Photo art mosaics and eco building bricks made of natural wood

Endless wood wood art and wooden constructors made in Ukraine

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about 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022


Samina C.
Samina C.
May 30, 2022

For peace ! good project 

May 27, 2022

Nice interactive wood blocks  !

Steph L.
Steph L.
May 26, 2022

This Photo Art Mosaic project is awesome! The choice of woods looks perfect and of high quality. #StopTheWar

Olena V.
Olena V.
May 25, 2022

@adam a. we love it to! Thank you for your support!)

adam a.
adam a.
May 25, 2022

Absolutely love the wooden lego! I know it's not lego, but still…

Campaign Info


Welcome to WooBox world!

WooBox is a Ukrainian brand of innovative high precision carved products made of natural wood. WooBox team unites Ukrainian wood carvers, engineers, designers, marketers and web developers. And all together we’ve learned how to make wood work. We’ve developed a web application, worked out the innovative high precision machines, created the unique technology of wood drying which allows the wood to keep all its natural features for years!

We start our business when Ukraine is burning under Russian army attack. Millions of people - children, women and men - are running away of their homes trying to survive. 

Our main goal is scaling our manufactury from prototype to mass production, giving job to refugees who’ve arrived to the Western regions of Ukraine.


WooBox Photo art mosaics is a unique Photo Constructor that allows you to turn your photos into pixel art pictures and assemble them with our mosaics made of natural wood!

Upload your photo to our specially created web application and get the pattern for assembling it into real wood art!  Create the image of you, of your friends, of your family or something more classic… Never stop and keep going with your imagination as long as you want –our web application will work with you as many times as you need! 

Only natural wood!

Open WooBox and admire natural wood colors and structures of black walnut, oak, wild cherry, ash tree and white maple. 

Very smooth structures!

Start to assemble your mosaics and get amazed how enjoyable it is: made on high precision machines created by Ukrainian engineers our products have perfect smooth structure with no gaps or any roughness! Get amazed touching each peace of our stunning mosaic set!

 Real wall art! Easy installation!

And then... use your assembled picture as a gorgeous wall decor of your house!

The installation is so much easy!

Assembled picture now can be placed on the wall with double-sided tape you will find inside the WooBox (already cut into pieces).

Unlimited re-assembling!

Got tired of assembled picture?! No problems! Any time you can re-assemble your pictures into another ones! Unlimited number of times! 

Completely organic!

And this is not the last thing which makes our mosaics to be so much different! Following eco trend we’ve created a unique post production technology with no use of any chemical coloring or varnishing! This will allow you to fill your house with awesome wood aroma, and admire for years wood stunning colors and structures!

 Only natural wood!

Our wooden building bricks are no less unique than our mosaics and really awesome! They are made from 5 types of solid natural wood with no use of glue. Admire natural colors and structures of natural oak, wild cherry, white maple and black walnut. 

Completely organic!

Our wooden blocks are completely eco-friendly as we do not use any chemical coloring or varnishing. For this reason, even small children can play with our wooden constructors without any problems. Enjoy touching natural wood with no any chemical allusion!

Your unlimited imagination!

Use your imagination on a maximum level assembling big serious constructions using WooBox assemble gides! Our castle set contains more than 1000 bricks for your stunning creations. 

Creativity in every child!

Allow your kids to use our organic eco bricks in a way they like! Our wooden bricks for sure will develop fine motor skills and inspire creativity in every child! Kids can combine our wooden bricks with ordinary plastic constructors or use ordinary pencils to color our interlocking bricks! Everything is possible! Just allow your imagination to work!  

Life time guarantee!

We life time guarantee for all of our products due to the unique model of drying wood in natural conditions for 2-3 years. Due to the divisive exposure to the open sun and wind, the wood contains an optimal percentage of moisture. Thanks to this, our products will not dry out and will not absorb moisture. It also means that the wood will keep its natural aroma for years!


Sustainability manufacturing!

We support the sustainability trend! While using the wood cut down as part of regular cleaning of the Carpathian National Reserve, we are planting new trees in Ukrainian Mountains - exactly as many as we use to produce our designs.


Create your gorgeous wall decor with our stunning mosaic sets! Upload your pictures to our web application and get instructions for assembling your pictures with our natural wood mosaics. Please mention that you can upload unlimited quantity of pictures and re-assemble your pictures unlimited number of times!

Our wooden mosaics sets are available in 3 sizes: 

  • Size S - the size of assembled picture is S 20x20 inch (51x51 cm). Contains 7000 mosaic pieces. 
  • Size M - the size of assembled picture is 20x30 inch (51x76 cm). Contains 11000 mosaic pieces. 
  • Size L - the size of assembled picture is 30x30 inch (76x76 cm). Contains 15000 mosaic pieces. 

Our wooden construction set consists of 1000 wooden building blocks made from precision-carved natural wood: black walnut, white maple, wild cherry and oak. 

The size of assembled castle is 24*7*11 inch (60*18*28 cm). Follow the instruction inside your Woobox set and stick bricks together to make amazing constructions like castle, ship, helicopter and many else.


This wooden construction set consists of 80 wooden building blocks made from precision-carved natural wood: black walnut, white maple, wild cherry and oak.

Follow the instruction inside your Woobox set and stick bricks together to make amazing constructions like castle, ship, helicopter and many else.

Please, mention: the shipping cost is approximate and not included in the pledge and will be charged after the campaign with the BackerKit pledge manager.

We guarantee tax free shipping all over the world. 


Thank You a lot for your support!