SIGMA 51: Travel, Adventure & Emergency Ready Hoodie

One of the most popular hoodies in crowdfunding history is back and better than ever! This USA MADE hoodie features Genuine KEVLAR ® Threaded Seams, Secret Pockets, Brass Hardware, and 550 Paracord Drawstring. Limited Edition Army Green & Titanium colors!

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Spindle Creative is back with an even better hoodie! You have to check out this Over-Built, No-Expense-Spared, USA Made Hoodie with hidden secret pockets! 👀

about 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Looks like a regular hoodie but seems to be made more…resilient? (if I'm understanding what it said correctly; do correct me if I'm wrong)

Samina C.
Samina C.
May 30, 2022

Quality product looks good !

adam a.
adam a.
May 24, 2022

Looks lovely 

David F.
David F.
May 23, 2022

Just noticed it is fully made in America by the way it reads. Should be an excellent addition to hikers etc. Good luck

Daniel C.
Daniel C.
May 23, 2022

Looks like a good hoodie.

David F.
David F.
May 22, 2022

Love the colors should bea very helpful project

May 21, 2022

Great product  Looking forward to it 

Steph L.
Steph L.
May 19, 2022

This hoodie looks great :) Love the paracord feature!

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SIGMA 51: The best hoodie just got better. 

After delivering the immensely successful SIGMA 50 hoodie to dozens of countries worldwide, we went back to the drawing board to make it even better. SIGMA 51 is an Over-Built, No-Expense-Spared, USA Made Hoodie with hidden secret pockets. The 5 storage (3 hidden) compartments make it perfect for Traveling, Adventures and Emergency Preparedness. KEVLAR ® and Corespun threaded seams ensures long lasting durability. The 550 Paracord drawstring doubles as an indispensable tool in the outdoors and backcountry. 5 colors in 7 sizes gives you 35 different options to choose from.

Survival in Mind. Ready for Unpredictability.

SIGMA 51 is ready for the unpredictability of todays world. As survivalists, we wanted to make a hoodie ready for multiple emergency situations. We use space age materials in the threading for un-compromised durability, where the nearly 5 foot long, 550 Paracord drawstring provides an indispensable tool in emergency situations. We prominently use brass hardware throughout, and have included multiple hidden pockets for equipment and gear storage. Double layer, full 360 elbow reinforcements help protect the most vulnerable areas. All in package that still packs down small.

Super Limited Edition Colors 

Army Green is the ideal color for the tactical, military, and outdoor oriented. We think its the best choice for survivalism enthusiasts. The color is a Kickstarter community exclusive- SIGMA 51 will not be manufactured in Army Green outside of the batches created for Kickstarter.

Titanium is an awesome, limited edition color, meaning it will not be produced this year beyond the initial crowdfunding batch. The brass hardware really stands out with the Titanium, it looks phenomenal.

EDC Approved

If you’re a fan of Everyday Carry (EDC), then this hoodie was made for you. All the additional storage space means you can increase what you EDC, or spread your existing carry among your pants and SIGMA 51- lightening the load of your pant pockets.The seam stitching to these hidden pockets are invisible when zipped up, making the hoodie like clean and traditional from the outside, even when loaded up with Everyday Carry Items. 

An Entirely New Approach

Every SIGMA 51 starts with a middleweight, USA sourced blended cotton fabric. The Fabric is slightly lighter and more breathable than our original hoodie. Its the perfect thickness, and our favorite of all the hoodie compositions we’ve used. After the fabric is hand cut, it is sewn with combination of ultra premium Corespun and KEVLAR ® Aramid threading. These are regarded by many as the best quality threads in the world. The alternating matrix of Aramid and Corespun creates what we think are best seams ever put into a hoodie. All the hardware is premium aged brass, and feature an all weather ready, heavy-duty, luxury zipper. High stress areas are further reinforced with a robust cotton twill tape, which run along the hood joint as well as the entire run of both zipper halves.

KEVLAR ® Reinforced Seams

Genuine KEVLAR ® Aramid thread stitching is used for added reinforcement throughout the assembly of SIGMA 51. KEVLAR ® is one of the most incredible materials ever created by humankind, as it provides incredible strength, durability and resilience that is unmatched by nearly all other materials out there. It is trusted by explorers, the military, and is even used in space, notably in space suits and the International Space Station, helping to protect it from flying space debris. We thought it would be the perfect way to “level up” the durability of existing hoodies, while also creating the ultimate conversation piece among family, friends and co-workers. 

 Elbow Reinforcements 

In 2020, we had the Kickstarter community help us with shaping our original hoodie. The most requested upgrade was elbow reinforcements. We gladly approved this request, and took it to the next level with Full 360 Degree wrap around elbow reinforcements. This means improved durability not just at your elbows, but also your arms. These elbow reinforcements are sewn in by immensely skilled craftspeople, as evident by the seam- which requires an extremely high tolerance. 

