Everyday Heroes: The Roleplaying Game

Everyday Heroes is a new tabletop roleplaying game based on the popular d20 Modern, but refreshed to 5e. Adventure in the cinematic worlds of Highlander. Pacific Rim, The Crow, Kong Skull Island, Universal Soldier, Rambo, Escape from New York, and more.

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KS cover - Pacific Rim

LAST CHANCE TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY! We think this RPG is pretty sweet! So much so, we have partnered with Evil Genius Games to give away an Evil Shark w/ Lasers (Ultimate Bundle) ($530 value!). Good luck! 🙂 

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Community Ratings


Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 13, 2022

Looks great

Jon C.
Jon C.
Jun 15, 2022

Loved the original d20 modern, and so excited for this

Michael C.
Michael C.
Jun 14, 2022

I do wish that there were more pledge levels with the basic hardcover. 

Drew R.
Drew R.
Jun 13, 2022

I have so much planned for this ruleset!


Stephen C.
Stephen C.
Jun 13, 2022

So excited for this one!  

Daniel P.
Daniel P.
Jun 13, 2022

This is cool, cannot wait to try it out.

Mike V.
Mike V.
Jun 12, 2022

This is going to be awesome! I can't wait!

Steven A.
Steven A.
Jun 12, 2022

With Spycraft being a big D20 game a few years ago, i'm surprised there was no cinematic adventure in the spy genre.

Randy O.
Randy O.
Jun 12, 2022

Very excited about this edition.

Brian P.
Brian P.
Jun 12, 2022

I can't wait!

Campaign Info


*** PLEDGE BY 6/2 to Get A Free Brute Miniature***


And so it begins... 

Everyday Heroes™ - The spiritual successor to d20 Modern, now based on 5th edition (the most popular RPG system in the world) and set in eight amazing campaign settings based on the world's most beloved movie franchises. 

Are you ready? I'm ready!

Get Ready Action Hero!

Twenty years ago, d20 Modern was launched and grew to become the most successful modern-day TTRPG in history. We brought back some of those original designers to create Everyday Heroes™  - a 5th edition refresh of the historic d20 Modern. If you were a fan of d20 Modern, you're not going to want to miss this upgrade. If you don't know what d20 Modern was, then get ready to take the leap.

Our junior sleuth, Kat Whitlock, is leaping for her life.

In the Everyday Heroes™ Core Rulebook, we provide everything you need to run a modern-day campaign. We have 18 classes, dozens of professions and backgrounds, and we have the gear. We have a new wealth system and rules for car chases. You'll have everything you will need to design your own spy thriller, Navy SEAL rescue, or murder mystery.

Our mysterious Hacker, the Foxx, is close to acquiring the prototype microchip.

But that's not all. You can also step into one of our eight different Cinematic Adventures and play your own action hero within a blockbuster franchise. You can step into a Jaeger and fight kaiju. You can befriend Kong and fight terrible beasts on Skull Island. You can mow down rebellions alongside Rambo. Each Cinematic Adventure not only gives you an adventure set in the world of these movies, but also new 5e mechanics.

Our flashy sharpshooter, Antonio Sanchez, shows off his skills while saving the world.

In each Cinematic Adventure, we provide several new game mechanics that you can play in any of your 5e games. For instance, Universal Soldier will give you new rules for cybernetics. Total Recall will give you new rules on mutants and mutations. There is something for everyone.

Our martial artist, LaKeisha Brown, is doing some redistribution of wealth.

Because this game is compatible with 5e systems - take any of our mechanics and put them into other 5e campaigns. Want to build a Highlander Immortal and plop them into your Ravenloft adventure? Go for it! It's your world. It's your story.

Cinematic Adventures™

Cinematic Adventures™ are campaign settings that sit on top of the Everyday Heroes™ rules system. They are 100+ page digital books (hard copies can be ordered through the Pledge Manager) that have two parts.  Part one gives you new game mechanics that fit the theme of the property. Part two gives you a full adventure set within that world. There will be something for everyone. You can buy these one at a time, or purchase all 8 in our Season Pass of Adventure.


The 2023 Season Pass of Adventure

When you purchase all eight Cinematic Adventures™, not only do you take advantage of a nice discount, you will be automatically subscribed to the Season Pass of Adventure. This means that we will deliver all eight Cinematic Adventures™ to your inbox every six weeks throughout the year. 

2024 and Beyond

Each year, we will announce a new slate of movie properties that we will make into amazing campaigns that you can play or use in your other 5e games. Urban Fantasy? Zombie Apocalypse? Stay tuned for future announcements.

Inspired by d20 Modern, Updated for 5e

d20 Modern was released in 2002 - nearly 20 years ago - and was one of the most popular modern-day RPGs of its time. The system spawned 11 expansions and multiple 3rd party products. We're excited to be updating this important system to 5th edition. 

