FinMan | Rod-Mounted Line Cutter

Fishing line management redefined. FinMan makes tackle changes quick and efficient. No need to reach for large and bulky tools just to change a lure, FinMan is rod mounted so it never gets lost or left behind.

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about 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Would be useful for those who go fishing a lot (like my aunts and uncles)

Samina C.
Samina C.
May 30, 2022

Gr8 but not shipping worldwide 

adam a.
adam a.
May 25, 2022

Forwarded this to a friend, looks 100% his speed. 

Daniel C.
Daniel C.
May 23, 2022

Looks like a useful tool for fishing.

David F.
David F.
May 22, 2022

Very useful for all the fishermen in my family.

May 22, 2022

nice :) sadly no world wide shipping 

Steph L.
Steph L.
May 10, 2022

This is very useful for all the fisherpersons out there! Slice + Snip + Stow! They only ship to the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

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Line Management | Redefined

Stop putting off making that lure change because it takes too long.  Stop searching for the line scissors while the school is swimming past.  Stop losing your favorite knife in the grass or the water when changing your hook. 

It is time line management gets redefined. 

FinMan® is rod mounted so it is always at the ready, never gets buried in the tackle box, and never gets left behind.  FinMan makes tackle changes quick and efficient, getting your hook back in the water while the fish are biting.

Your Wingman on the Water

The Swiss Army Knife for your rod

FinMan is a complete line management solution.  Whether it's slicing off an old leader, snipping a tag end from a newly tied knot, or a safe place to store your hook while you trek to your favorite fishing spot; FinMan has you covered.  The line guard provides your line protection from the honed blade edges until you're ready for the snip-snip.  The universal design and varying sized mounting bands means it will fit on any rod, because everyone needs a FinMan.  Your Wingman on the Water. 

100% Designed, Manufactured, Assembled, and Packaged in the United States

Slice | Snip | Stow    

Slice through the heaviest monofilament, fluorocarbon, and braided fishing line with ease.

Precisely snip tag ends after tying on a new rig, and easily remove old knots from eyelets with the thumb-depressable nipper.

Conveniently stow your gear with the inline hook keeper, big enough for the largest hooks.

Never Left Behind | Never in the Way

Never forget your line cutter in the truck, on the shore, or back at base camp again.  If you have your rod, you have your cutter.  The low profile, snag-free design, and flexible mounting options means it never interferes with your cast.  Start packing lighter and stop getting tangled up in gear leashes while you paddle.

Ideal for kayak, surf, and light-packing anglers.

Design | Materials | Manufacturing

Like most fishermen we take pride in our equipment and we want FinMan® to not only be durable and effortlessly functional, but look great too.  Utilizing the latest additive manufacturing technology, impact and UV resistant polymers, and a corrosion resistant stainless steel blade; you can be confident FinMan will stand up to years of use. The extremely tough, UV resistant mounting bands keep FinMan secured to your rod. Designed by anglers, for anglers.  


From the intricate scales and piranha profile to the line guard and snag free design, FinMan® is designed for both Form and Function

Market Proven

More than 1,500 FinMan® have been purchased, used, and loved by more than 700 satisfied anglers during our initial small production batches.  We have loved listening to and learning from the feedback and reviews from some of our earliest adopters.

soon enough Emmanuel, soon enough

Why Kickstarter Now

We have done the design iterations, prototyping, product testing, and even small production runs.  So why are we turning to Kickstarter now?  

We want to make FinMan available to the Kickstarter community at a discounted rate for helping us properly size our production order volumes, and helping with the upfront costs associated with large scale manufacturing and logistics.  We are establishing systems to ensure orders are delivered correctly and on time.

We assure you that FinMan is coming to full production no matter the result of this campaign.  However, we truly appreciate your trust in us and are extremely grateful for your early support.  It enables us to keep focus on finding the fastest path to full production, sourcing the best steel for your blades, designing retail packaging so you can find FinMan on shelves near you, and much much more.

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Still concerned about blade life or corrosion?  Consider adding BladeCoat to each FinMan in your pledge.  

BladeCoat Gold is a titanium nitride coating, the same technology used on the industrial drill bits, cutters, and end-mills that keep American Machining the sharpest tool in the shed. BladeCoat Gold not only increases edge hardness, but also the lubricity of the blade, making it easier to nip and slice your line, especially braid.

BladeCoat Saltwater is a high chrome, titanium, and aluminum coating that bolsters corrosion resistance, while also increasing edge hardness.  It is perfect for the saltwater environments of offshore and deep sea fishing.

We're holding true to our promise of proudly made in America especially with BladeCoat.  All blades are coated with our local partner in the middle of the Heartland.

The Team