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Make the world react to the power of your mind by controlling devices and gadgets with mental focus and meditation

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Your brain is powerful and MyndHub is here to help you harness it! Now that we have something to control stuff with our mind, I wonder when they will come up with something to read our significant other's mind. 

about 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

I'm still skeptical of this, and I can't wrap my mind around it, but if it works, then that's good and very useful

Samina C.
Samina C.
May 30, 2022

Mind games ! interesting concept

May 27, 2022

Good for magic tricks :)

Steph L.
Steph L.
May 26, 2022

I have so many questions after looking at their video and campaign page. 

adam a.
adam a.
May 25, 2022

So incredibly cool! 

Campaign Info


The MyndHub is Brainwave super power technology which enables you to Move, Power and Control electrical gadgets or devices with your mind. Working as a bridge between your mind and the physical world, it allows your brain to become a controller; making things react to your concentration (focus) and meditation (calm) in real-time. 


Your brain is powerful and we are here to help you harness it. We underutilise the power of our minds given all the daily digital distractions, this leads to poor focus, lack of mental clarity and under performance. Whether you are looking to master the skills of focus and meditation or improve your performance; MyndHub makes it easy and fun.


We thought what if instead of making something react or move on a screen why not control, power and interact with everyday devices instead! Bringing Neurofeedback out of the digital into the physical world and opening up a world of possibilities.

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The Myndhub pairs with the MyndBand Brainwave (EEG) headband which measures  your brainwaves to determine your level of concentration and meditation in realtime


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The MyndHub can then have anything plugged or wired into it and have that device react in real time to your focus or mental calm on a scale of 0-100. You can make it as easy or hard as you like by starting with low target thresholds.


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As your skills get better you can always adjust the thresholds to make it more difficult to hit the target, therefore making it the ultimate brain training system.  


Pretty cool, isn't it? And it only gets better from here - where you can build your own mind controlled / neurofeedback gadgets and experiences (like the Lightsaber) MyndHub works with a range of USB, 12V and 110-240V powered devices too. 

We know the idea of home neurofeedback training may be daunting for some.  So before we dive into the product and its technicalities let us take a moment to prove to you we are the right people to bring Jedi-like training to the masses. 


We have also created multiple award winning experiential and activation based campaigns all over the World. Below is a small sample of our clients and partners.


So, in a nutshell imagine a world where a playtime helps you stay motivated, improves your ability to focus and stay calm under pressure. Now imagine that those benefits come from simply powering or controlling your gadgets and devices with your mind.


Did you know that with just a simple mind powered desk or reading lamp you can:


Read/Study more effectively by discovering when you are at the optimal level of concentration for learning and memory retention.

MyndHub can make the lamp get brighter as your focus increases and get dimmer  to alert you as your focus drifts, it also help you:


Monitor Hyper-focus and Burnout by making your lamp turn off when you are at risk of burning out to help you recognise and prevent it from happening, you can also:


 Manage distractions and stay focussed on a task by having your lamp notify you every-time you get distracted, this realtime monitoring allows you to develop awareness and control over your resource and skill of concentration.

Learn to Master the skill Meditation using the power of real-time neurofeedback, whether you:


Make water flow as you meditate by plugging in your water fountain and keep it on by staying calm, or feel your fan speed up and slow down in sync with your meditation in real-time, The key is the instant feedback loop and then rewarding your progress.

However you use MyndHub it helps you develop greater consciousness, control and then mastery over the 2 most important mental trainable skills we have; our ability to focus on demand and stay calm under pressure.



Learn to Recognise what concentration and a calm clear mind truly feel like as you play and interact with your mind and emotions whilst developing a peak performance mind.




The MyndHub also allows you to plug in any 110-240V appliance too, so not just USB and 12V, you can now literally plug anything in and make it mind powered using a 12V Power inverter (don't worry we have it there as an add-on). The best thing about it though? Not the things we made - it's the things YOU can do that excites us.


