Sarlok Old School Damascus Folding knife

We decided to adopt our project with the aim of reproducing ancient models of classic folding knives, but with advanced and modern mechanism and technology.

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Karen Y.
Karen Y.
Jul 14, 2022

Useful for outdoors

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Hi, My name is Saleem, and I have been living in Italy for about 20 years.

My friend and I are two fans of classic folding knives, typical of the old manual school.

Over the years we have collected several models, some even very old that are more than 100 years old.

For some time now we have not been able to find such old and classic ones, which also have technical functionalities specifically for use in sports, as well as a simple object within everyone's reach to keep with them for any need such as a knife camping.

We therefore decided to adopt our project with the aim of reproducing ancient models of classic folding knives, but with advanced and modern mechanism and technology.

Our inspiration comes from love for the past and curiosity for the future, having an object that recalls antiquity and has the flavour of history but at the same time has new generation technical and functional characteristics for excellent performance. The materials used are extremely innovative, such as the resealable damask blade.

We know this is a great challenge for us, as it is a very unique line of knives. Precisely for this reason we have chosen this platform, because we know the people who make it love types of objects and we need to complete and implement our idea.

This simple knife has evolved into an heirloom throughout the years. is a tradition I hope to carry on as well. Items like these are quite frankly irreplaceable, and the care was shown for them subconsciously transfers to taking great care in the task at hand.

The clip point is one of the most common blades you’ll see on pocket knives. It’s called a clip point because the final third of the back of the blade is “clipped.” The clip can be either straight or concave. This knife is perfect for carving wood, slicing, cutting box, cutting paper and many more.

A high-quality handle is important because it ensures your grip stays tight on the knife. Each material has its own advantage in terms of performance and comfort, but it can also be a matter of aesthetics and personal preferences that dictate what you decide on. Here's a brief breakdown of the most common type of handle materials and their characteristics.


Another popular type of pocket knife handle, bone comes in a number of varieties, such as white bone, dyed bone special one is camel bone.


We offer 3 but most usable and beautiful grains type of wood handle like Olive wood, Rose wood, Cherry wood, which must go through a stabilization process to make them hard enough to function as knife handles.

Aesthetic Buffalo Horn:

Only the best quality buffalo horn is procured for our knife project.  Our horn is aesthetic Horn it's not original we are decided to not use because i am animal lover. 

Every SARLOK knife have file work on the spine of the handle it's all hand filed with lot of time consuming work but end of the this all defiantly worth it, when you see these type of knives closely understand old knife isn't only a simple piece of steel these are combination of materials and lot of passion hard work.