OISLE - The All-metal Ultra-Slim 65W Dual USB-C Power Bank

The all-metal ultra-slim 65W dual USB-C portable power bank with 16900mAh battery capacity, allows you to charge up your phones without running out of power. Extra points to its portability and slim design help you easily carry it around anywhere.

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It doesn't get much sleeker than this thing! 👌 

almost 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

I'm just waiting to receive mine after they lock the surveys and are ready to ship the power bank out

Samina C.
Samina C.
May 30, 2022

Good product , big capacitu

Steph L.
Steph L.
May 26, 2022

I agree that other alternatives already exist and have proven to work.

Daniel C.
Daniel C.
May 23, 2022

Always good to have a power bank on hand.

David F.
David F.
May 22, 2022

Over all nice design. Decent battery life. Others do exist but a good project overall

May 18, 2022

Better alternative available 

adam a.
adam a.
May 16, 2022

Getting a Steam Deck this summer, this would definitely come in handy. 

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Introducing, the most slim but powerful, versatile, fast-charging dual USB-C battery pack.

The all-metal ultra-slim 65W dual USB-C portable power bank with 16900mAh battery capacity, allows you to charge up your phones without running out of power. Extra points to its portability and slim design help you easily carry it around anywhere. Ideal for business and leisure travelers, the extreme gamer, the gadget obsessed, also suitable for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and anyone who has had a device low on power at the most inconvenient time.

OISLE supports Dual 65W USB-C PD output, which means it supports the Fast Charging of the latest iPhone 13, it also supports charge to your Apple MacBook.

  • USB-C port 1: Max  65W USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 Input & Output
  • USB-C port 2: Max 65W USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 Input & Output

Thanks to dual 65W USB PD, the OISLE can deliver up to 65W output and input for faster charging and recharging. To enable fast charging of your device or fast recharging of the OISLE, use only one USB-C port and leave the other port unplugged.

With Dual 65W USB-C PD ports, OISLE can provide fast charging for two laptops(charge 2 MacBook Pro 13" (65W)) at once.  

OISLE is high capacity, yet sleek, compact and slim to 8.8 mm. In spite of being super compact and lightweight, It is a great everyday power companion anytime anywhere.

Slim enough to fit in pockets and easily grab with one hand. With OISLE’s exclusive design to be highly compact making it extremely convenient to carry around with you everywhere, and with 16900mAh capacity it will last you through most of the day.

It has dual 65W PD outputs: Charge 2 devices simultaneously. If you have two phones or a phone and a tablet, you can charge both at the same time. 

Charge two phones simultaneously

Charge a phone and a tablet simultaneously

Upgrading powerbank to the next level, we’re bringing you an all-steel one-piece designed battery pack.  OISLE displays slim, smooth curves and offers super comfortable, ergonomic grip. There’s even no gap, no welds, no stitching, no embedding, no cuts.  

Using the quality technology and Apple-grade anodizing process, OISLE offers exquisite touch and feel, and is resistant to staining and corrosion as well.

The design and construction were paid much attention to achieve fine appearance and great durability.

  • With Power Delivery, iOS devices charge at double the speed compared to conventional wall chargers. They charge 0-50% in 30 minutes.
  • With USB-C PD 65W, your Android charges up to 4x faster than a conventional charger. The charging speed is 0-75% in 30 minutes.

With the built-in 16900mAh battery, OISLE charges the iPhone 13 up to 4.4 times, iPhone 13 Pro up to 4 times, iPhone 13 Pro Max up to 3.6 times, to name a few.

Pass through charging allows you to recharge the OISLE from any port while charging your devices at the same time. OISLE is a powerful 16900mAh/65Wh battery, but with 65WUSB-C Power Delivery technology, it can be recharged in around one hour.

It also comes with a USB-C input/output for PD fast charging. The two-way fast charging design greatly improves charging efficiency on site, making it breeze to refill energy.


OISLE is powerful enough to charge MacBooks, iPads, phones, Cameras, GoPros, Speakers, Headphones even your Kindle and Switch.

You needn’t bring a separate adapter with you, because it is compatible with USB C power adapters of Nintendo Switch, Apple MacBook, Lenovo laptop, Dell laptop or HP laptop.

A portable charger should be portable. The OISLE is designed for plane flights, long hikes, and morning commutes. Light and slim enough for anytime, anywhere use. Take it with you to school, work, or vacation.

It is also completely airline compliant making it a powerful companion for travel. Keep your most used devices charged while camping, during road trips or anywhere else you need a charge. 

OISLE is made with the best quality materials, complete with overcharge, discharge, current, temperature & short circuit protection for optimal safety. You may enjoy fast charging up to 2 devices with safe and excellent results.


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