses prevents others from seeing the content you’re watching - finally catch up on your favorite show without spoiling it for your roommate.

Supports All Native Streaming Apps

Powered by Google ATV, the neckband includes almost all major cloud gaming and video streaming services pre-installed. Simply connect the neckband to the glasses with a convenient magnetic cord and access all these apps at the touch of a button.


3D Movie Theater

VITURE One even supports 3D video! Enjoy cinematic Marvel masterpieces as they were intended or experience the majesty of AVATAR again for the twelfth time - all in your own 3D cinema.

Switch's Best Buddy

Play your favorite Switch games in docked mode on the go with VITURE’s mobile dock, and even sync up with a friend for co-op! The Switch is a uniquely portable console, but a 120” screen beats a 6.2” screen any day. Mobile Dock also boosts the image quality from 720p 30fps to 1080p 60fps.

Two glasses, one screen: link with a friend and play your favorite co-op Switch games on the go with VITURE One's mobile dock.

Image Quality

VITURE One’s virtual 120” screen displays images in 1080p at 60fps - the glasses have a PPD (pixels per degree) of 55 - roughly the equivalent of 300-400 PPI on a physical screen(Retina Display).

Like a retina display, the human eye is incapable of detecting individual pixels at this range - and to better put that in perspective, most VR headsets’ PPD is around 20. VITURE One is in a league of its own, delivering truly seamless image and video quality.

Sound Quality

VITURE is proud to have partnered with one of the most well-known audio companies, to design the best possible internal audio system. VITURE One’s glasses contain an embedded directional speaker located near the temple that allows for immersive spatial sound without the need for additional devices.

Color-changing Film

VITURE One's unique electrochromic film brightens and dims as needed - see every detail and enjoy cinema-quality experiences, even in broad daylight. 

Ambient & Immersive Modes

VITURE One's electrochromic film allows for two modes: Immersive Mode and Ambient Mode. 

Most of the time, you’ll want to fully engross yourself in Immersive Mode, VITURE One’s default setting in which the virtual screen occupies most of your field of vision. But sometimes you’ll want to be able to move around the outside world without interrupting the game or video you were watching - simply switch to Ambient Mode at the press of a button to minimize your content to the corner of your vision - get your steps in as you cross the wilderness in the Witcher 3, or catch up on Bridgeton as you move from one class to the next!

Near-sighted? No problem.

Don’t let a little myopia get in the way of your gaming. Easily adjust VITURE One to your eye prescription and seamlessly move from this world to the one of your choice.

Magnetic Connector

Access VITURE One's neckband features (including full Android TV functionality) in a snap - our convenient magnetic cord is so easy to connect and disconnect that you can do it one-handed, and it doesn’t stick out at an odd angle like some other devices that rely on micro-USB to connect.

Heat Dissipation

VITURE One is the result of months of work and years of planning, culminating in a cutting-edge design complete with smart heat-release engineering. The temperature stays below 30°C/86°F all the time. All so you can enjoy hours of play without losing your cool.

Ergonomic Design

Designed for hours of comfortable use, VITURE One fits a range of facial types and shapes. Swappable nose bridge pads mean you can find the perfect fit that lets you forget the glasses are even there as you game or stream for hours on end.

 Easy On The Eyes

Using VITURE One actually puts less strain on the eyes than using a mobile phone.

VITURE ONE’s virtual screen is at an apparent distance of 3 meters - much better when compared to 0.5m or closer (the distance of your arm) for mobile phones. VITURE One’s optical engine provides up to 1800 nits brightness and users can easily adjust the brightness to their comfort level.


VITURE One Neckband is the XR Glasses' trusted sidekick. It provides power (3200mAh) for the glasses and runs Google ATV, which gives you access to any app on the Google Play Store. 


"I actually forgot it was there" is the most common reaction from our test users when we ask them about wearing the neckband! The design is slim, smooth, and super lightweight. Removing the built-in battery and processors from the glasses and moving them to the neckband (where there's more space) is the best way to solve the over-weight and over-heating problem some other VR/XR devices have.

Control Pad

Conveniently located on the inside of the neckband, these tactile buttons allow you to quickly and intuitively navigate our state-of-the-art GUI, including toggling between Immersive and Ambient modes, activating the Google Assistant, and select your favorite apps without a connected controller.

Mobile Dock

iPhone + HDMI Devices

VITURE One's Mobile Dock supports all HDMI devices, including TV sticks, PS, Xbox, iPhone(with Lightning to HDMI adapter), and others. You can also port FireTV/ Chromecast to it for playing Luna or Stadia, watching Netflix, and other castable entertainment.

The mobile dock also enables you to sync and watch movies together with a friend, just like going to the cinema but WITHOUT the sticky seats - just don’t forget the popcorn!

