Plant Light Nº1

A light for your plants that mimics the sun. Thoughtfully designed to fit into your home.

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about 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

It definitely looks good, but sad that they don't ship to Canada TT

Steph L.
Steph L.
Apr 30, 2022

This is a genuinely appealing design. But unfortunately, they do not ship to Canada, only shipping to Australia and USA.

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Hi - we’re ample.

We have lived in urban areas for most of our lives. While this has many benefits it has separated us from nature. Having more greenery in our home environment is a great way to re-connect with nature. Urban homes can be pretty dark and unable to support healthy growth. We're on a mission to change this because for us, urban living and connection to nature should not be mutually exclusive.


We’re starting with Plant Light Nº1. The light emits a sun-like glow that is optimised for plants and people. It’s minimal form is designed to integrate into all areas of your home while complementing your plants inherent beauty.  



Growing plants can be a beautiful practice that blends into our living space and lifestyles. Designed to integrate into every home, PL1 is an example of simple, functional design with careful attention to detail.


Planters can be a very personal choice. PL1 aims to enhance every planter be it ceramic, steel or plastic. The base accommodates any planter size up to 25cm in diameter. We highly encourage you to seek out local artisans and ask if they have a planter to suit. This provides a way to add some personality to what is somewhat of a blank canvas; which is for us really something quite exciting. 



We’ve partnered with engineers who are innovators in their own right. All our electronics have been custom designed and come from trusted manufacturers. We utilise high quality materials such as steel and aluminium. All of this ensures durability and longevity.

Not all light is equal. PL1 utilises advanced horticultural lighting technology to simulate the spectrum of the sun. It is also comfortable on the  eyes; making it suitable as an elegant interior lighting feature. 


The distance between an artificial light source and the top leaf is key to a plant's success. An adjustable light arm allows PL1 to grow with your plants. With up to 30cm of height adjustability there's always enough room for your plant.


 PL1 uses 3 modes that optimise day length and light intensity according to your plant's growth stage. No need for a 3rd party wall timer or specialised knowledge. Easily toggle between the modes using the switch on the front.


ample lights use the latest in horticultural technology. Emulating the iridescence of natural sunlight , PL1 combines the three fundamental concepts of horticultural lighting: light quality (colour), light intensity (brightness) and photoperiod (duration).


While we perceive light in terms of brightness, plants perceive light in terms of spectrum or the colours that make up the light. When a beam of white light hits a glass prism at an angle it is split into different colours. Each of these colours are measured in different wavelengths falling between 400 nanometres (violet) to 735 nanometres (red). This range of light is called Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR). PAR is not a measure of quantity of light but rather the quality of light.


Light from the sun is made of a vastly different spectrum to standard ceiling lights. PL1 mimics the spectrum of the sun. Whether it be ornamental or edible, all your plants indoors will be kept happy and healthy.


It is easy for us to understand some environmental conditions that we share with our plants such as temperature and moisture. Brightness, on the other hand, is experienced very differently. Our eyes have evolved to help optimize every environment to make it feel as bright as possible. This makes it hard for us to understand how plants see light. To us the corner of a room furthest away from a window may seem bright enough. To a plant it is a dark cave.


Our lights are engineered to deliver the optimum level of light  intensity based on plant maturity and type. No matter if it’s food or ferns, your plants will always thrive under PL1.


During the day a plant's goal is to absorb as much light as possible so it can create energy through photosynthesis. At night, when the plant sleeps, it metabolises all this energy and uses it to grow.


Controlling the ratio of day to night is very important when transitioning a plant from germination, vegetative and productive phases of plant growth. We’ve integrated an advanced lighting control system into PL1 to make growing as simple as possible for you and your plant.

 Every light will ship with a wall plug specific to the country of order.

Plant Light Nº1 will be for now only available in Australia and The United States. We hope to introduce it to more countries in the near future. Let us know where you would want it next!


The shipping rate to your country will calculated at the end of the campaign. Please note that the price of the item does not include additional duty and taxes that may apply as per local laws of importation.


Please note that your credit card will not be charged for your pledge until the campaign finishes at 11th of May. 



I had a very privileged upbringing - I lived in a large suburban home with a strong family dynamic. Always close to our grandparents on both sides of the family. I don’t know if it was due to their European heritage - but they all had large backyards full of all kinds of produce - citrus, nuts, herbs, greens, veggies, you name it. When I was about 12 my family made the decision to move to an apartment. My Dad would work late hours and the new premise had his office downstairs so mum was no longer worrying about Dad commuting back late at night. This move somewhat forced us to change the way we grew things. With only a limited amount of balcony space, Dad started to experiment with hydroponics and soon had a variety of leafy greens growing out of PVC tubes.


I eventually moved out and went interstate to start my career in Industrial Design. The want to grow things never quite left me. At the time I was also living in spaces that didn’t have the luxury of a large balcony so I got online and started learning about grow lights. This world was amazing and before long I had a few sets of the blue and purple style grow lights on their way. Living mostly in share houses this wasn't exactly ideal as most of my mates thought I was up to something more nefarious than growing basil. As a designer - I guess this was also a frustration of mine - all of these lights were designed for the commercial market or assumed you had a designated area hidden away from the main living rooms - that could be used as a grow “setup”. Apartment living is great but every room needs to work extra hard and there are certainly no free areas for a grow room. So that’s really where the ample journey started.

After a decade working as an industrial designer, designing producing and shipping products for many clients, I felt I had the knowledge and expertise to start work on my own idea. 2 years ago I founded ample. A company which provides the tools and resources that enhance our connection to nature. Creating a positive impact on how we feel both physically and emotionally.


Plant Light Nº1 is the first venture from ample. Behind PL1 there is a team of skilled associates that are innovators in their own right. From electronics engineers, business experts, marketing managers and manufacturing specialists, PL1 is built upon collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Thanks for reading all the way down here and supporting what we hope is a very bright future.

- Charles

founder of ample