UCAN: One of the LAST USA Made Zippers 

UCAN is one of the last full service zipper manufacturers in the USA, and the last one in Los Angeles. Since the zipper was invented in Chicago in 1893, nearly all manufacturing has moved overseas, but UCAN is keeping the 125 year old American tradition alive and well in Los Angeles. Their zippers are beautiful and luxury grade, with superior durability. After experimenting with numerous zippers, we can confidently say they are the best zippers we have ever used. We’re proud to use truly local zippers in production of the SIGMA 51. They help bring the idea of “Made in USA” to a whole new level.

550 Paracord Custom Drawstring

Every hoodie features a custom 550 Paracord drawstring with hand applied brass tips. Known for being one of the most practical and indispensable tools in the backcountry, it provides endless possibilities in the event of an emergency situation. And at nearly 5 feet in length, and with a strength able to withstand up to 550 pounds, it can be a total lifesaver.  

Possible uses include: tourniquets, slings, fire starters, snares, traps, bear bags and shelter reinforcements. Paracord similar to ours is used by NASA, the military and expeditions worldwide. You can add a 2nd solid black (charcoal) paracord for an additional $12 to your pledge.

Backpacking Seam Joints

The angled backpacking sleeve joints of the SIGMA 51 hoodie reduces the surface area exposed to the wear and tear of rubbing backpacking straps. This helps increase the longevity of the hoodie. The design also allows the hoodie drape naturally over the shoulders, improving overall aesthetics.

 Twill Taped Seam Joints 

We’re adding another layer of ruggedness with cotton taped seam joints in the highest stress areas. This includes the hood joint and both sides of the zipper back plackets. The tape we’re using is a thick cotton twill sourced in Los Angeles. This improves durability, aesthetics and comfort of the hoodie.

 The Best Color Options 

We are unlocking all colors right out the gate, meaning you can order both the Kickstarter Exclusive Army Green, and Limited Edition Titanium right off the bat. Additionally, you can choose from Charcoal, Midnight Blue, and Jersey Grey. 5 colors in 7 sizing options means there are 35 different combinations to choose from!

Precision Crafted in USA

SIGMA 51 is a precision crafted piece of clothing. Many of the elements have a sewing tolerance of +/- 2 Millimeters. This translates into extremely concise edging and seaming, which is a challenge due to the robust nature of the materials, and requires the most skilled craftspeople to accomplish. Our production manager has created clothing for some of the highest end luxury and boutique brands out there, and will be bringing that same quality to the Sigma 51 project. These hoodies are made with a level of care found in clothing multiple times as much.

 NO Styling Compromises 

With all the added benefit of a SIGMA 51, there are still NO styling compromises, strange design elements, or peculiar details in the hoodie. It just looks like an awesome, high end hoodie. With SIGMA 51, we have also started adding color correct drawstrings to the hoodies for added style. So even if you’re not planning to hit the wilderness, you’ll still find great use and enjoying out of this.

The seam stitching to these hidden pockets are invisible when zipped up, making the hoodie like clean and traditional from the outside, even when loaded up with Everyday Carry Items.

 Reigniting American Manufacturing 

Every Sigma 51 Hoodie is handmade in California. Its getting harder and harder to find Made in USA clothing, especially with the countless small businesses permanently closing during the outbreak. We were one of the lucky few small clothing companies to fight through the pandemic, and power through shipments during the worldwide crisis of the past couple years. We also take huge pride in using local manufacturers and suppliers in the Los Angeles area which are primarily smaller, independent business. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the USA was a powerhouse of manufacturing for outdoor clothing, and we want to help bring that tradition back.

TRUE Unisex Fit + 7 Sizing Options

We have been designing clothing with a true unisex fit for almost 7 years. From our inception, we made it a goal to create clothing thats fits well on everyone, simply size up or down based on your dimensions. Another benefit of hoodies is you can wear whatever size you prefer based on your personal styling or usage. We have a whopping 7 size options and have added XXL and XXXL sizing based on backers requests, without up-charging for larger sizes like many other clothing companies do.

Honest Pricing 

Sigma 51 is only $99 USD in the Super Early Bird tier, which is outrageously low for premium American Made clothing. This is the pre-pandemic, pre-inflation pricing model we used as far back as 2017. We’re absorbing all the inflation, increased materials, manufacturing and production costs, as well as increase logistics fees in order to get you the hoodie for the cheapest price possible. We plan on elevating pricing to $179, then to $219 retail beyond the crowdfunding stage. 

Pledge Now for Super Early Bird Savings!!

We use authentic KEVLAR ® thread in the construction of the hoodie. KEVLAR ® is a Registered Trademark of DuPont de Nemours, Inc. which is not affiliated with the project.

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