 Below are just some of the things you can control with the MyndHub:


There is a world of tinkerers out there and people who make amazing things and share them online - for us the whole point of creating Myndhacks you can see here was to make sure other creators can make them with minimal skills required. Check out how we made the Mind Controller Thor Hammer below:

As a team of Star Wars fans we simply COULD NOT miss on the opportunity to create Mind controlled lightsaber. Take a look below:


Did you know you can actually own one of our lightsabers? Check the reward section now!  You turn it on with your mental focus and keep it on by staying in the zone. 


The Lightsaber bundle comes with a Master Replicas collectible Lightsaber which is modified to work with a remote control and the MyndHub which is also customised to the colour of your chosen Lightsaber. Mace Windu, Anakin, or Darth Vader available. Only 5 of these are available.

 When it comes to Myndhacks, you can keep things nice and simple, or go all out! 

That's what we did with the MyndMeditation chair - the world's most advanced meditation chair that moves in rhythm with your meditation.

This one may not be the best example of 'replicate at home' - but how could we otherwise show you that MyndHub's opportunities are indeed endless?

Did we get you excited? Well, let's take a step back and consider the WHYs - not just of the product but the science it is powered by. 


Neurofeedback is allowing your brain to learn through feedback. Traditionally applied through a medium of a headset and an app-based challenge it allows you to gain better control over your attention and meditation. 


There are numerous benefits to it (which we mentioned above and explore more in-depth in the section below) but before we dive in hear from our founder Tre explaining the science behind neurofeedback and how MyndPlay is using it in a whole new way:



MyndPlay has been at it for a while now - We were also the first to bring neurofeedback and brain control into VR, check out the video below:


The MyndBand included in the Bundle can plug straight into your Oculus Go or Quest.


The included research grade MyndBand Brainwave Headset can also connect to your Mobile, Laptop or Oculus VR headset go from the physical back to the immersive digital world with the same Headband.  Worn as a band or cap it is made for comfort.


So that's where we are at present - but there's so much more that lies ahead. From commercial use to classroom education - MyndHub is an all-round solution designed to meet the needs of many. 

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Interested in using MyndHub commercially? Add-ons include a license option. 

We already have done ton of work in schools around exam anxiety and preparing children for stressful times - take a look at what we've been up to thus far: 


Where do you see the future of MyndHub? Can we help you with a customised solution? Our inboxes are always open - just get in touch! 

The MyndHub allows for complete control over your experience but don't let the graphics scare you, it sounds complicated but the MyndHub is very much plug and play with the advanced features for those wanting to have greater control or to create a world of possible experiences.

The technical diagram shows how easily the system can be configured and changed from training to monitoring the brain, from focus to calm and how a simple dial rotation can change the difficulty level or experience.  The possibilities are endless.

For a full rundown of MyndHub and all its features, check out the video below:

MyndHub also has an app where you can further monitor your data and even record it to view and analyse in the future. 

As well as monitoring and recording data, the MyndHub App also allows for integration with Amazon Alexa - meaning you can make your smart home mind powered! 

We hope you cannot wait to... train your brain! Yes, it all comes down to it, doesn't it? Who would have thought it can be this exciting. So wherever you are team 'plug and play' or one of the creators of the future take advantage of our amazing Kickstarter deals - it won't get better than this! 


Want to upgrade your pledge? Now you can! Add a second MyndBand, another MyndHub, or power inverter when you complete your pledge at the checkout! 


You should be all set now! Are you ready to start controlling the world with your Mynd? 

MyndPlay is a UK based company with a passion for the Mind and Tech; Grounded in brain research the MyndPlay platform was created to empower users to train their brains to improve attention, meditation skills, and the ability to overcome mental obstacles through entertainment, simulations and guided training applications.


MyndPlay also provide award winning brain and emotion-based research studies, custom app development, and experiential services for major brands and organisations all over the world including running collaborative research projects with hospitals and academic institutions.


We have plenty of experience working in Neurofeedback, check out our showreel below:


We bring you 10 years of top industry knowledge and expertise - take a look at the journey we took to be here with you today: 


And that's a wrap everyone! We hope we got you passionate about the possibilities of MyndHub and ready to make your brain your ultimate superpower. 


Have any questions? We're always here to listen! Just drop us a comment / DM or connect with us on social. May the force be with you!