Power Bank

Mobile Dock has a 12000mAh battery and 40W power output. Aside from all the features mentioned, it also works as a premium power bank whenever you need it on the go, providing up to 12 additional hours of streaming and cloud gaming.

By its nature, the experience of using XR glasses is hard to capture and demonstrate on a traditional device like a phone or laptop. There’s no substitute for being able to put them on. Almost all the gamers who have had the chance to try VITURE One have said that they’re definitely going to buy one, but it’s still important that you get a closer look at the product at home.

These demo videos are merely a peek at the experience you will have in VITURE One, shot using our latest EVT version: please remember that the camera and mic can’t truly reflect the experience and lose fidelity drastically(mobile camera causes noise and grain). 


VITURE One + Switch Experience (with Mobile Dock)


 VITURE One + Steam Deck Experience (Glasses only)


VITURE One + PS5 Remote Play Experience (with Neckband)


VITURE One + iPad & Compatible Phone Experience (Glasses only)


VITURE One's Cloud Experience in fixed phone's camera (This is a short version of the video. Please refer to this link for the full video)


Glasses Only

VITURE One XR Glasses is compatible with any USB-C devices with video output and power delivery, including: Steam Deck, MacBook, Laptop with USB-C, iPad Air/Mini/Pro and selected Android phones:

Samsung Galaxy S9, S10, S20, S21, Note8, Note9, Note10, Note 20, Z Fold series; Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, S5e, S6, S7, and S8 series tablets;OnePlus 8, 9;Oppo Find X2, X3;Sony Xperia 1, 5;LG Style 3, V60, Velvet

Glasses + Neckband

VITURE One XR Glasses + Neckband is an all-in-one device, but still compatible with all bluetooth devices, including game controllers, keyboard, mouse. 

Also it supports wireless projection, including AirPlay, Miracast, DLNA, Chromecast. 

The USB port on neckband is for charging but also connecting external hard drives or USB compatible devices. 

Glasses + Mobile Dock

VITURE One XR Glasses + Mobile Dock is compatible with Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED, Steam Deck, and any HDMI devices, including PS, Xbox, PC, TV sticks, iPhone(with Lightning-HDMI adapter). 

VITURE was founded by Dave, Emily, and Sean (Google & Apple veterans all) to be your entrance to the future.

We’ve seen the rise of the Internet over the last few decades. Now we’re on the verge of a new revolution: alternative realities. But those who led the way before aren’t adapting fast enough today: Google Glass fell flat, Apple’s cutting edge has dulled, and current VR just doesn't live up to the hype - VITURE is determined to change all of that. Our VIsion of the fuTURE: to feed your passion for innovation and give you control as we enter the next era together.

The VITURE team has extensive experience in the AR/VR industry, including R&D for Google Glass, Vuzix, ODG, Nreal, Lenovo A3, etc. and working in supply chain management for Apple, Xiaomi and Lenovo.

Enter VITURE One

We’ve seen many ups, downs, and attempts to create something with actual appeal since then. Some have been more successful than others. None have yet delivered a seamless experience that can become part of our daily lives.

VITURE believes that XR (extended reality) is the next wave of immersive mobile technology. VITURE One harnesses the power of cloud computing to deliver an easy,  complete out-of-the-box experience focused on entertainment - the result of a decade of planning and the first in the revolution of innovations to come.

A good XR product is hard to make. Some Backers have had bad experiences with other failed campaigns and are concerned with VITURE One's deliverability - and we totally understand your concerns. But what might put you at ease is this: we're not alone. We have many world-class collaborators working with us behind the scenes to help us make it happen together:


1. Google. Google Android TV (ATV) isn't an open sourced operating system. It requires Google's licensing and full integration through a strict testing process. VITURE One is the first XR glasses to ever run Google ATV. We are proud to join Google's ecosystem and provide the most seamless and stable experience available for our users.


2. LAYER. LAYER is one of the most prestigious design firms in the world, having previously designed B&O's iconic speaker and partnered with many top brands such as Google and Nike. As such, they are very selective in the brands they choose to work with. VITURE One's design and functionality is the result of our combined effort with these master designers (you may have noticed that LAYER has promoted VITURE on their official IG account and multiple other media channels as well).


3. Foxconn. Foxconn is the world top tier manufacturer(famous for being the maker of Apple products). Foxconn is very selective on clients and don't typically work with startups. Your device will be produced on the exact manufacturing line and advanced machinery used by Apple and Nokia and be put through rigorous reliability tests. You will receive updates about our progress in manufacturing further along the journey.

Lastly, VITURE One is named "Project We Love" by Kickstarter. Kickstarter rarely marks an AR/VR/XR projects as PWL due to the high risk of fulfillment. Our VITURE One prototypes have shown that we are already capable of all the features promised in the campaign and are on track for successful delivery, and Kickstarter has recognized our work in giving us this designation (for which we are very thankful!).