A Special Hardcover for a Special Game

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this iconic system, we're offering a special edition hardcover. Not only will you receive a limited edition cover art, but the book will be signed by all four of the original designers - Bill Slavisek, Jeff Grubb, Charles Ryan, and Rich Redman.

What Makes Everyday Heroes Special?

If you know 5th edition, you’ll be able to jump right away into this modern-day RPG. In this system, we introduce six archetypes based on the d20 structure and 18 unique classes. We’ve also added backgrounds and professions to add a further dimension to your character. Backgrounds give you special skills and ability bumps based on how you were raised. Your profession gives you additional skills, ability boosts, and starting gear. Here are a few examples:


New Classes

There are different kinds of heroes in the world, but you only need to pick one. Introducing six base classes and eighteen unique and modern classes! Check out nine of our favorites below. To see all of our classes, download our free Lookbook

New Professions

What's the modern world without professions? Being a Barbarian doesn't really pay the bills. We offer 20+ professional categories that offer you expertise in skills, ability score boosts, and starting gear. Here are some of the careers you can make:

New Backgrounds

Experiences shape heroes into who they are today. Your hero is no exception. We provide 20+ backgrounds that provide rich roleplay, new traits, expertise in skill, and ability boosts. 

Introducing Genius Points

Sometimes it's better to be smart than strong. Introducing "Genius Points" - a feature that allows smart heroes to affect gameplay by enacting their brilliant plans. Here are just a few examples:

We did our best to stay true to the vision of d20 Modern, but even the designers wish they had done things differently. Based on feedback from you and insights from them, we made a few updates.


An Overhauled Wealth System

One of the biggest complaints about d20 Modern was the Wealth System. We revised the system so you don't have to pass a DC check to buy groceries. In our system, you can buy any legal item that costs less than your wealth level. Thanks, Amazon Prime!

Our favorite sharpshooter, Saorise O'Connor, doesn't like to be followed.

A Better Chase System

Let's face it, most chase systems suck. But what's a good action sequence without a car or foot chase? We've created a narrative chase system that ties seamlessly into combat and faithfully recreated the movie scenes you love.

Find the Roll20 Version of the Quickstart Guide, by clicking here

We offer a wide variety of rewards suited for every kind of buyer. We have five categories of products that can be purchased as part of a pledge level or as individual add-ons.


The Rulebooks

Choose from one of several rulebook options: Either purchase the basic hardcover, the special edition hardcover, or the PDF. The 20th-anniversary hardcover will be signed by all four original designers! And with any pledge level, you'll get the Roll20 version of the Core Rulebook for free. 

The Cinematic Adventures™

Buy one Cinematic Adventure™ or purchase the Season Pass of Adventure and receive all eight. Pick them up at the higher pledge tiers or add them onto your order as an add-on. Available in digital or print format for the same price (You'll make the choice in the Pledge Manager).

The Roll20 Version

If you'd rather play Everyday Heroes™ over a Virtual Tabletop, then the Roll20 versions are for you. With any pledge level, you'll get the Roll20 version of the Core Rulebook for free. You can purchase everything else you need to run the Cinematic Adventures™ natively on the Roll20 platform. This will include maps, tokens, handouts, monsters - all you need to run the adventure. 

The Foundry VTT Version

We've also partnered with Foundry so that we may provide a unique experience on their VTT platform. Pickup the Foundry version of the Everyday Heroes™ Core Rulebook during the Add-On phase of your pledge.


The Syrinscape SoundSets

What's an action flick without a great soundtrack? Purchase the Syrinscape Core Rulebook SoundSet to give you the perfect library of modern-day sounds. Choose any of the campaign-specific SoundSets to provide background music, ambient sounds, and special effects tied to each Cinematic Adventure™.  Download a FREE Syrinscape SoundSet for the Quickstart Guide here

The Digital Bundles

If you prefer to purchase digital products, then these bundles are for you. Buy these bundles if you want the ultimate virtual package for any of the Cinematic Adventures™. Each bundle includes the adventure itself, the Roll20 version of the adventure, and the related SoundSet.

Everything You Need to Step Into The Action

We offer six killer pledge levels to get you right into the game. The price of the core rulebook starts at just $25. We have three bundles which include the Season Pass. And for the Big Sharks, we have the ultimate bundle which includes everything!  Finally, we added a $1 pledge level for anyone who may be still on the fence. 

We Love Our Retailers

We would love to be in your store. We're offering a retailer pledge level. This will give you an initial set of books and priority ordering when the product is ready. Through the Pledge Manager, we will allow you to modify your order to suit your needs. All retailer pledges will require proof of business. 

It's Okay To Be Picky

With our add-ons, you can customize your own pledge level. Need a second rulebook? Pick one up. Only interested in a few of the Cinematic Adventures™? Throw those in your shopping cart. Feel free to build the pledge that suits you.

 If one core rulebook was not enough, you can purchase more during the add-on phase. Choose the digital version, the standard hardback, or the d20 Modern 20th Anniversary edition signed by all 4 of the original designers. 

