The Kita - Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod Made in Japan

Japanese made Tenkara rod in two sizes. Includes everything you need to fish.

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If you are into Fly Fishing you have to check out The Kita! Its made in Japan so you know its quality! 

almost 2 years ago

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

It seriously looks cute xD

Steph L.
Steph L.
Jun 1, 2022

Fun video to watch. These guys are endearing. I'm asking the same question as Emmanuel; how does it differ from other comparable products?

May 31, 2022
  • Interesting fishing rod ! how it is better than other brands 

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 The Kita is our newest Made in Japan Tenkara rod.  Last year we released the Yari, which was our first Made in Japan rod.  Everyone loved the rod but the biggest feedback we had was that it was too expensive.  And honestly, the Yari was extremely pricey to make.  But we really like the idea of finding these small Japanese rod makers and doing small runs of handcrafted Japanese style rods.

The Kita is our answer.  It is a level line style Tenkara rod built to cast precisely in small water and be extremely light.  We decided to do two different sizes: 330cm and 380cm. 

 Mt. Kita is the second highest peak in Japan.  Often overlooked for the taller and more dominant Mt. Fuji.  We name all of our rods after mountains or mountain ranges because mountains are what provide the streams and rivers that trout live in 


  The Kita is 100% designed and manufactured in Japan.  Our manufacturing process ensures the most lightweight rod while maintaining incredibly precise casting. We really wanted to go to Japan to film this project but the country still wasn't open.  So we opted for the island chain of the Azores.  With steep mountains and dozens of creeks emptying into the ocean these islands proved to be the perfect proving ground for a Japanese made rod. 

Tenkara is a simplified method of fly fishing that comes from Japan.   With Tenkara, you use rod, line and fly.  There is no reel.  This is a  fixed line style of fishing where you rely solely on the length of rod  and line to reach your casting zone.  The video below goes into greater detail.