GOTTHEM #1-4 - The Superhero Parody Comic Series Continues

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Looks goofy (good goofy)

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GOTTHEM is an all-ages superhero parody series written by Milan Kovacs with main artist Izsak Ambrus and guest artists Nora Vincze (#1), Erno Juhasz (#2), Szabolcs Pal (#2), Steve Fabian (#3) & Ljubica Ratkovic (#4). It follows Bat... No, not him! :-D All issues feature innovative storytelling and creative page layouts. It is a labour of love for all of us and we strive for finding the most creative ways to tell our story. We are also proud to say this comic series is absolutely suitable for all ages. Sooo...

 Get a free preview of GOTTHEM #1 here! Aaand... Get a preview of GORDO #2 by clicking here! :-)

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Comic Creator and Campaign Manager Milan Kovacs is a veteran Kickstarter Superbacker and has been backing projects since 2011. To this day he backed over 370 Kickstarter Projects and has been a Backer Favourite since his first AllStar Campaign back in 2020. That means he is well respected in the Kickstarter community and always fulfills his Campaigns accordingly.

Milan's previous Campaigns have all been overfunded: GOTTHEM #1-2 (192%), AllStar (200%) & SHAMAN (168%).

Main Covers by Izsak Ambrus

Check out the GOTTHEM #1 interiors:

And the GOT... I mean GORDO #2 interiors:

GOTH HAM #3 Sample Interiors Without Spoilers

Kickstarter Superbackers Said

"Just received my package. And boy, what a package it is. I could hear something loose in the envelope so opened it halfway and shook it upside down. Two minutes later, things were still falling out! Oh. And there are some comics, or something. Very happy, thank you." - Trevor Newbery

"I’m backing, keep up the good work mate 😀" - Michael Shovlin

"This looks like the kind of hilarity I should be reading! Got my stuff in the mail! Love the coaster, lol." - GC

Testimonials from Comic Professionals

‘‘There’s a lot of great humour in the visuals.’’ - David Hine writer (Marvel, 2000AD, DC Comics, Image Comics)

‘‘Nice comic, loved the Steranko-styled street logo.’’ - Frazer Irving artist (Legendary, DC Comics, Vertigo, Marvel)

‘‘That’s wild! Really dig it. So good!’’ - Ryan Browne artist (God Hates Astronauts, IDW, Image Comics, Marvel)

‘‘I wish DC would publish it, though I’m doubting it.’’ - Dave Taylor artist (DC Comics, Vertigo, 2000AD, Image Comics)

‘‘I love GOTTHEM, it´ll be cool to see the next one. You can tell the artist is having tons of fun on it.’’ - Henrik Sahlström artist (2000AD, Dark Horse Comics, Sergio Bonelli Editore)

’’An exploding rainbow star of a comic!’’ - Jean-Paul Csuka colourist, artist (Image, Black Mask Studios)

‘‘Aragonés vibe here!’’ - Geraldo Borges artist (Marvel, DC Comics)

‘‘It seems like I’m missing something!’’ - Chris Burnham artist (DC Comics, Image Comics, Marvel)

Cameo Sketch for Issue #3

A Real Sample Cameo You Can Also Pledge For!

Her name is MiseRabbit. Co-created by Milan Kovacs, Izsak Ambrus & of course JawzTy, our Backer the character is based on. ;-) She has some very cool powers we won't spoil. You have to read GOTH HAM #3 to get some clues... :-D

And of course please consider getting yourself one by pledging for one of these rewards: GOT CAMEO, COVER CAMEO (totally New Reward), CAMEO ART (you get the Original Art too) or RETURN CAMEO (only for Backers who pledged in the Previous Campaign). Thank you for your generous support in advance!

Characters Appearing

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GOTTHEM #1 Variant Covers

GORDO #2 Variant Covers

GOTH HAM #3 Variant Covers

T-shirts (Found in Add-ons)

Commissions by Hungarian Artists

Blank Sketch Cover Samples by Izsak Ambrus

Sketch Samples by Izsak Ambrus

3D Printed Figure

Signed & Sketched GORDO #2 Script

You can find this in limited quantities in the Add-on section after normal checkout. These will be hand-signed and sketched by writer Milan Kovacs in A5 size in black & white. At least 10 but more likely 15 pages with a bigger font size so it's more readable. Price is a measly £9 / $12.50 / €10.50 because why not?! ;-)

Who We Are

As an established indie small publisher called Cyan.Ninja we got 192% funded and fulfilled our Kickstarter Campaign for GOTTHEM #1 & #2 last year. The year before that we launched our first campaign with a 200% funding for AllStar, a Graphic Novel in the midst of COVID-19.

Of course these couldn't have happened without the tremendous help from our amazing backers from all over the world! ;-)

Writer Milan Kovacs (left) and Artist Izsak Ambrus (right) at a GOTTHEM Exhibition in Szekesfehervar (Hungary)

Milan Kovacs is a writer and publisher from Hungary. He is the writer of the 200% Kickstarter-funded indie graphic novel called AllStar and the 192% funded GOTTHEM parody comic series. He is the founder of Cyan.Ninja which is a small press publishing company now expanding internationally. He is working on many comic and graphic novel projects with various artists from all over the world. Milan is also an avid collector of original comic art and travels around the world frequently to meet comic professionals and interview them at

Izsak Ambrus is a Hungarian cartoonist, illustrator and painter living and working in Hungary. He is an excellent storyteller and a very versatile artist and he is constantly striving to up his game. Izsak is a frequent collaborator of writer Milan Kovacs.

Nora Vincze, Erno Juhasz, Szabolcs Pal, Steve Fabian and Ljubica Ratkovic are all Hungarian comic artists and illustrators making this comic series even better.

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Milan Kovacs +

Izsak Ambrus


Where the Money Goes

35% of the money goes into printing the books and their respective variant covers.

30% is what we use for shipping approximately.

The remaining 35% goes into preparing GOTH HAM #5 with artist Izsak Ambrus.

Special Thanks

You know who you are but I insist: Izsak Ambrus, Nora Vincze, Erno Juhasz, Szabolcs Pal, Vassilis Gogtzilas, Steve Fabian, Tomi Varga, Armin Krausz, Daniel A. Prim, Gabor Bednanics, Jean-Paul Csuka, Attila Jager, Emil Hollerbach, Sandor Debreczeni, Szabolcs 'Brazil' Tebeli, Ljubica Ratkovic, Frank Quitely, Grant Morrison, Bart Glowacki, Cari Dee, Peter Fodor, Miklos Felvideki, Mate Vadas, Peter Tikos, Geraldo Borges, Chris Burnham, Ryan Browne, Dave Taylor, David Greg Taylor, David Hine, Henrik Sahlström, Frazer Irving, Noah Whyler, Michael Dedio, Dinesh Mal, Robert Cseh, Stephen Steel and of course Kristof 'Tofi' Kovacs.


Any similarities between the characters in this comic and other characters are for parody purposes only.

Characters Butterfly Wanye, Devil Airdogan and GOTTHEM, the comic series were created by Milan Kovacs.