Rellek Hounds Rogue series - Automatic dive watch

A 3 piece tool diver series. Custom designed, Automatic tool dive watches

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almost 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Looks good

May 29, 2022

Collector 's item. Great Watch

Steph L.
Steph L.
May 18, 2022

2 previous campaigns were cancelled with a similar watch (earlier this year and in 2017). Will this be the one campaign to succeed?

adam a.
adam a.
May 16, 2022

Super pretty watch

Campaign Info

As some of you know we had a very successful first round of sales through Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. We have 4 influencers with other 4 million followers across all their accounts. The sales and support from our fans were more than we could of expected.

The Rellek hounds Rogue series will be limited to 999 per finish, with a total of 2997 being produced. For our second round of funding we though that the Kickstarter community would be the perfect place to bring us all the way home in helping us become a household name in the micro watch brand community.

Rellek hounds is not a "maybe company" or a traditional startup without funding. We are fully funded and have the first batch of watches in the final stages of production.  We are also a fully functioning company with products being produced, samples being prototyped, and design being finalized. Your investment in the Rouge Series guarantees you to receive exactly what you order.

Thank you for trusting us and this idea. We hope to bring the everyday guy a quality automatic watch at a price we can all afford.


Lets Talk Specs First -

  • Miyota 9039, 24 Jewel, 28800 bph sweep second, Hacking second hand, 42 hour power reserve,  No date - Yes, the renderings say NH35 - We decided the Miyota was a much better option.
  •  316L Stainless steel lugless case design. A true one of a kind custom case. Nothing off the shelf here.
  •  44mm case diameter, due to its lugless design, the Rogue wears much smaller comparative to a 36-38mm traditional case.
  •  22mm strap size.
  •  120 click unidirectional solid stainless bezel with a knurled edge.
  •  20 ATM water resistance.
  • Screw down, signed, knurled crown. - The "RH' Logo is filled with bgw9 (Old radium on the night) swiss LumiNova.
  • Domed sapphire crystal.
  • Layered dial construction revealing bgw9, or Old radium LumiNova.
  • Custom "RELLEK HOUNDS" repeating on the inner bezel.
  • Custom "RH" second hand.
  • Screw in back case.
  • Unique serial numbers (sets of three will match)
  • Custom 22mm Black silicone strap, and Custom full Gain leather band.

The goal of the Rogue was to pack as many quality features and unique design aspects into a user friendly 44mm case as we could, and keep it affordable - I strongly believe we have done that and in the process made a fashionable timepiece that is truly a unique offering.

Dawn features a clean stainless design that fits well in most places. This combination was designed primarily as a go-to daily watch. Modern, unique, comfortable, and high quality. It checks all the boxes and allows this to be a daily driver. A great way to start any day.



Dusk sports a bold navy blue dial, brushed stainless case, black bezel, and a safety orange second hand to set the Dusk apart. Boldly stated the Dusk was designed as a conversation starter. My personal favorite of the bunch.



Night has an all black stainless steel case. Old radium luminova that glows green in the dark. The Rogue Night is for the after party, the stumbling in at 5am's, its the stealth option. Tactical, bold, stylish  - A trifecta within the trifecta.



Case engraving

We want these to be unique to you.  We are offering case engraving to customize your timepiece however you want it. Put a name, date, or anything personal on the back of your watch.

Movement and Case design.

Movement Selection: When designing a watch movement selection is probably the hardest step. There are many budget friendly automatic movements on the market but we opted to use the Miyota 9039 to really push the watch out of the "fashion design" segment of the watch industry and into the high quality automatic segment. There were a few design challenges with the case sizing. Making a standard size movement fit into the tight space requirements of the case, means you have to make a little extra room. To fit a standard size strap we added a slight notch in the case behind the strap mount to allow for any straight pin strap to fit.


Again quality and uniqueness were the top priorities. Continuing with the Rouges theme of being against the grain the obvious strap solution was to put this extremely capable tool diver on a full grain crocodile embossed leather strap with a stainless steel butterfly deployment clasp....DONT WORRY! We are utilizing quick release spring bars to allow this strap to be removed and our custom silicone strap to be fitted when you need it.




We wanted a shipping solution that solved a couple problems.

  •  NO SINGLE USE PACKAGING! --- We wanted to have a packaging solution that could be used forever as its own item. Most watch shipping boxes are onetime use cardboard, or a single use wooden box that spends its entire life in a closet. Our rigid case can be used for 100's of things after the watch makes it safely to you.
  •  SAFE SHIPPING - Getting your watch to you is extremely important. We want it the arrive in one piece. With a custom tooled foam insert we are trying to guarantee that for you.
  •  Added value - Packaging and Shipping any item is expensive. Wooden watch boxes are expensive to produce and have very little value after the watch is in your hands. The packaging option we are using has a $50+/- added value, that is normally an expense that never gets utilized by the end consumer.

Standards and Goals

First: I want to stress that this can be a self funded project. There have been too many scams and untrustworthy watch projects in the past, this is not one of them. We have 300 of these watches already in production, with an intent of ordering 1000 more within the next 100 days. We already have the funds to 100% self fund this project, we are saying this to reassure any potential backers that you will receive your order - Ok, We can fund our project ourselves? But what good are 300 watches sitting in a warehouse? We need to sell them! Efficiently! Using the Kickstarter platform as a launching point we can do that. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us here, or on our social media accounts.

Moving forward.

Growth is our number one goal. We need your help spreading the word about this project and our future ones. Organic growth is very important to this project, we want you to see this watch, we want reviews of our product, we want first impressions and a list of "What could be done better" - So we can DO IT BETTER.

We are dedicated to making high quality, cost effective, original time pieces. We have a long list of projects we want to get started on but we need this one rolling first! Please share this with your friends to help us on our journey.

Rellek Hounds back story and purpose.

Not only are we trying to build a watch brand from the ground up, but in the process we are also trying to help some of our 4 legged friends. "Rellek" is my last name "Keller" backwards. "Hounds" = Dogs. One could draw the conclusion that "Rellek Hounds" is just a more professional way of saying "Keller's dogs". Long story short, I have been helping dogs whenever I can on a personal level, I want to make it more official. In the future I would love to have a portion of the company act as a rescue/kennel. For the time being we have partnered with 2 animal rescue organization, Chi town pities ( and retrieve a golden of the Midwest ( We will be donating a portion of our proceeds to them annually, as well as making one off custom timepieces that can be sold on their behalf to raise funds. - NOTE: NONE OF THE FUNDS RAISED HERE WILL BE USED TOWARD THAT GOAL. THIS IS A "IN YEARS TO COME" GOAL.

Risks and challenges

COVID DELAYS! We have prepared for everything on our end. We have funding available to get these watches here without problems. We prepaid for the watches at this point over 100 days ago. We are confident that we wont have any delays caused by oversight or lack of our own personal abilities. The only thing we do not have control over is covids impact on the worlds supply chain. We will be updating everyone here, via email, on any forums that are talking about this project - I even have a phone number you can call or text me at and I will answer any questions you may have ‪(779) 901-0006‬.