Many ways to enjoy the Cinematic Adventures™. You can purchase them in digital format or on Roll20. You can enhance your experience by purchasing the Syrinscape SoundSet. All prices are listed below. You choose these during the add-on step.

Purchase all eight Cinematic Adventures as part of the 2023 Season Pass. For one discounted price, you get all of the adventures sent to you every six weeks in 2023. The Season Pass is not a recurring charge, but a way to buy all eight adventures for a discount.

2023 Rules Compilation

If you don't want the adventures, purchase this hardcover to receive a hardbound version of all of the new game mechanics we release throughout the season. Use these exciting new mechanics in any 5e game. All hardbound purchases will also come with a free digital book and a Roll20 version.

Want everything related to a specific Cinematic Adventure? Well, here's your chance. Buy all the digital products - the adventure, the Roll20 version, and the SoundSet all for a discounted price.  

Exciting Things Ahead

We love our backers. In fact, the more the merrier. So we decided to create a series of stretch goals to reward the backers of this Kickstarter project. 

Ask Them Anything

The more followers we gain, the more amazing Q&A sessions with people who help make these worlds. 

Let's Get To The Good Stuff

We have dozens of great stretch goals to be unlocked - everything from new classes to expanded rules. We'll also be unlocking free mini-adventures for each Cinematic Adventure™. These will be available for all of our backers. 

Yes, It's Really, Really Good!

We've had hundreds of playtests going on since the beginning of the year. We have had multiple actual plays running as well. If you want to see how the game plays or what people think about it - then look no further.

Watch the Pros Play

Not yet convinced? Tune into any one of our multiple actual plays to see how the game is played. 

600 Playtesters Can't Be Wrong

We recruited 600 of the roughest, toughest playtesters to bang on the system for several months. We've incorporated their feedback to make a bullet-proof game. Here is what a few of them had to say:

  •  Dwayne B. from Oklahoma: "Lots of improvements over the old one, and does some fantastic things with the new 5e mechanics that might be of use in even the fantasy versions of the game."
  •  Sean P. from Alaska: "It's all here! All of the classes that I loved from d20 Modern plus SO much more! I'm building characters just to try them out at this point and ALL of them are fun!"
  •  Justin M. from Illinois: "You know that feeling you get when your character gets a class feature at every other level? No? Well, you do with Everyday Heroes! Their leveling system includes feats at every level that you can use to buff your character, add role-playing details, or multi-class. It's like being a kid in a candy store!"
  •  Patrick H from Virginia: "I have been waiting for this system to update since 2015!  And this update is literally EVERYTHING I'd hoped for.  It molds perfectly with existing 5E but streamlines all of the old features from the old d20 Modern that makes it easy and incredibly fun to play!  The multi-classing system ALONE would be worth the price of the book!"
  •  Brady G. from Arkansas: "If you liked the original, you will definitely like this modernized remake!Finally an adaptation of 5e that feels uniquely modern. The tables and mechanics of Everyday Heroes make me excited to run bank heists, cold war spy adventures, and A-Team style team-ups!"
  •  Mark P from Indiana: "The character creation system adds so many amazing options and the chase system is something awesome that I didn't realize was missing in my gaming life. Everyday Heroes takes 5E to the next level in fun and gaming possibilities."
  •  The Old Dragoon from Texas: "As a playtester, how do you feel about the Everyday Heroes™ System?: I can't wait to have a campaign running. The character creation system allows any concept you can imagine from your favorite action movies. The system is intuitive, and the action is quick and engaging. It's a very worthy update to the Modern version of the OGL RPG."
  •  Carl B. from California: "The first 10 levels is where all of my players get the most fun out of their characters and the way in which the Everyday Heroes System handles the abbreviated leveling is pure (evil) genius! It's easy to use and has amazing flexibility and customization for any type of action hero you and your players could dream up!"

Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

Yeah, I did the math. We're old. Many of our designers have been creating amazing games for 20 to 30 years. But we've mixed this experience with some amazing new talent to bring together a true dream team.

The Games We Grew Up On

Our team has been responsible for some of the most important roleplaying games across the decades. You can thank them for d20 Modern and many of the D&D Campaign Settings we know and love. 

 Find the Roll20 Version of the Quickstart Guide, by clicking here

They've Been Talking About Us

We've been fortunate to have dozens of articles written about us. We're appreciative of the journalists who fell in love with our story early on. Check some of these articles out.

In order to ensure the most accurate shipping costs, we will be charging those costs through our pledge manager. Only reward tiers with physical goods have shipping costs. These will be calculated automatically and charged through the pledge manager. Shipping costs are not included in your kickstarted pledge. Additionally, all non-US backers are responsible for any duties potentially imposed by their government on imported goods. The following is a rough estimate of shipping costs globally, subject to change:

Unfortunately, import laws and customs in some specific countries have made it impossible for us to ship to them. We do not ship to Belarus, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We've moved these to the FAQ section of the Kickstarter page. 

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